147-149 Temple Chambers
3-7 Temple Avenue
London EC4Y 0DT
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 20 7583 7000
Fax: +44 20 7583 7577
Contact: James Mendelssohn, Chief Executive
Number of Firms: 110 Law Firms, 130 Accounting Firms, 10 Others (e.g. Offshore Specialists)
Number of Attorneys: 2,650
Principal Region of Activity: International

Group Profile:

MSI is a network of professional service firms with 300 offices located in some 95 countries worldwide. MSI is one of the fastest growing of all the networks, and by virtue of the near even split between law and accounting firms, MSI can claim to be the only genuine international multidisciplinary network. In 2005 the combined annual fee income of our member firms was approximately US $960 million.

Formed in 1990 in response to the growing need for cross-border co -operation between professional firms, members of MSI include both lawyers and accountants as well as tax and specialist professional service providers. As a result, MSI is able to offer clients a wide range of services as well as being able to assist clients in most parts of the world.

Only firms of the highest standing are invited to join MSI and a detailed recruitment process ensures that this is always the case.

Member Firm Benefits:

As part of the MSI network, members can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Affiliation with a strongly branded professional services network
  • A higher local, national and international profile
  • Additional business opportunities and work referrals
  • Free exchange of information between member firms
  • An exclusive territory ensuring no conflicts of interest in receiving new work
  • A three tier system of conferences where members can build relationships on an international, regional and national level
  • Additional marketing support including co-branding opportunities, press coverage, newsletters, directories, doing business guides, websites and a "members only" website
  • Involvement in the global arena whilst maintaining independence

  • Benefits to Clients of Member Firms

    Each MSI member firm can offer its clients the following benefits:
    • High standards of service on a national, regional and international level
    • High levels of personal service and value for money
    • Professionals with fluency in English and many other languages
    • Experience of international and cross-border transactions
    • Access to like-minded professionals in all parts of the world
    • Professionals who work to the same aim, i.e. to provide clients with the best possible service
    • Fast, efficient communications
    • Easy access to lawyers and accountants
    MSI members represent a real alternative for clients of the large international accounting and legal firms. These larger firms are often not structured to compete with the levels of personal service and value for money offered by MSI member firms, all of whom are fully committed to MSI whilst maintaining their firm's independence.

    MSI has thrived as a result of its unique concept and will continue to build on past successes. To do this, the network aims to have a legal and accounting member firm in all major financial and commercial centres around the globe as well as continuing to build the MSI brand on a worldwide basis. In addition, the network will continue to assist members throughout the world to become synonymous with quality, excellence and unmatched local expertise.