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Practice Areas & Industries: Mayer Brown LLP


1The Harvard Business School Club of New York's "Outstanding Investor Series"
January 10, 2013
2Practical Experiences with the New European Prospectus Regime, Dr. Jochen Seitz , Bernd Bohr and James Taylor, Speakers
December 13, 2012
3Preparing for the 2013 Proxy Season, Michael L. Hermsen , Laura D. Richman and Kirk Tucker, Speakers
October 24, 2012
4Euro crisis: When a country exits the Eurozone - Possible scenarios and countermeasures in commercial and M&A contracts, Dr. Malte Richter, LLM and Kevin Philipp Lach , Speakers
October 11, 2012
5The JOBS Act: An Update on the SEC Proposal to Permit General Solicitation in Certain Regulation D and Rule 144A Offerings, Michael L. Hermsen and Jennifer J. Carlson, Speakers
October 4, 2012
6How to avoid pitfalls in disclosing information in M&A transactions and how to ensure a safe integration planning, Carsten Flasshoff, LLM and Dr. Jens Peter Schmidt , Speakers
August 30, 2012
7Bank Asset Sale Conference, Mark Compton , Speaker
June 27, 2012
8How to deal with international Employee Share and Incentive Plans in M&A transactions under German law, Dr. Nicolas Rößler, LLM, Speaker
June 21, 2012
9Webinar: Eurozone Crisis: Managing Your Exposure, Chris Arnold , Barbara M. Goodstein , Ashley Katz and Dr. Jörg Wulfken, Speakers
June 6, 2012
10Update on the TOUSA III Decision and Implications for Lenders, Brian Trust and Sean T. Scott, Speakers
May 24, 2012
11Ethics: Obligations and Risk for In-House Lawyers¿Avoiding Sand Traps and Moguls: A Refresher Course for In-House Counsel, Fern C. Bomchill, Speaker
May 23, 2012
12Ethics: Obligations and Risk for In-House Lawyers¿Lawyers & Social Media: The Legal Ethics of Tweeting, Facebooking and Blogging, Anthony J. Diana and Michael E. Lackey, Speakers
May 16, 2012
13Die Neusegmentierung des Freiverkehrs an der Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse - Auswirkungen für Emittenten, Stephan Gittermann and Dr. Sven Labudda , Speakers
May 10, 2012
14Ethics: Obligations and Risk for In-House Lawyers¿Common Conflicts Issues, Charles F. Regan, Speaker
May 9, 2012
15Ethics: Obligations and Risk for In-House Lawyers¿Key Ethical Duties of Lawyers, Cary J. Malkin, Speaker
May 2, 2012
16Outsourcing Success in 2012: Sourcing Strategies & Priorities for Corporate Counsel, Rebecca S. Eisner , Robert J. Kriss , A. John P. Mancini , Gregory A. Manter , Geofrey L. Master , Daniel A. Masur , Brad L. Peterson , Mark A. Prinsley , Kevin A. Rang , Craig E. Reimer , Linda L. Rhodes , Paul J. N. Roy and Dr. Guido Zeppenfeld, LLM , Speakers
April 24, 2012