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Practice Areas & Industries: Mayer Brown LLP


1Can State or Local Governments Use Eminent Domain to Seize Underwater Mortgages? Will They Try?, Donald M. Falk and Dario J. Frommer , Speakers
February 5, 2013
2New Dodd-Frank Rules Regarding Swaps and the Insurance Safe Harbor: Implications for Cat Bonds, Sidecars, ILWs and Other Insurance-Linked Securities, Lawrence R. Hamilton , Speaker
November 15, 2012
3What Next for US Business After the Elections?, David M. McIntosh and Carolyn P. Osolinik , Speakers
November 8, 2012
4Pension-Insurance Convergence in the United States, Kenneth R. Pierce and Maureen J. Gorman, Speakers
June 21, 2012
56th Annual Investment Management Regulatory University - Chicago, James B. Carlson , Rory M. Cohen , Robert P. Davis , Adam D. Kanter , Elizabeth M. Knoblock , Stephanie M. Monaco , John W. Noell , Tim Nosworthy , Lennine Occhino , Amy Ward Pershkow , Matthew A. Posthuma , Elizabeth A. Raymond , Richard M. Rosenfeld , Andrew S. Rosenman , Lee H. Rubin , Jonathan A. Sambur and Joseph Seliga , Speakers
May 24, 2012
6Concepcion After One Year: The Changed World of Arbitration and Class Actions, Andrew J. Pincus and Archis A. Parasharami , Speakers
May 15, 2012
7Insurance and Reinsurance Legal Developments: Financial Convergence & Global Regulatory Updates, Edmund "Ed" Parker , Kenneth R. Pierce , David W. Alberts , Lawrence R. Hamilton , Colin Scagell and George W. Craven , Speakers
April 17, 2012
8Insurance vs. Swaps Under Dodd-Frank, Lawrence R. Hamilton and Jerome J. Roche , Speakers
April 2, 2012
9Arab Spring Breakfast Seminar
March 28, 2012
10Insurance-Linked Securities and the Alternative Risk Transfer Market in 2012, Kenneth R. Pierce , Stephen G. Rooney and Richard B. Spitzer, Speakers
January 28, 2012