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Robert Peterson, Attorney at Law 
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Main Office: Ontonagon, Michigan

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Robert Peterson, Attorney at Law, practices law in Iowa and the United States District Court, Southern District of Iowa and the Northern District of Iowa, including cities of Des Moines, Ames, Carroll, Sioux City, Council Bluffs, and the surrounding counties.

I am dedicated to helping clients with their legal matters regarding:

General Practice of law including but not limited to:

Criminal Law

Family Law


Military Law

Worker's Compensation

Personal Injury

International Law

Science and Technology

Civil Rights and Discrimination

Please contact my law firm with questions about your legal issue, providing as much information as possible regarding your inquiry. While this contact does not serve to establish an attorney/client relationship, it will allow me to begin an assessment of your case.

My Carroll office is at 108 West 8th Street, PO Box 1144, Carroll, IA 51401, phone: 712-792-4485, fax: 712-792-4124.

Please call ahead for an appointment as court schedules and out-of-town appointments, limit drop-in visitations at these offices.

You can follow me on Twitter: bobpetelaw or on Facebook: robertpetersonlaw

Above I introduced myself as an attorney at law. To clarify some confusing terms, an attorney at law is authorized to exercise all the functions of a practicing lawyer. A lawyer is a person who can give legal advice and has been trained in the law. As an attorney at law, I have been admitted to the bar (Iowa bar). An attorney is someone who is legally empowered to represent another person, or act on their behalf. An attorney is not necessarily an attorney at law, as I can give you a Power of Attorney to act on my behalf. This would make you an attorney in fact as you can conduct business under the authority controlled and limited by the power of attorney granted by me as the principal. An attorney at law is an officer of the court of law authorized to represent a client in legal proceedings. In some states, a Counselor at law argues a case in court as opposed to an attorney who prepared the case. Judges will often refer to a attorney in court as "Counselor."

Other terms that a person might hear an attorney called under British law include the following A Solicitor is a term used in English law. Under English law, a solicitor is the chief law officer of a city, town, or government department. A Solicitor does not advocate in court as does an attorney. A Barrister (or Advocate in Scotland) advocates in court. Senior Barristers are designated as King's (Queen's) counsel.

Statement of Practice Summary:
General Practice; Criminal Law; Family Law; Bankruptcy; Worker's Compensation; Personal Injury; Science and Technology; International Law; Civil Rights and Discrimination; Elder Law.