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ABA Approved Since 1961


The University of Akron School of Law was founded in 1921 as a private evening law school, the Akron Law School. In 1959 it merged with The University of Akron, a public university which enjoys an international reputation, especially in Polymer Science and Engineering. In 1966, the School added a full‑time day program. It offers an LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law, beginning Fall 2004. From its inception, the School of Law has been dedicated to providing access into the legal profession for working people, women and people of color. This mission has led the school to create multiple enrollment options, multiple graduation options and fluid day/evening course enrollment which will permit expanded opportunity for access to legal education. Students may attend full‑time day or evening, part‑time day or evening, or a reduced load day or evening. Students may graduate in a little as 2 1/2 years up to 5 years. Students with a satisfactory grade point average can freely move from one program option to another. This more personalized approach affords even greater flexibility and access to legal education for individuals who may not otherwise have had an opportunity to enroll in law school both because of past disadvantages and because of the sometimes inflexible nature of legal education. The school is fully accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member in good standing of the Association of American Law Schools.


As indicated in its Mission Statement, The University of Akron believes there is no higher calling than that of promoting justice and the protection of individual liberty through adherence to the rule of law. Through its high‑quality legal education that focuses upon teaching both the purposes of the law and client‑service skills, the school lives up to its tradition of excellence. The school is nationally acclaimed for its Trial Advocacy program, fielding perennial winners of regional competitions and participants in national competitions. Its Trial Advocacy teams have been selected by the National Invitational Trial Tournament as one of the country's top sixteen teams more often than any other school in the country. In March 2006 mock trial competitions, team members won first‑place in the ATLA (Association of Trial Lawyers of America) Student Trial Advocacy Regional Competition. In November 2007, the Trial Advocacy Teams won the championship at the National Civic Trial Competition.


The School of Law is home to the Seiberling Center for Constitutional Law, one of only four centers nationally funded by a grant from Congress, and the Miller‑Becker Institute of Professional Responsibility.


It is continuing to expand its Center for Intellectual Property and Technology, which houses the Brennan Professorship, the Giles Sutherland Rich Professorship, and an endowed chair from Goodyear. The school's Intellectual Property curriculum is one of the richest in the country, ranking fifth in courses offered. The school's location in the Polymer Valley, next door to the internationally acclaimed College of Polymer Science and Engineering and across the street from the National Inventors' Hall of Fame, enhances its intellectual property program. The Akron Public Library is a Patent Depository, and the Law Library is a Government Documents Repository, as well as having an enriched collection of intellectual property materials.


With the nationally recognized Bliss Institute for Applied Politics, the School of Law offers the joint degree of J.D. & Master of Applied Politics. This joint degree is the second in the nation of its kind. It is particularly suited to Ohio, a key state in the political landscape of the U.S.


The school achieves its mission by devoting resources and talent to four central elements: teaching, scholarship, service to the bench, bar and broader community, and access to legal education. The school is fortunate to have full‑time and part‑time faculty who are dedicated to excellence in classroom teaching. The vast majority of faculty have varied practice backgrounds, and use this experience to integrate lawyerly skills training, ethics, client service and theory into both traditional classes and practical skills classes.


Believing that active and interactive learning is superior for students, the school devotes significant faculty resources to the all‑important foundational courses required during the first and second year of study. All required courses are offered in sections of approximately 50 students each, and the writing classes are sectioned into groups of approximately 15 students each. Upper class courses include a wide variety of electives taught in groups that usually do not exceed 60 students each, and often comprise 20 or fewer students. The school strives to promote learning and professionalism by maintaining an atmosphere of friendliness, collegiality and collaboration, possible because of its smallness and its emphasis upon small and interactive classes.


The faculty produce legal scholarship in a wide variety of areas. The Law Library is a state‑of‑the‑art facility whose own collection of legal materials is enhanced by on‑line access to the entire University collection (through ZipLink) and the collections of at least 52 of the universities and colleges in Ohio (through OhioLink), from which students and faculty can obtain books and journals on request. The school publishes the Akron Law Review, The Akron Tax Journal and the Journal of Intellectual Property.


The school enjoys an outstanding relationship with the local bench and bar. It co‑sponsors continuing legal education with the Akron Bar Association. Students are paired with practicing attorneys in their areas of interest through the Mentoring Program sponsored by the bar association. In addition to having some of the finest and most well‑respected practitioners teach skills or specialty courses, the school is able to invite practitioners to participate in other classes and in the life of the law school on a regular basis, adding immeasurably to the professional education of its students.


The school takes pride in its importance to the region. From School Board members, professional trial and appellate judges, mayors and state legislators to federal judges, State Supreme Court Justices and law faculty members, the school's graduates serve the public interest. In addition, graduates serve in Fortune 500 companies, prestigious large law firms, government positions, public interest practices, and small firms.


The University of Akron currently offers the J.D. degree, the LL.M. in Intellectual Property, certificate programs in Intellectual Property and in Litigation, as well as joint degrees of J.D./M.A.P. (Master of Applied Politics), J.D./M.Tax (Master of Taxation), J.D./M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration), J.D./M.B.A.‑H.R. (Master of Business Administration, Human Resources), and J.D./M.P.A. (Master of Public Administration). Its student body comprises of nearly 550 students, approximately 200 of whom are enrolled in the part‑time program. Curricular opportunities to specialize exist in business, taxation, litigation, intellectual property with additional opportunities to concentrate in other areas.



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MARTIN HENRY BELSKY, (Dean and Randolph Baxter Professor of Law), born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 29, 1944; admitted to bar, 1969, Pennsylvania; 1983, Florida; 1987, New York. Education: Temple University (B.A., 1965); Columbia University (J.D., 1968); Cambridge University (Diploma, Criminology, 1969). COURSES: Legal Ethics, Constitutional Law, Land Use Law, Law & Theological Ethics. Email:

LLOYD C. ANDERSON, (McDowell Professor), born Saginaw, Michigan, November 6, 1947; admitted to bar, 1973, Kentucky. Education: University of Michigan (B.A., 1969); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1973). COURSES: Civil Procedure I & II, Federal Jurisdiction & Procedure, Pretrial Advocacy. Email:


RICHARD L. AYNES, (Seiberling Professor, Director, Constitutional Law Center), born Dayton, Ohio, June 12, 1949; admitted to bar, 1975, Ohio. Education: Miami of Ohio, University (B.S., 1971); Cleveland‑Marshall College of Law, Cleve. St. U. (J.D., 1974). COURSES: Constitutional Law I & II, Constitutional Litigation Seminar, Legal History. Email:


SAMUEL BAUMGARTNER, (Associate Professor), born Aarberg, Switzerland, June 1, 1964; admitted to bar, 1990, Switzerland. Education: University of Bern, Switzerland (LL.B., 1990; Dr. iur., 2002); University of Wisconsin (M.A., Legal Institutions; LL.M., 1995). COURSES: International Law, International Trade, International Business & Investments, Conflict of Laws. Email:


J. DEAN CARRO, (Dean's Club Professor, Director of the Legal Clinic Offices and Staff Attorney), born Brooklyn, New York, July 31, 1952; admitted to bar, 1978, Ohio. Education: SUNY New Paltz (B.A., 1974); University of Akron School of Law (J.D., 1978). COURSES: Clinical Seminar I & II, Appellate Advocacy, Administration of Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Moot Court. Email:


RICHARD C. COHEN, (Associate Professor and Director, Legal Writing Program), born Bridgeport, Connecticut, October 22, 1950; admitted to bar, 1975, Connecticut. Education: Emory University (B.A., 1972); University of Connecticut (J.D., 1975). COURSES: Legal Analysis, Research and Writing I & II, Legal Drafting, Contracts I & II. Email:


DANA K. COLE, (Associate Professor), born Dayton, Ohio, May 16, 1956; admitted to bar, 1986, Ohio. Education: University of Cincinnati (B.S., 1980); University of Dayton School of Law (J.D., 1986). COURSES: Evidence, Criminal Law, Trial Advocacy I & II. Email:


MALINA COLEMAN, (Associate Professor), born Akron, Ohio, September 23, 1954; admitted to bar, 1987, Pennsylvania. Education: Central State University (B.S., 1980); Yale Law School (J.D., 1985). COURSES: Contracts I & II, Family Law, Basic Business Associations. Email:


STEPHEN RANDOLPH COOK, (Assistant Clinical Professor, Director, New Business Legal Clinic), born Lawrence, Kansas, August 4, 1945; admitted to bar, 1996, Ohio. Education: University of Maryland (B.A., 1967); Kent State University (M.A., 1973); University of Akron School of Law (J.D., 1996). COURSES: Business Law, Business Planning, Business Clinic. Email:


SARAH CRAVENS, (Associate Professor), born Tulsa, Oklahoma, February 17, 1976; admitted to bar, 2002, Oklahoma; 2004, District of Columbia. Education: Princeton University (A.B., 1998); Cambridge University (M.Phil., 1999); Washington and Lee University School of Law (J.D., 2002). COURSES: Torts, Remedies, Professional Responsibility. Email:


CAROLYN L. DESSIN, (Associate Professor), born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 10, 1957; admitted to bar, 1987, Pennsylvania. Education: Temple University (B.M.Ed.; 1978); Westminster Choir College (M.M., 1980); Villanova University (J.D., 1987). COURSES: Federal Individual Taxation, Estate & Gift Tax, Business Planning, Estate Planning, Elder Law, Contracts I & II. Email:


JAY DRATLER, JR., (Goodyear Professor of Intellectual Property), born Los Angeles, California, June 11, 1945; admitted to bar, 1978, California; 1987, Hawaii. Education: University of California, Berkeley (A.B., 1966); University of California, San Diego (M.S., 1968; Ph.D., 1971); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1978). COURSES: Copyright Law, Patent Law & Policy, Cyberspace Law, Intellectual Property Law, Trade Secrets, Computer Law, Licensing, Remedies, Antitrust. Email:


BERNADETTE BOLLAS GENETIN, (Associate Professor), born Canton, Ohio, December 14, 1959; admitted to bar, 1988, Ohio. Education: University of Notre Dame (B.A., 1982); The Ohio State University College of Law (J.D., 1988). COURSES: Civil Procedure I & II, Legal Drafting, Business Regulation, Complex Litigation. Email:


WILLA E. GIBSON, (Dean's Club Professor), born Presque Isle, Maine, August 16, 1960; admitted to bar, 1991, Iowa. Education: Tulane University (B.A., 1982); Drake University Law School (J.D., 1991). COURSES: Secured Transactions, Commercial Paper, Antitrust, Law & Economics, Securities Regulation. Email:


WILSON R. HUHN, (McDowell Professor), born Jamestown, New York, January 1, 1950; admitted to bar, 1977, Ohio. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1972); Cornell Law School (J.D., 1977). COURSES: Constitutional Law I & II, Advanced Constitutional Law, Commercial Paper, Health Law. Email:


WILLIAM S. JORDAN, III, (Associate Dean and McDowell Professor), born Ohio, September 16, 1949; admitted to bar, 1974, Michigan; 1979, District of Columbia. Education: Stanford (B.A., 1971); University of Michigan (J.D., 1974). COURSES: Property I & II, Administrative Law, Environmental Law. Email:


MARGERY B. KOOSED, (Aileen McMurry Trusler Professor), born Cleveland, Ohio, 1948; admitted to bar, 1974, Ohio. Education: Miami of Ohio, University (B.S.Ed., 1971); Case Western Reserve University, Franklin Thomas Backus School of Law (J.D., 1974). COURSES: Criminal Law, Administration of Criminal Justice, Criminal Process, Capital Litigation. Email:


RICHARD L. LAVOIE, (Associate Professor), admitted to bar, 1989, New York. Education: Dartmouth College (A.B., 1985); Cornell University School of Law (J.D., 1988); New York University School of Law (LL.M., 1998). COURSES: Individual Tax, Commercial Paper, Basic Business Associations. Email:


BRANT T. LEE, (Associate Professor), born San Francisco, February 17, 1962; admitted to bar, 1992, California. Education: University of California, Berkeley (B.A., 1985); John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (M.P.P., 1994); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1990). COURSES: Property I & II, Feminist & Race Theory, Race, Rights & Civil Liberties, Employment Discrimination. Email:


LYNN M. LENART, (Assistant Librarian, Reference Services), born Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Education: University of Akron (B.A., 1982); Kent State University (M.L.S., 1990); University of Akron (J.D., 1999). COURSES: Specialized Areas of Legal Research, Advanced Legal Research. Email:


CARRIE NEWTON LYONS, (Assistant Professor of Law), born Tulsa, Oklahoma, September 13, 1970; admitted to bar, 2006, Virginia. Education: University of Oklahoma (B.A., 1992); American University in Cairo (Arabic Language Certificate, 2000); Harvard Law School (J.D., 2005). COURSES: Contracts, National Security Law, Federal Indian Law. Email:


MARGARET MATEJKOVIC, (Assistant Dean External Programs and Director of Law Alumni and Development), born Akron, Ohio, September 25, 1958; admitted to bar, 1992, Ohio. Education: The University of Akron (B.A., 1985; J.D., 1992); Miami University (1976‑1978). COURSES: Human Resources Law. Email:


JANE C. MORIARTY, (Professor), born Waterbury, Connecticut, January 7, 1959; admitted to bar, 1983, Massachusetts; 1987, Pennsylvania. Education: Boston College (B.A., 1980); Boston College Law School (J.D., 1983). COURSES: Employment Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, Expert Evidence, Professional Responsibility, Evidence. Email:


E. STEWART MORITZ, (Associate Professor), born 1968; admitted to bar, 1996, California. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1990); Vanderbilt University School of Law (J.D., 1995). COURSES: Legislative Process, Pretrial Advocacy, Corporations, Contracts I & II, Statutory Interpretation. Email:


C. ALAN NEWMAN, (Professor), born Dallas, Texas, January 26, 1951; admitted to bar, 1980, Oklahoma. Education: University of Oklahoma (B.A., 1977): University of Oklahoma (J.D., 1980). COURSES: Wills, Trusts, and Estates I & II, Estate Planning, Finance & Accounting for Lawyers, Property. Email:


A. SAMUEL ODDI, (Giles Sutherland Rich Professor), born 1936; admitted to bar, 1964, Pennsylvania; 1990, Illinois. Education: Carnegie Mellon University (B.S., 1958); University of Pittsburgh (J.D., 1963); George Washington University (LL.M., 1971). COURSES: Patent Law & Policy, Introduction to Intellectual Property, Torts I & II, Jurisprudence, Law & Medicine, International Intellectual Property Law. Email:


CAROL A. OLSON, (Associate Professor), born Detroit, Michigan, October 11, 1949; admitted to bar, 1983, California. Education: Washington College (B.A., 1971); University of Delaware (M.A., 1973; M.Ed., 1975); McGeorge School of Law (LL.B., 1983). COURSES: Advanced Torts, Products Liability, International Human Rights, Defamation & Privacy, Torts I & II. Email:


STEFAN J. PADFIELD, (Assistant Professor), born Taunton, England, February 17, 1967; admitted to bar, 2002, New York. Education: Brown University (B.A., 1990); University of Kansas (J.D., 2001). COURSES: Business Associations, Securities Regulation, Corporations. Email:


KYLE S. PASSMORE, (Deputy Law Librarian), born Columbus, Ohio, November 5, 1952; admitted to bar, 1993, Ohio. Education: Capital University (B.A., 1975); Kent State University (M.L.S., 1977); University of Akron (J.D., 1993). COURSES: Advanced Legal Research. Email:


ELIZABETH A. REILLY, (McDowell Professor, Associate Dean), born South Bend, Indiana, September 9, 1951; admitted to bar, 1978, Ohio. Education: Princeton University (A.B., 1973); University of Akron (J.D., 1978). COURSES: Torts I & II, Introduction to Law, Seminar in Feminist & Race Theory, Sexual Orientation & Law, Constitutional Law. Email:


WILLIAM D. RICH, (Associate Professor), born New York, New York, January 14, 1953; admitted to bar, 1977, Colorado. Education: University of Rochester (B.A., 1974); University of Denver (J.D., 1977); Harvard University (LL.M., 1986). COURSES: Constitutional Law I & II, First Amendment Seminar, Criminal Law. Email:


PAUL RICHERT, (Professor, Law Librarian), born Elwood, Indiana, August 31, 1948; admitted to bar, 1977, Ohio. Education: University of Illinois (A.B., 1970; M.S., 1971); Tulane University School of Law (J.D., 1977). COURSES: Advanced Legal Research. Email:


KALYANI ROBBINS, (Assistant Professor of Law), born San Francisco, California, February 18, 1970; admitted to bar, 1999, California; 2002, New York. Education: University of California‑Berkeley (B.A., 1995); Northwestern University School of Law (1996‑1997); Stanford Law School (J.D., 1999); Lewis and Clark Law School (LL.M., 2008). COURSES: Environmental Law, Natural Resources Law, Criminal Law. Email:


JOANN SAHL, (Assistant Director, Legal Clinic), born Upper Sandusky, Ohio, August 26, 1961; admitted to bar, 1986, Ohio; 1995, Colorado. Education: Ohio State University (B.A., 1983); University of Akron School of Law (J.D., 1986). COURSES: Civil Litigation Clinic. Email:


JOHN P. SAHL, (Professor, Faculty Director of the Miller‑Becker Institute of Professional Responsibility), born New York City, New York, July 26, 1951; admitted to bar, 1982, Connecticut. Education: Boston College (B.A., 1974); Monmouth College; Vermont Law School (J.D., 1979); Yale Law School (LL.M., 1989). COURSES: Evidence, Entertainment Law, Sports Law, Professional Responsibility. Email:


JEFFREY M. SAMUELS, (Brennan Professor, Director, Center for Intellectual Property Law), born Brooklyn, New York, May 8, 1950; admitted to bar, 1976, New York; 1977, Virginia; 1978, District of Columbia; 1996, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Education: Colgate University (B.A., 1972); Albany Law School of Union College (J.D., 1975). COURSES: Patent Law, Trademark Law, International Intellectual Property Law, Introduction to Intellectual Property Law, Trademark Prosecution, Current Issues in Intellectual Property Law. Email:


TRACY A. THOMAS, (Professor and Director, Faculty Research and Development), born Columbus, Ohio, September 6, 1965; admitted to bar, 1991, California; 1992, District of Columbia. Education: Miami University (Ohio) (B.A., 1987); California State University (M.P.A., 1991); Loyola Law School, Los Angeles (J.D., 1991). COURSES: Remedies, Family Law, Antitrust Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution. Email: