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Washington College of Law was founded in 1896 by two pioneering women, Ellen Spencer Mussey and Emma Gillett, at a time when women were traditionally excluded from the legal profession. Known as American University Washington College of Law since its merger in 1947 with American University, the school is located in upper northwest Washington,D.C. The school offers both full and part time programs leading to J.D., LL.M., and S.J.D. degrees and is fully accredited by the American Bar Association and the Association of American Law Schools. The school moved into a new, state‑of‑the‑art facility in January 1996.


Dean Claudio Grossman has described American University Washington College of Law as "a dynamic and vibrant educational institution in the nation??s capital which offers an extraordinarily rich curriculum. The exceptional and diverse student body greatly benefits from unique clinical opportunities, externships and national and international programs." Legal education at American University Washington College of Law is centered on a commitment to excellence in teaching, scholarship and service. It is this dedication that has persuaded many of our faculty members to come to the law school from distinguished careers in leading law firms, government and public service, and academia.


This dedication is evident in the small classes, even in the first year, which foster close faculty‑student and student‑student interaction to a degree not found in many law schools. First year sections total approximately one hundred, and these are divided into small classes for research and writing. Each first year section has at least one substantive class of approximately fifty students. The average upper level course includes only forty students, and seminars average fourteen. Although admission to WCL is appropriately competitive, the school offers students a supportive and congenial atmosphere.


To enrich the educational experience of its students, WCL developed and implemented an "integrated" first‑year curriculum. From the onset, first year students are exposed to the inter‑connected nature of seemingly unrelated legal fields and issues, an approach which better prepares them for the reality of legal practice. The integrated curriculum also offers a range of specialized electives to first year students, interjecting the important element of choice into their formative year of law school, and explores the theoretical and historical underpinnings of the law.


In addition to the J.D. degree, American University Washington College of Law offers five dual J.D./Masters degrees in association with other colleges at American University: law and international affairs (School of International Service); law and business administration (Kogod School of Business); law and public administration (School of Public Affairs); law and public policy (School of Public Affairs); and law and justice (School of Public Affairs). WCL also provides international dual J.D. degrees with leading universities in Canada, France, Spain, and Australia, where participating students obtain their J.D. and the equivalent law degree in the partner country. The law school anticipates expanding that valuable program with additional countries around the world.


In response to growing demand for legal specialization, WCL offers an S.J.D. degree and two LL.M. degrees: one in international legal studies with seven specializations and another in law and government with three areas of concentration and numerous specializations. LL.M. students can also participate in an exciting and diverse array of dual and joint degree programs with partner institutions in the U.S. and abroad. These programs include: dual LL.M.s from WCL??s international legal studies and law and government; dual LL.M.s from WCL??s international legal studies and partner institutions Yonsei University, the University of Ottawa, and Chinese University; LL.M./MBA with the Kogod School of Business; LL.M./M.P.A. and LL.M./M.P.P., both with the School of Public Affairs; LL.M./MIS (international service) with the School of International Service; and a dual LL.M./J.D. in law and government.


The school is home to one of the oldest and most highly regarded clinical programs in the nation, with nine in‑house legal clinics where "student attorneys" represent actual clients under faculty supervision. Equally renowned for international law, WCL offers more courses and seminars in international law than virtually any other school in the nation or the world, preparing students for the global landscape in which they will practice. Students have ample opportunities to: expand their scholarly contributions through the twelve student‑run publications; compliment their classroom experience by taking advantage of WCL??s extensive summer and semester abroad programs; acquire hands‑on experience through the vast Supervised Externship Program; participate in the thriving and innovative public service and pro bono activities: organize or contribute to specialized conferences on key issues within a vibrant academic setting; and compete in numerous moot court competitions in the U.S. and abroad, including WCL??s trilingual Inter‑American Moot Court Competition, the only one of its kind conducted in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


The law school??s state‑of‑the‑art Pence Law Library offers students access to collections totaling in excess of 600,000 volumes and resources in a variety of formats, e.g., books, electronic and other materials. Included are official depositories for the United States Government Printing Office and the European Union. WCL students also have access to many other area libraries including those of various government agencies, international and other organizations, and at least six other law schools and eight universities.


The school??s location in the nation??s capital offers students unique advantages and opportunities, as well. Washington, D.C. is home to countless national and international legal institutions, federal and state agencies, courts, trade associations, public interest groups, corporations, non‑governmental organizations, and leading law firms engaged in virtually every area of the law. Innumerable and unparalleled possibilities, including those offering practical experience, await students in one of the most exciting and dynamic educational institutions in the nation and the world.



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CLAUDIO GROSSMAN, (Dean, Professor of Law and Raymond I. Geraldson Scholar in International and Human Rights Law), born Valparaiso,Chile, November 26, 1947. Education: Universityof Chile (Licenciado en Ciencias Juridicas, 1973); G.U. Amsterdam (Dr. in de Rechtsgeleerdheid, 1980). COURSES: Comparative Law, Human Rights, International Law, International Organizations, Regional International Organizations. Email:

DAVID E. AARONSON, (Professor of Law, Director of Trial Advocacy Program and B.J. Tennery Scholar), born Washington, D.C., September 19, 1940; admitted to bar, 1965, District of Columbia; 1975, Maryland. Education: George Washington University (B.A., 1961; M.A., 1964; Ph.D., 1970); Harvard Law School (LL.B., 1964); GeorgetownUniversity LawCenter (LL.M., 1965). COURSES: Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Trial Practice. Email:


NANCY S. ABRAMOWITZ, (Practitioner in Residence and Director of Janet R. Spragens Federal Tax Clinic), born Paterson, New Jersey February 10, 1951; admitted to bar, 1975, District of Columbia. Education: Cornell University (B.S., 1972); Georgetown UniversityLaw Center (J.D., 1975). COURSES: Tax Clinic, Contracts, Employee Benefits. Email:


JAMIE R. ABRAMS, (Legal Rhetoric Instructor), born Rochester, New York; admitted to bar, 2002, Maryland; 2003, New Jersey; 2004, District of Columbia. Education: Indiana University (B.A., 1992); American University Washington College of Law (J.D., 2002). COURSES: Legal Rhetoric. Email:


EVELYN GINSBERG ABRAVANEL, (Professor of Law), born New York, N.Y., September 25, 1951; admitted to bar, 1975, Ohio; 1976, District of Columbia. Education: CaseWestern Reserve University (A.B., 1972; J.D., 1975). COURSES: Future Interests, Personal Property, Real Property, Wills, Trusts and Estates. Email:


MUNEER AHMAD, (Professor of Law), admitted to bar, 1997, New York, California. Education: Harvard University (A.B., 1993; J.D., 1996). COURSES: International Human Rights Law Clinic, Immigration Law. Email:


PADIDEH ALA'I, (Professor of Law), born Tehran, Iran, June 13, 1964; admitted to bar, 1989, Pennsylvania; 1990, District of Columbia. Education: University of Oregon, Robert D. Clark Honor's College (B.A., 1985); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1988). COURSES: International Trade, GATT/WTO, International Business Transactions, Law and Development. Email:


KENNETH ANDERSON, (Professor of Law), born 1956; admitted to bar, 1989, New York. Education: University of California, Los Angeles (B.A., 1983); Harvard LawSchool (J.D., 1986). COURSES: Business Associations, Corporate Finance, International Business Transactions, Nonprofit Law. Email:


ISAIAH BAKER, (Associate Professor of Law), born Chicago, Illinois, June 19, 1939; admitted to bar, 1972, New York; 1978, District of Columbia; 1987, Maryland. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1961); Columbia University (M.B.A., 1970; J.D., 1970); Harvard Law School (LL.M., 1971); DePaulUniversity (M.A., 1972). COURSES: Commercial Law, Commercial Paper, Consumer Law, Contracts, Unfair Trade Practices (Trademarks). Email:


JONATHAN BAKER, (Professor of Law), born 1955; admitted to bar, 1982, Districtof Columbia. Education: Harvard University (A.B., 1977; J.D., 1982); Stanford University (M.A., 1978; Ph.D., 1986). COURSES: Antitrust, Economic Regulation, Law and Economics, Contracts. Email:


SUSAN D. BENNETT, (Professor of Law and Director of Community and Economic Development Law Clinic), born Boston, Massachusetts, August 3, 1952; admitted to bar, 1980, Maryland; 1989, District of Columbia. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1973; M.A., 1975); Columbia University (J.D., 1979). COURSES: Clinical Teaching, Community Economic Development, Poverty Law. Email:


ELIZABETH BOALS, (Practitioner in Residence), admitted to bar, 1995, Virginia. Education: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (B.S., 1991); George MasonUniversity (J.D., 1995). COURSES: Legal Rhetoric.


DANIEL D. BRADLOW, (Professor of Law and Director of the International Legal Studies Program), born Johannesburg, South Africa, October 23, 1955; admitted to bar, 1983, District of Columbia and New York. Education: University of Witwatersrand (B.A., 1977); Northeastern University School of Law (J.D., 1982); Georgetown UniversityLaw Center (LL.M., 1985). COURSES: International Financial Law, International Financial Institutions, International Economic Law. Email:


PAMELA BRIDGEWATER, (Professor of Law), born 1969; admitted to bar, 1997, Wisconsin. Education: Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (B.A., 1992); Florida State University (J.D., 1992); University of Wisconsin (LL.M., 2000). COURSES: Property, Trusts & Estates, Reproductive Rights. Email:


KATE BUNKER, (Practitioner in Residence), admitted to bar, 1986, Maryland; 1988, District of Columbia; 1991, Arizona; 1995, Tennessee. Education: University of Maryland (B.S., 1976); The George WashingtonUniversity NationalLaw Center (J.D., 1986). Email:


BARLOW BURKE, (Professor of Law and John S. Myers and Alvina Reckman Myers Scholar), born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 29, 1941; admitted to bar, 1967, Pennsylvania. Education: Harvard University (A.B., 1963); University of Pennsylvania (LL.B., 1966; M.C.P., 1968); Yale UniversityLaw School (LL.M., 1970; S.J.D., 1977). COURSES: Land Use and Planning, Natural Resources, Real Estate Transactions, Real Property. Email:


LILY CAMET, (Practitioner in Residence, Criminal Justice Clinic), born New York, New York; admitted to bar, 1996, Maryland and District of Columbia. Education: Georgetown University (B.A., 1990); American University Washington Collegeof Law (J.D., 1995). COURSES: Clinical Legal Education, Criminal Law and Procedure, Government Enforcement Litigation, Innocence Project. Email:


SUSAN D. CARLE, (Professor of Law), born Dacca, East Pakistan, February 15, 1960; admitted to bar, 1989, Pennsylvania; 1993, District of Columbia. Education: Bryn Mawr College (A.B., 1982); YaleUniversity LawSchool (J.D., 1988). COURSES: Legal Ethics, Legal Profession, Labor Law, Employment Law, Torts. Email:


MICHAEL W. CARROLL, (Visiting Professor of Law), born Warwick, Rhode Island, July 25, 1963; admitted to bar, 1996, Maryland; 1997, District of Columbia. Education: University of Chicago (A.B., 1986); GeorgetownUniversity LawCenter (J.D., 1996). COURSES: Intellectual Property, Cyberlaw, Contracts. Email:


DAVID F. CHAVKIN, (Professor of Law and Director of Civil Practice Clinic), born Mineola, New York, October 9, 1946; admitted to bar, 1973, California; 1974, Utah; 1981, Maryland; 1991, District of Columbia. Education: Michigan State University (B.S., 1968); Universityof California at Berkeley (J.D., 1973). COURSES: Civil Practice Clinic, Health Law, Civil Procedure. Email:


JANIE CHUANG, (Assistant Professor of Law), Education: Yale University (B.A., 1995); Harvard LawSchool (J.D., 1998). COURSES: International Law, Gender, Labor and Global Economy. Email:


MARY CLARK, (Assistant Professor of Law), born Morristown, New Jersey, July 31, 1965; admitted to bar, 1992, New York; 1994, District of Columbia. Education: Bryn Mawr College (A.B., 1987); HarvardLaw School (J.D.). COURSES: Property, Legal Ethics, Women's Legal History, Feminist Jurisprudence. Email:


JOHN BERNARD CORR, (Professor of Law), born Montreal, Canada, May 8, 1942; admitted to bar, 1979, District of Columbia; 1980, New York. Education: John Carroll University (B.A., 1963; M.A., 1964); Kent State University (Ph.D., 1971); GeorgetownUniversity LawCenter (J.D., 1978). COURSES: Civil Procedure, Conflict of Laws, Corporate Bankruptcy, Creditors' and Debtors' Rights. Email:


ANGELA J. DAVIS, (Professor of Law), born Fort Benning, Georgia, July 2, 1956; admitted to bar, 1982, District of Columbia. Education: Howard University (B.A., 1978); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1981). COURSES: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Race and Crime. Email:


ROBERT D. DINERSTEIN, (Professor of Law, Director of Clinical Programs and Director of Disability Rights Law Clinic), born New York, N.Y., May 3, 1953; admitted to bar, 1978, New York; 1983, District of Columbia; 1984, Maryland. Education: Cornell University (A.B., 1974); YaleUniversity LawSchool (J.D., 1977). COURSES: Civil Rights, Clinical Teaching, Criminal Justice Clinic, Disability and the Law, Interviewing/Counseling/Negotiation, Supervised Externship Seminar. Email:


LYNDA DODD, (Assistant Professor of Law), admitted to bar, 2001, Maryland (inactive). Education: Baylor University (B.A., 1991); Yale Law School (J.D., 2000); PrincetonUniversity (M.A., Ph.D. 2004). COURSES: Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Civil Rights Litigation. Email:


GARY EDLES, (Fellow in Administrative Law), born New York, New York, February 27, 1941; admitted to bar, 1966, New York. Education: Queens College, City University of New York (B.A., 1962); New York University Law School (J.D., 1965); The GeorgeWashington UniversityLaw School (LL.M., 1966; S.J.D., 1975). COURSES: Administrative Law. Email:


WALTER A. EFFROSS, (Professor of Law), born New Brunswick, New Jersey, August 7, 1963; admitted to bar, 1987, New Jersey; 1990, District of Columbia. Education: Princeton University (A.B., 1984); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1987). COURSES: Negotiable Instruments, Sales and Secured Transactions, E‑Commerce, Business Associations. Email:


MARY D. FAN, (Assistant Professor of Law), born Dayton, Ohio, November 12, 1978; admitted to bar, 2004, California. Education: University of Arizona (B.A., 2000); Yale Law School (J.D., 2003); Universityof Cambridge (M.Phil., 2008). COURSES: Domestic and International Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Border and Nationality Law, Property, Law and Cognition. Email:


CHRISTINE HAIGHT FARLEY, (Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs), born NewYork, July 5, 1966; admitted to bar, 1994, New York. Education: State University of New York at Binghamton (B.A., 1989); State University of New York, Buffalo School of Law (J.D., 1994); Columbia Law School (LL.M., 1997; J.S.D., Candidate). COURSES: Trademarks, Intellectual Property, International Trademarks, Art Law. Email:


PAUL FIGLEY, (Legal Rhetoric Instructor and Associate Director of Legal Rhetoric), born Kansas City, Kansas, July 13, 1949; admitted to bar, 1974, Texas; 1976, District of Columbia. Education: Franklin and Marshall College (B.A., 1971); Southern Methodist UniversitySchool of Law (J.D., 1974). COURSES: Legal Writing and Research. Email:


AMANDA FROST, (Associate Professor of Law), born March 27, 1971. Education: Harvard College (B.A., 1993); Columbia Law School; Harvard LawSchool (J.D., 1997). COURSES: Torts, Federal Courts, Appellate Advocacy.


ROBERT KOGOD GOLDMAN, (Professor of Law and Louis C. James Scholar), born Washington, D.C., November 26, 1944; admitted to bar, 1971, Virginia; 1972, District of Columbia. Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.A., 1967); Universityof Virginia (J.D., 1971). COURSES: Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, International Law.


HORACIO A. GRIGERA NA?N, (Distinguished Practitioner in Residence), born Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 7, 1947; admitted to bar, 1986, New York; 2002, District of Columbia. Education: Universidad de Buenos Aires (J.D., 1972); HarvardLaw School (S.J.D., 1985). COURSES: Arbitration. Email:


LEWIS A. GROSSMAN, (Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Scholarship), born New York, N.Y., June 3, 1964; admitted to bar, 1990, Connecticut; 1992, New York; 1994, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1986; M.A., 1991; M.Phil, 1992; Ph.D., 2005); Harvard LawSchool (J.D., 1990). COURSES: American Legal History, Civil Procedure, Food and Drug Law. Email:


EGON GUTTMAN, (Professor of Law Emeritus in Residence and Louis P. Levitt Memorial Trust Emeritus Scholar), born Neuruppin, Netherlands, January 27, 1927; admitted to bar, 1952, Middle Temple, England. Education: University of Cambridge; University of London (LL.B., 1950; LL.M., 1952). COURSES: Commercial Law, International Capital Raising, Letters of Credit, Negotiable Instruments, Regulation of Commodities Trading, Regulation of Securities Markets, Sales and Secured Transactions, Securities Regulation. Email:


HEATHER HUGHES, (Assistant Professor of Law), admitted to bar, 1999, California; 2003, Colorado. Education: University of Chicago (B.A., 1995); HarvardLaw School (J.D., 1998). COURSES: Secured Transactions, Sales, Property, Commercial Law.


DAVID HUNTER, (Assistant Professor of Law), admitted to bar, 1986, Oregon; 1987, District of Columbia. Education: University of Michigan (B.A., 1983); HarvardLaw School (J.D., 1986). COURSES: Environmental Law, International Environmental Law. Email:


DARREN LENARD HUTCHINSON, (Professor of Law), born Gainesville, Florida 1968; admitted to bar, 1994, New York. Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.A., 1990); Yale Law School (J.D., 1993). COURSES: Constitutional Law, Remedies, Equal Protection, Critical Race Theory. Email:


PETER A. JASZI, (Professor of Law and Director of the Glusko‑Samuelson Intellectual Property Clinic), born Washington, D.C., December 20, 1946; admitted to bar, 1972, District of Columbia. Education: Harvard University (B.A., 1968); Harvard LawSchool (J.D., 1971). COURSES: Copyright, English Legal History, International Copyright, Law and Literature, Supervised Externship Seminar, Intellectual Property Law Clinic. Email:


CYNTHIA JONES, (Assistant Professor of Law), born August 22, 1964. Education: University of Delaware (B.A., 1986); American University (J.D., 1989). COURSES: Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Criminal Law, Race, Crime and Politics.


BILLIE JO KAUFMAN, (Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Library and Information Resources), born New Albany, Indiana, August 20, 1949. Education: Indiana University, Bloomington (B.S., 1971; M.S., 1974); Nova Southeastern University (J.D., 1990). COURSES: Criminal Procedure, Legal Education, Legal Research, Technology. Email:


PATRICK E. KEHOE, (Professor of Law Emeritus), born Olympia, Washington, November 12, 1941; admitted to bar, 1966, Washington. Education: Seattle University (B.C.S., 1963); Universityof Washington (J.D., 1966; M.L.Libr., 1968).


ELIZABETH A. KEITH, (Professor of Legal Rhetoric), admitted to bar, 2001, Virginia. Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (B.A., 1995); GeorgeMason UniversitySchool of Law (J.D., 2001). COURSES: Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis. Email:


NICHOLAS N. KITTRIE, (University Professor), born United Kingdom, March 26, 1930; admitted to bar, 1957, Kansas; 1959, District of Columbia. Education: University of Kansas (LL.B., 1950; M.A., 1951); Georgetown UniversityLaw Center (LL.M., 1963; S.J.D., 1968). COURSES: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, International Criminal Law, International Law, Political Crime and Terrorism.


CANDACE SAARI KOVACIC‑FLEISCHER, (Professor of Law), born Washington, D.C., March 19, 1947; admitted to bar, 1974, Massachusetts; 1976, District of Columbia. Education: Wellesley College (A.B., 1969); Northeastern University Schoolof Law (J.D., 1974). COURSES: Contracts, Employment Discrimination, Injunctions and Advanced Remedies, Remedies, Sex‑based Discrimination, Work and Parenting. Email:


JEROME LEVINSON, (Distinguished Lawyer in Residence), born Brooklyn, New York, December 25, 1931; admitted to bar, 1984, District of Columbia. Education: Harvard University (A.B., 1953); Harvard Law School (LL.B., 1956). COURSES: International Finance and Economics. Email:


ADRIENNE LOCKIE, (Practitioner in Residence), Education: University of North Carolina (B.A., 1996); Georgetown University LawCenter (J.D., 2000). COURSES: Women and the Law Clinic, Ethics, Litigation. Email:


JEFFREY S. LUBBERS, (Fellow In Law and Government), born Madison, Wisconsin, January 26, 1949; admitted to bar, 1975, Maryland; 1976, Districtof Columbia. Education: Cornell University (A.B., 1971); University of Chicago (J.D., 1974). COURSES: Administrative Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution. Email:


ROBERT BENNETT LUBIC, (Professor of Law Emeritus), born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 9, 1929; admitted to bar, 1953, Pennsylvania; 1965, District of Columbia. Education: University of Pittsburgh (A.B., 1950; J.D., 1953); GeorgetownUniversity (M.P.L., 1959). Email:


DANIEL MARCUS, (Fellow in Law and Government), Education: Brandeis University (B.A., 1962); Yale UniversityLaw School (LL.B., 1965). COURSES: Constitutional Law, National Security Law. Email:


CLAUDIA MARTIN, (Professorial Lecturer in Residence), admitted to bar, 2002, NewYork. Education: Universidad de Buenos Aires (Law, 1991); Foreign Affairs Ministry of Argentina School of Diplomacy (International Relations, 1992); American University Washington College of Law (LL.M., 1994). COURSES: International Law, Human Rights, Legal Research. Email:


JAMES P. MAY, (Professor of Law), born Washington, D.C., June 26, 1951; admitted to bar, 1976, District of Columbia. Education: Carleton University (B.A., 1973); Harvard LawSchool (J.D., 1976). COURSES: Antitrust, Contracts, Law and Economics, Legal History. Email:


GAY MCDOUGALL, (Distinguished Scholar in Residence), Education: Bennington College (B.A., 1969); Yale University (J.D., 1972); London Schoolof Economics (LL.M., 1978). Email:


BINNY MILLER, (Professor of Law), born Boston, Massachusetts, February 26, 1956; admitted to bar, 1985, Minnesota; 1988, District of Columbia; 1991, Maryland. Education: Carleton University (B.A., 1978); Universityof Chicago (J.D., 1983). COURSES: Clinical Teaching, Interviewing and Counseling. Email:


ELLIOTT S. MILSTEIN, (Professor of Law), born Hartford, Connecticut, October 19, 1944; admitted to bar, 1969, Connecticut, 1973, District of Columbia. Education: University of Hartford (B.A., 1966); University of Connecticut School of Law (J.D., 1969); Yale UniversityLaw School (LL.M., 1971). COURSES: Clinical Teaching, Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law Clinic, Legal Profession, Office Practice. Email:


ANTHONY C. MORELLA, (Professor of Law Emeritus), born Malden, Massachusetts, August 31, 1930; admitted to bar, 1959, District of Columbia; 1976, Maryland. Education: Boston University (A.B., 1952); American University Washington College of Law (J.D., 1958).


FERNANDA NICOLA, (Assistant Professor of Law), born Torino, Italy, November 1, 1972. Education: University of Turin (B.A., 1996); Trento University (Ph.D., 2006); University of Turin Law School (J.D., 2000); Harvard LawSchool (LL.M., 2002). COURSES: Comparative Law, European Union Law, Contracts, Torts. Email:


MARK NILES, (Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs), born 1966; admitted to bar, 1992, Maryland. Education: Wesleyan University (B.A., 1988); StanfordUniversity (J.D., 1991). COURSES: Civil Procedure, Administrative Law, Law and Popular Culture. Email:


DIANE F. ORENTLICHER, (Professor of Law), born May 2, 1955; admitted to bar, 1981, District of Columbia. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1977); ColumbiaUniversity (J.D., 1981). COURSES: International Law, Ethnic Identity and International Law, International Organizations and International Business and Human Rights. Email:


CORRINE PARVER, (Practitioner in Residence and Executive Director, Health Law Project), born Montreal, Quebec, Canada, November 27, 1944; admitted to bar, 1983, District of Columbia. Education: McGill University (Dip. PT., 1964; B.PT., 1966); AmericanUniversity WashingtonCollege of Law (J.D., 1982). COURSES: Medical Malpractice, Health Policy, Health Law, Fraud & Abuse. Email:


TERESA GODWIN PHELPS, (Professor of Law and Director of Legal Rhetoric), born Bournemouth, United Kingdom, May 29, 1944. Education: University of Notre Dame (B.A., 1973; M.A., 1975; Ph.D., 1980); Yale Law School (M.S.L., 1989). COURSES: Legal Writing and Research. Email:


VICTORIA PHILLIPS, (Practitioner in Residence), born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 20, 1960; admitted to bar, 1989, Missouri; 1990, Massachusetts and District of Columbia. Education: Smith College (B.A., 1982); AmericanUniversity, Washington College of Law (J.D., 1988). COURSES: Communications Law, Intellectual Property. Email:


ANDREW D. PIKE, (Professor of Law and Director of the Law and Business Program), born New York, N.Y., July 30, 1950; admitted to bar, 1976, Pennsylvania; 1977, District of Columbia. Education: Swarthmore College (B.A., 1972); Universityof Pennsylvania (J.D., 1976). COURSES: Corporate Income Taxation, Federal Personal Income Taxation, Estate and Gift Taxation, Pension Law, Tax Policy. Email:


MICHELE R. PISTONE, (Visiting Professor of Law), born Queens, New York, March 11, 1964; admitted to bar, 1991, New York; 1992, District of Columbia; 2000, Pennsylvania. Education: New York University (B.S., 1986); St. John's University School of Law (J.D., 1989); GeorgetownUniversity LawCenter (LL.M., 1999). COURSES: Clinical Education, Immigration and Refugee Law.


NANCY D. POLIKOFF, (Professor of Law), born February 25, 1952; admitted to bar, 1975, Districtof Columbia; 1976, Maryland. Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.A., 1972); Georgetown University Law Center (J.D., 1975); George WashingtonUniversity (M.A., 1980). COURSES: Family Law, Civil Procedure. Email:


ANDREW F. POPPER, (Professor of Law), born New York, N.Y., March 3, 1948; admitted to bar, 1973, Illinois; 1975, District of Columbia. Education: Baldwin‑Wallace College (B.A., 1970); DePaul University (J.D., 1973); GeorgeWashington UniversityNational LawCenter (LL.M., 1976). COURSES: Administrative Law, Federal Regulatory Process, Torts, Product Liability. Email:


JAMIN BEN RASKIN, (Professor of Law and Director of the Law and Government Program), born Washington, D.C., December 13, 1962; admitted to bar, 1987, Massachusetts. Education: Harvard University (B.A., 1983); HarvardLaw School (J.D., 1987). COURSES: Constitutional Law, First Amendment, Law of the American Political Process, Law and Education. Email:


JAYESH RATHOD, (Practitioner in Residence), born Chicago, Illinois, May 29, 1975; admitted to bar, 2002, New York and District of Columbia. Education: Harvard University (A.B., 1997); Columbia University (J.D., 2001). COURSES: International Human Rights. Email:


PAUL R. RICE, (Professor of Law), born Huntington, West Virginia, July 28, 1943; admitted to bar, 1968, West Virginia; 1969, Connecticut. Education: Marshall University (B.B.A., 1965); West Virginia University (J.D., 1968); YaleUniversity LawSchool (LL.M., 1972). COURSES: Evidence, Advanced Evidence. Email:


HEATHER E. RIDENOUR, (Legal Rhetoric Instructor and Director of Legal Analysis), born Denver, Colorado, July 29, 1973. Education: Texas Woman's University (B.B.A., 1997); Texas Wesleyan University Schoolof Law (J.D., 2004). COURSES: Legal Writing. Email:


DEAN HILL RIVKIN, (Visiting Professor of Law), born Staten Island, New York, March 22, 1947; admitted to bar, 1971, Tennessee; 1972, Kentucky. Education: Hamilton College (A.B., 1968); VanderbiltUniversity LawSchool (J.D., 1971). COURSES: Clinical Legal Education, Environmental Law, Public Interest Lawyering, Education Advocacy.


IRA P. ROBBINS, (Professor of Law, Director, JD/MS Dual Degree Prog. in Law & Justice and Justice & Barnard T. Welsh Scholar), born Brooklyn, New York, January 2, 1949; admitted to bar, 1974, New York; 1984, District of Columbia. Education: University of Pennsylvania (A.B., 1970); HarvardLaw School (J.D., 1973). COURSES: Conflict of Laws, Criminal Law, Advanced Criminal Law, Post‑Conviction Remedies, Prisoners' Rights. Email:


DIEGO RODRIGUEZ‑PINZON, (Professorial Lecturer in Residence), Education: Universidad de los Andes School of Law (J.D., 1989); American University Washington College of Law (LL.M., 1994). COURSES: International Law, International Litigation, International Organizations, Transnational Law, Peace Negotiations, Human Rights. Email:


EZRA ROSSER, (Assistant Professor of Law), Education: Yale University (B.A., 2000); Harvard Law School (J.D., 2003); Universityof Cambridge (M.Phil., 2004). COURSES: Property, Poverty Law, Federal Indian Law, Legal Research and Writing. Email:


SUSANA SA COUTO, (Professional Lecturer in Residence), born Lisbon Portugal, December 5, 1968; admitted to bar, 1998, Massachusetts and District of Columbia. Education: Brown University (B.A., 1990); Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University (M.A.L.D., 1994); Northeastern University (J.D., 1998). COURSES: Gender Cultural Difference & Human Rights, International Criminal Law, Women and Conflict: Responses of International Criminal & Humanitarian Law. Email:


JOSHUA D. SARNOFF, (Practitioner in Residence), born New York, New York, April 21, 1960; admitted to bar, 1986, California; 1987, Districtof Columbia. Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (B.S., 1981); Stanford University (J.D., 1986). COURSES: Patents, Clinic, Environmental Law, Constitutional Law. Email:


HERMAN SCHWARTZ, (Professor of Law), born New York, N.Y., December 19, 1931; admitted to bar, 1957, New York; 1962, District of Columbia. Education: Harvard University (A.B., 1953); Harvard LawSchool (J.D., 1956). COURSES: Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Social Justice Seminar. Email:


ANN C. SHALLECK, (Professor of Law, Director of the Women and the Law Program and Carrington Shields Scholar), born New York, N.Y., August 10, 1949; admitted to bar, 1978, Pennsylvania; 1984, District of Columbia. Education: Bryn Mawr College (A.B., 1971); HarvardLaw School (J.D., 1978). COURSES: Clinical Teaching, Family Law, Women and the Law, Theories of Pedagogy. Email:


MARY SIEGEL, (Professor of Law), born May 3, 1951; admitted to bar, 1975, District of Columbia; 1976, Ohio. Education: Vassar College (A.B., 1972); YaleUniversity LawSchool (J.D., 1975). COURSES: Advanced Corporate Law, Business Associations, Business Planning, Corporations, Securities Regulation, Advanced Securities Law. Email:


BRENDA V. SMITH, (Professor of Law), born June 6, 1959; admitted to bar, 1985, Districtof Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania. Education: Spelman College (B.A., 1980); GeorgetownUniversity (J.D., 1984). COURSES: Clinical Teaching, Professional Responsibility, Economic Development. Email:


WILLIAM SNAPE III, (Fellow in Environmental Law), born Camden, New Jersey, July 23, 1964; admitted to bar, 1990, Virginia; 2000, District of Columbia. Education: University of California at Los Angeles (B.A., 1986); St. Andrews University (1984‑1985); GeorgeWashington University (J.D., 1989). COURSES: Environmental Law, International Law, Administrative Law. Email:


DAVID V. SNYDER, (Professor of Law and Director of Business Programs), born Baton Rouge, Louisiana, January 5, 1966; admitted to bar, 1991, Louisiana; 1992, Maryland; 1993, District of Columbia. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1988); TulaneLaw School (J.D., 1991). COURSES: Contracts, Commercial Law (including Sales, Secured Transactions, Payment Systems and Electronic Commerce), Comparative Law, Legal History. Email:


DAVID SPRATT, (Legal Writing Instructor), Education: The College of William and Mary (B.A., 1991); American University, Washington Collegeof Law (J.D., 1994). COURSES: Legal Writing and Research. Email:


JANE STOEVER, (Practitioner in Residence), Education: University of Kansas (B.A., 2000); HarvardUniversity (J.D., 2003). COURSES: Criminal Law, Domestic Violence Law. Email:


LASHANDA TAYLOR, (Practitioner in Residence), Education: Spelman College (B.A., 1996); New York University (J.D., 1999). COURSES: Civil Litigation, Family Law. Email:


MICHAEL E. TIGAR, (Professor of Law Emeritus), born Glendale, California, January 18, 1941; admitted to bar, 1967, District of Columbia; 1993, New York. Education: University of California, Berkeley (B.A., 1962, J.D., 1966). COURSES: Human Rights Impact Litigation Clinic. Email:


ROBERT L. TSAI, (Associate Professor of Law), born Taipei, Taiwan, October 19, 1971; admitted to bar, 1999, Georgia. Education: University of California, Los Angeles (B.A., 1993); Yale Law School (J.D., 1997). COURSES: Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure. Email:


RICHARD UGELOW, (Practitioner in Residence), Education: Hobart College (B.A., 1965); American University, Washington College of Law (J.D., 1968); Georgetown University (LL.M.). COURSES: Civil Litigation, Employment Law. Email:


ANTHONY E. VARONA, (Associate Professor of Law and Director of S.J.D. Program), Education: Boston College (A.B., 1989; J.D., 1992); GeorgetownUniversity LawCenter (LL.M., 1996). COURSES: Contracts, Administrative Law, Media Law, Introduction to Public Law. Email:


ROBERT G. VAUGHN, (Professor of Law and A. Allen King Scholar), born March 10, 1944; admitted to bar, 1969, Oklahoma; 1971, District of Columbia. Education: University of Oklahoma (B.A., 1966; J.D., 1969); HarvardLaw School (LL.M., 1970). COURSES: Civil Procedure, Legislation, Public Employment Law, Public Information Law and Policy, Torts. Email:


DENNIS J. VENTRY, JR., (Assistant Visiting Professor of Law), born Santa Clara, California, January 8, 1970. Education: University of California at Los Angeles (B.A., 1993); University of California at Santa Barbara (M.A., 1996; Ph.D., 2001); NewYork University Law School (J.D., 2004). COURSES: Federal Personal Income Tax, Tax Policy and Distributive Justice. Email:


STEPHEN VLADECK, (Associate Professor of Law), born New York, New York, September 26, 1979; admitted to bar, 2006, New York. Education: Amherst College (B.A., 2001); YaleLaw School (J.D., 2004). COURSES: Constitutional Law, Federal Courts, National Security Law, Civil Procedure, International Criminal Law, Immigration Law. Email:


PERRY E. WALLACE, JR., (Professor of Law and Director of the JD/MBA Program), born Nashville, Tennessee, February 19, 1948; admitted to bar, 1978, District of Columbia. Education: Vanderbilt (B.S., 1970); Columbia (J.D., 1975). COURSES: Accounting, Business Associations, Corporate Finance, Corporations, Environmental Law. Email:


ROBIN WESTBROOK, (Practitioner in Residence), Education: Smith College (B.A., 1971); Yale LawSchool (J.D., 1974). COURSES: Tax Law, Clinic. Email:


PAUL ROBERT WILLIAMS, (Rebecca I. Grazier Assoc. Prof. of Law & International Relations, Dir. of the M.A./J.D. Joint Degree Program), born 1965; admitted to bar, 1991, California; 1998, District of Columbia. Education: University of California at Davis (A.B., 1987); University of Cambridge (Ph.D., 1998); StanfordLaw School (J.D., 1990). COURSES: International Law & Foreign Affairs, Law of the Sea, Advanced Issues of Public International Law and State Succession. Email:


RICHARD J. WILSON, (Professor of Law and Director of the International Human Rights Law Clinic), born 1943; admitted to bar, 1972, Illinois; 1990, District of Columbia. Education: DePaul University (B.A., 1965); University of Illinois (J.D., 1972). COURSES: Clinical Teaching, Comparative Criminal Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Human Rights. Email: