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ABA Approved Since 1923

Emory University School of Law was founded in 1916 and has grown from a strong regional law school to one that is nationally recognized for an outstanding faculty, rigorous curriculum, and highly qualified student body. Emory Law is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, and has a chapter of The Order of the Coif.


The faculty of Emory Law comprises sixty full-time members plus several international scholars who divide their time between Emory and institutions in other countries. They publish extensively, and are active in numerous professional organizations, including the American Bar Association, Association of American Law Schools, American Law Institute, American Law and Economics Association, American Judicature Society, American Comparative Law Association, Centre for the Reform of International Courts, Law of the Sea Institute, American Society of International Law, and Free Enterprise Advisory Council.


Emory Law publishes three student-edited journals, offers an extensive Moot Court program with regular victories in regional and national competitions in recent years, and has more than thirty other student organizations through which Emory students round out their academic experiences and professional aspirations.


The Hugh F. MacMillan Law Library collection includes more than 400,000 volumes and more than 4,000 serial subscriptions. The library is a selective depository for U.S. Government Documents and a full depository for publications of the European Union. The Law Library provides access to a number of electronic resources. Emory law students are trained on both Lexis and Westlaw, and also have wireless access to the university‚??s own research database and to the Internet through the school‚??s server and web site.


The curriculum at Emory Law is broad and includes a strong theoretical component as well as practical training opportunities. In addition to numerous clinical field placements, students may earn academic credit while providing legal assistance through any one of Emory Law‚??s five clinics, including the Turner Environmental Law Clinic and the Barton Child Law and Policy Clinic. In recent years, Emory has established relationships with several foreign countries, which have resulted in regular visits by faculty from Russia, Germany, Hungary and elsewhere.


Emory Law‚??s Kessler Eidson Trial Techniques Program (KETTP) draws on the combined expertise of more than 200 trial lawyers, judges, and district attorneys who serve as visiting faculty. Emory‚??s students learn how to prepare a case for trial as well as how to present themselves before judge and jury.


Emory Law strives to imbue its students with a sense of professional responsibility as lawyers who are servants of democracy. Consequently, the curriculum includes an increasing number of courses in public law. Moreover, because of the strong commitment among Emory law students to serving the public interest, in 1989 students formed the Emory Public Interest Committee (EPIC) for the purpose of supporting pro bono work. As a result of EPIC‚??s work, students are able to spend their summers in public interest employment that otherwise would have been impossible for them.


Emory Law‚??s Office of Career Services works closely with students, graduates, and employers in the placement process. The Career Services Office coordinates an extensive on-campus interviewing program each fall as well as off-campus interviewing programs in key cities; participates in the Southeastern Law Placement Consortium and the South Atlantic Recruiting Conference; coordinates numerous job fairs; and provides extensive individual career counseling to Emory law students and alumni. The staff of the Office of Career Services also includes a public interest coordinator who advises students on careers in the public interest. Emory University School of Law has a proud history of training competent and principled lawyers. Its graduates serve on the bench and bar and in a variety of public interest positions. Emory Law is committed to continuing its record of providing high quality training to committed individuals.


Dean: David F. Partlett (404) 727-0608

Vice Dean: James B. Hughes, Jr. (404) 727-0672

Associate Dean for Development and University Relations:

Susan Fitzgerald Carter (404) 727-0055

Associate Dean for Finance and Administration: C. Brooks Seay (404) 727-6793

Associate Dean for External Affairs: A. James Elliott (404) 727-1075

Associate Dean of Faculty: Polly J. Price (404) 727-7869

Director for Library Services: Mark Engsberg (404) 727-6983

Assistant Dean for Admission: Lynell Cadray (404) 727-2970

Assistant Dean for Career Services: Janet Hutchinson (404) 727-5502

Assistant Dean for Information Technology:

Benjamin J. Chapman (404) 727-6948

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs: Katherine Brokaw (404) 727-6809

Assistant Dean for Student Records: Celeste Katz (404) 727-8031




DAVID F. PARTLETT, (Law Professor), born Sydney, Australia, August 10, 1947; admitted to bar, 1971, New South Wales; 1978, Australian Capital Territory. Education: University Sydney School of Law (LL.B., 1970); University Michigan Law School (LL.M., 1974); University of Virginia (S.J.D., 1980). COURSES: Torts. Email: dean @ law.emory.edu


HOWARD E. ABRAMS, (Law Professor), born California, May 5, 1955; admitted to bar, 1980, California; 2003, District of Columbia. Education: University of California at Irvine (B.A., 1976); Harvard University (J.D., 1980). COURSES:Contracts, Federal Income Taxation, Partnership Taxation. Email:habrams @ law.emory.edu


ROBERT B. AHDIEH, (Law Professor), born New York, N.Y., 1971; admitted to bar, 1997, California. Education: Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Moscow, Russia; Princeton University (A.B., 1994); Yale Law School (J.D., 1997). COURSES: Contracts, Corporate Governance & Federalism, International Trade Law, Comparative Law, Emerging Markets Law, Russian Law. Email:rahdieh @ law.emory.edu


FRANK SPRUILL ALEXANDER, (Law Professor), born North Carolina, 1952; admitted to bar, 1978, Georgia. Education: University of North Carolina (B.A., 1973); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1978); Harvard Divinity School (M.T.S., 1978). COURSES: Real Estate, Property, Law and Theology, State and Local Government Law. Email: lawfsa @ law.emory.edu


ABDULLAHI AHMED AN-NA‚?? IM, (Law Professor), born Sudan, 1946; admitted to bar, 1977, Sudan. Education: University of Khartoum, Sudan (LL.B., 1970); University of Cambridge (LL.B., 1973; Dip. Crim., 1973); University of Edinburgh (Ph.D., in Law, 1976). COURSES:International Law, Human Rights, Islamic Law, Comparative Constitutional Law. Email:abduh46 @ law.emory.edu


THOMAS C. ARTHUR, (Law Professor), born Roanoke, Virginia, July 11, 1946; admitted to bar, 1972, Virginia and District of Columbia. Education: Duke University (A.B., 1968); Yale University (J.D., 1971). COURSES:Administrative Law, Antitrust, Civil Procedure, Federal Courts, Legal Methods. Email:lawtca @ law.emory.edu


DAVID J. BEDERMAN, (Law Professor), born Atlanta, 1961; admitted to bar, 1987, Georgia; 1988, District of Columbia. Education: Princeton University (A.B., 1983); London School of Economics (M.Sc., 1984); University of Virginia (J.D., 1987); Hague Academy of International Law (Diploma, 1989); University of London (Ph.D., 1996). COURSES: Public International Law, International Institutions, Law of International Common Spaces, Roman Law, Legal Methods, Admiralty. Email: lawdjb @ law.emory.edu


DOROTHY A. BROWN, (Law Professor), born Bronx, New York, August 24, 1959; admitted to bar, 1983, District of Columbia. Education: Fordham University (B.S., 1980); Georgetown University Law Center (J.D., 1983); New York University (LL.M., Tax, 1984). COURSES:Tax, Critical Race Theory. Email:dabrown @ emory.edu


MICHAEL J. BROYDE, (Law Professor), born New York, May 12, 1964; admitted to bar, 1989, New York. Education: Yeshiva University (B.A., 1984; Ordination, 1989); New York University (J.D., 1988); note published, NYULaw Review. COURSES:Jewish Law, Law and Religion, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Federal Courts, Bankruptcy, Family Law, I and II, Legal Methods. Email:mbroyde @ law.emory.edu


WILLIAM WADE BUZBEE, (Law Professor), born New York, May 20, 1960; admitted to bar, 1986, Massachusetts; 1987, New York; 1990, District of Columbia. Education: Amherst College (B.A., magna cum laude, 1983); Columbia University (J.D., 1986). COURSES:Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Land Use, Advanced Environmental Law, Legal Methods, Regulatory Reform, Federalism and Devolution. Email:wbuzbee @ law.emory.edu


WILLIAM J. CARNEY, (Law Professor), born Chicago, Illinois, May 10, 1937; admitted to bar, 1962, Colorado; 1975, Wyoming; 1986, Georgia. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1959; LL.B., 1962). COURSES: Corporate Law. Email: lawwjc @ law.emory.edu


KATHLEEN CLEAVER, (Law Professor), born Dallas, Texas, May 13, 1945; admitted to bar, 1990, New York. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1984; J.D., 1989). COURSES:Legal History. Email:kcleaver @ law.emory.edu


A. MORGAN CLOUD, III, (Law Professor), born Washington, D.C., March 5, 1947; admitted to bar, 1977, Florida; 1981, California. Education: Grinnell College (B.A., 1969); University of Iowa (M.A., 1972); Cornell University (J.D., 1977). COURSES: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Corporate Crime, Comparative Constitutional Law, Evidence.


KAREN B. COOPER, (Law Professor), born Memphis, Tennessee, April 20, 1971; admitted to bar, 1996, Georgia. Education: Duke University (B.A., 1993); University of Michigan (J.D., 1996). COURSES: Legal Writing, Research and Advocacy. Email: kcooper @ law.emory.edu


NANCY R. DASPIT, (Law Professor), born Louisiana, September 4, 1951; admitted to bar, 1995, Georgia. Education: University of Southwestern Louisiana (B.S., 1973); Emory University School of Law (J.D., 1995). COURSES:Legal Writing, Research and Advocacy Program. Email:ndaspit @ law.emory.edu


MARTHA GRACE DUNCAN, (Law Professor), admitted to bar, 1985, Pennsylvania and District of Columbia. Education: Occidental College (B.A.); Columbia University (Ph.D., 1976; M.A.); Yale University (J.D., 1983). COURSES:Criminal Law, Law and the Unconscious Mind, Juvenile Law, Law and Literature. Email: mdunc01 @ law.emory.edu


A. JAMES ELLIOTT, (Law Professor), born Georgia, 1941; admitted to bar, 1966, Georgia. Education: Emory University (B.A., 1963; J.D., 1966); Kennesaw State University (M.B.A., 1997). COURSES: Legal Profession, Banking, Real Estate Finance. Email:jelliott @ law.emory.edu


MARK ENGSBERG, (Law Professor), born St. Louis, Missouri, 1962; admitted to bar, 1998, Idaho. Education: Drury University (B.A., 1984); Willamette University (J.D., 1987); University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (M.A., 1994; Ph.D., 1999; MSLIS, 2000). COURSES:Legal Research. Email:mark.engsberg @ emory.edu


MARTHA A. FINEMAN, (Law Professor), Education: Temple University (B.A., 1971); University of Chicago (J.D., 1975). COURSES:Family Law, Feminist Jurisprudence, Comparative Constitutional Law and Equality, Law and Sexuality, Reproductive Issues. Email:mfineman @ law.emory.edu


RICHARD D. FREER, (Law Professor), born New Jersey, 1953; admitted to bar, 1978, California. Education: University of California at San Diego (B.A., 1975); University of California at Los Angeles (J.D., 1978). COURSES:Civil Procedure, Business Associations, Complex Litigation. Email:rfreer @ law.emory.edu


NATHANIEL E. GOZANSKY, (Law Professor), born Illinois, 1940; admitted to bar, 1964, Florida; 1971, District of Columbia and Georgia. Education: Florida State University (B.S., 1961); University of Miami (J.D., 1964); Yale University (LL.M., 1965). COURSES:Contracts, Professional Responsibility and Family Law.


PETER HAY, (Law Professor), born Germany, September 17, 1935; Education: University of Michigan (B.A., 1958; J.D., 1958). COURSES:Comparative Law, Contracts, Conflicts of Laws, Jurisprudence, European Community Law, International Organizations. Email:phay @ law.emory.edu


TIMOTHY RICHARD HOLBROOK, (Law Professor), born Canton, Ohio, August 23, 1971; admitted to bar, 1997, New York; 1998, District of Columbia. Education: North Carolina State University (B.S.Ch.E, 1993); Yale Law School (J.D., 1996). COURSES: Patent, Trademark, Intellectual Property, International Intellectual Property, Property. Email:tholbrook @ emory.edu


JAMES B. HUGHES, JR., (Law Professor), born Georgia, February 14, 1954; admitted to bar, 1979, Georgia. Education: University of Connecticut (B.S., 1976); Yale University (J.D., 1979). COURSES: Property, Legal Profession, Real Estate. Email: jhugh01 @ law.emory.edu


MICHAEL S. KANG, (Law Professor), born Chicago, Illinois, June 12, 1973; admitted to bar, 2001, Massachusetts. Education: University of Chicago (B.A., 1993; J.D., 1999); University of Illinois (M.A., 1996); Harvard University (Ph.D., 2009). COURSES: Election Law, Law and Democratic Governance, Business Associations, Advanced Issues in Election Law.


KAY L. LEVINE, (Law Professor), born New York, 1968; admitted to bar, 1994, California. Education: Duke University (A.B., 1990); Boalt Hall (J.D., 1993); University of California, Berkeley (M.A., 1999; Ph.D., 2003). COURSES:Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Gender and Sexuality, Victimless Crimes. Email: klevine @ law.emory.edu


JENNIFER W. MATHEWS, (Law Professor), born Oakland, California, October 21, 1969; admitted to bar, 1998, New Jersey; 1999, New York, Georgia. Education: Amherst College (B.A., 1991); Rutgers University School of Law (J.D., 1997). COURSES:Legal Research and Writing. Email:jmathews @ law.emory.edu


WILLIAM TY MAYTON, (Law Professor), born Tennessee, May 1, 1941; admitted to bar, 1972, District of Columbia; 1974, California. Education: University of South Carolina (B.S., 1963); Columbia University (J.D., 1972). COURSES: Constitutional Law, First Amendment, Administrative Law. Email:lawwtm @ law.emory.edu


JONATHAN NASH, (Law Professor), born New York, N.Y., December 5, 1966; admitted to bar, 1993, New York. Education: Columbia College (B.A., 1988); New York University (J.D., 1992); Harvard Law School (LL.M., 1999). COURSES:Environmental Law, Property Law, Civil Procedure, Courts and Judges. Email: jonathan.nash @ emory.edu


VICTORIA F. NOURSE, (Law Professor), born Dunedin, Florida, November 9, 1958; admitted to bar, 1986, New York. Education: Stanford University (B.A., 1980); University of California, Boalt Hall (J.D., 1984). COURSES:Legislation, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law. Email:vnourse @ law.emory.edu


JEFFREY N. PENNELL, (Law Professor), born Illinois, 1949; admitted to bar, 1975, Illinois. Education: Northwestern University (B.S., 1971; J.D., 1975). COURSES: Wealth Transfer Tax, Trusts and Estates, Estate Planning, Federal Income Taxation.


MICHAEL J. PERRY, (Law Professor), born Kentucky, 1945; admitted to bar, 1974, New York. Education: Georgetown University (A.B., 1968); Columbia University (J.D., 1973). COURSES:Constitutional Law, Law and Morality, Law and Religion, Human Rights. Email:mperry @ law.emory.edu


JANETTE B. PRATT, (Law Professor), born England, June 7, 1947; Education: London School of Economics (LL.B., 1968); New York University (LL.M., 1969). COURSES:Clinical Supervision. Email:jpratt @ law.emory.edu


POLLY J. PRICE, (Law Professor), born Arkansas, 1964; admitted to bar, 1989, Georgia. Education: Emory University (B.A./M.A., 1986); Harvard University (J.D., 1989). COURSES:Legal History, Torts, Courts and Judges, Comparative Law, Latin American Law. Email:pprice @ law.emory.edu


ANNE M. RECTOR, (Law Professor), born Missouri, January 9, 1953; admitted to bar, 1987, Georgia. Education: University of Missouri (B.Mus., 1975; M.Mus., 1977); Emory University School of Law (J.D., 1987). COURSES:Legal Research, Writing and Advocacy, Corporate Practice Workshop, Fundamentals of Innovation. Email: arector @ law.emory.edu


ELIZABETH A. REIMELS, (Law Professor), born Warwick, Rhode Island, 1969; admitted to bar, 2001, Georgia. Education: Boston University (B.A., 1991); Emory University (J.D., 2001). COURSES:Barton Child Law and Policy Clinic, Emory Summer Child Advocacy Program. Email:breimels @ law.emory.edu


KIMBERLY JENKINS ROBINSON, (Law Professor), born Washington, D.C., June 1, 1970; admitted to bar, 1998, Virginia; 1999, District of Columbia. Education: University of Virginia (B.A., 1992); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1996). COURSES:Education Law and Policy, Civil Procedure. Email:kjenkins @ law.emory.edu


JENNIFER MURPHY ROMIG, (Law Professor), admitted to bar, 1998, Georgia. Education: University of Missouri (A.B., 1995; B.J., 1995); University of Virginia (J.D., 1998). COURSES: Legal Writing, Research, and Advocacy. Email: jromig @ law.emory.edu


PAUL H. RUBIN, (Law Professor), born Boston, Massachusetts, August 9, 1942; Education: University of Cincinnati (B.A., 1963); Purdue (Ph.D., 1970). COURSES:Law & Economics. Email:prubin @ emory.edu


TEEMU RUSKOLA, (Law Professor), born Oulu, Finland, March 7, 1965; admitted to bar, 1996, New York. Education: Stanford University (A.B., 1990; A.M., 1999); Yale Law School (J.D., 1995). COURSES:Contracts, Comparative Law, Corporations, Chinese Law. Email:teemu.ruskola @ emory.edu


LAWRENCE D. SANDERS, (Law Professor), admitted to bar, 1994, California; 2003, Georgia. Education: University of Chicago (B.A., 1989); University of Oregon (J.D., 1994). COURSES:Environmental Law Clinic, Environmental Advocacy. Email: lsanders @ law.emory.edu


ANI B. SATZ, (Law Professor), Education: University of Tulsa (B.A., 1994); Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (completed at Princeton University) (Ph.D., 2001); University of Michigan (J.D., 2001). COURSES: Health Law, Disability Law, Torts, Animal Law, Law and Philosophy. Email:asatz @ law.emory.edu


ROBERT A. SCHAPIRO, (Law Professor), born New York, September 6, 1962; admitted to bar, 1990, Connecticut; 1992, New York and District of Columbia; 2005, Georgia. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1984; J.D., 1990); Stanford University (M.A., 1986). COURSES: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Federal Courts. Email: rschapir @ law.emory.edu


JULIE R. SCHWARTZ, (Law Professor), born Denver, Colorado, October 3, 1968; admitted to bar, 1995, New York; 1996, Georgia. Education: Princeton University (B.A., 1990); University of Michigan (J.D., 1993). COURSES:Legal Research and Writing. Email:jschwartz @ law.emory.edu


JULIE SEAMAN, (Law Professor), born New York, 1964; Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.A., 1986); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1989). COURSES: Evidence, Constitutional Law. Email:jseaman @ law.emory.edu


CHARLES A. SHANOR, (Law Professor), born North Carolina, September 17, 1946; admitted to bar, 1973, Georgia; 1991, District of Columbia. Education: Rice University (B.A., 1968); Oxford University (B.Juris., 1972); University of Virginia (J.D., 1973). COURSES: Labor Law, Constitutional Law, Employment Discrimination, Terrorism and the Law. Email:cshanor @ law.emory.edu


GEORGE B. SHEPHERD, (Law Professor), born Connecticut, September 15, 1960; admitted to bar, 1987, California. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1982); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1986). COURSES:Civil Procedure, Evidence, Law &Economics. Email: gshep @ law.emory.edu


JOANNA SHEPHERD, (Law Professor), born Austin, Texas, July 5, 1976; Education: Baylor University (B.B.A.); Emory University (Ph.D., Economics). COURSES: Torts, Law & Economics, Analytical Methods for Lawyers, Statistics for Lawyers. Email:jshepherd @ law.emory.edu


SARA K. STADLER, (Law Professor), born Nebraska, March 21, 1968; admitted to bar, 1994, New York; 1998, Georgia. Education: Emory University (B.A., 1990); University of Virginia (J.D., 1993). COURSES:Intellectual Property Law, Property Law. Email:sstadler @ law.emory.edu


TINA L. STARK, (Law Professor), born New York, New York, November 18, 1953; admitted to bar, 1981, New York. Education: Brown University (A.B., 1975); New York University School of Law (J.D., 1980). COURSES: Transactional Skills, Contract Drafting and Negotiation. Email:tina.stark @ emory.edu


TIMOTHY P. TERRELL, (Law Professor), born Japan, October 2, 1949; admitted to bar, 1974, Georgia. Education: University of Maryland (B.A., 1971); Yale University (J.D., 1974); Oxford University (Dipl. in Law, 1980). COURSES:Legal Ethics, Jurisprudence, Property, Constitutional Theory, Estates. Email:tterrell @ law.emory.edu


FREDERICK TUNG, (Law Professor), born Chicago, Illinois; admitted to bar, 1987, California. Education: Cornell University (A.B., 1983); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1987). COURSES:Business Associations, Bankruptcy, Securities Regulation, Corporate Reorganization, International Business Transactions.


FRANK J. VANDALL, (Law Professor), born Pennsylvania, January 7, 1942; admitted to bar, 1967, Tennessee. Education: Washington & Jefferson College (B.A., 1964); Vanderbilt University (J.D., 1967); University of Wisconsin-Madison (LL.M., 1968; S.J.D., 1979). COURSES: Torts, Products Liability, Relational Torts. Email: fvandall @ law.emory.edu


JOHAN D. VAN DER VYVER, (Law Professor), born South Africa; Education: Potchefstroom University (B.Com., 1954; LL.B., 1956; Honn., B.A., 1965; LL.D., honoris causa, 2003); University of Pretoria (LL.D., 1973); Zululand (LL.D. honoris causa, 1993). COURSES: International Human Rights, International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law. Email:jvyver @ law.emory.edu


TIBOR VARADY, (Law Professor), born May 25, 1939; admitted to bar, 1967, Yugoslavia. Education: Belgrade Law School (J.D., 1962; LL.M., 1967); Harvard University (LL.M., 1968; S.J.D., 1970). COURSES:International Commercial Arbitration, International Trade and Commercial Transactions, Associate Member of ABA. Email: tvarady @ law.emory.edu


LIZA VERTINSKY, (Law Professor), born Vancouver, Canada, 1971; Education: Oxford University (B.A., Honors; PPE, Politics, Economics and Philosophy, 1991); University of British Columbia (M.A., Economics; Ph.D., Economics, 1992); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1998). COURSES:Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Licensing, Law & Economics, Contracts, International Intellectual Property Issues, Global Development and Health. Email:liza.vertinsky @ emory.edu


RANDEE J. WALDMAN, (Law Professor), born Brooklyn, New York, February 11, 1972; admitted to bar, 1998, New York; 1999, New Jersey; 2006, Georgia. Education: Haverford College (B.A., 1994); University of Chicago Law School (J.D., 1997). COURSES: Juvenile Justice, Juvenile Defense Clinic. Email:rwaldm2 @ law.emory.edu


JOHN WITTE JR., (Law Professor), born Ontario, August 14, 1959; admitted to bar, 1986, Georgia. Education: Calvin College (B.A., 1982); Harvard University (J.D., 1985). COURSES: American Constitutional Law, Church and State, Criminal Law, American Legal History. Email:jwitte @ law.emory.edu


BARBARA B. WOODHOUSE, (Law Professor), admitted to bar, 1986, New York. Education: University of State of New York, Regents College (B.S., 1980); Columbia (J.D., 1983). COURSES:Family Law, Children and the Law, Constitutional Law, Children‚??s Rights in International Law.


KAREN WORTHINGTON, (Law Professor), born Ft. Benning, Georgia, 1968; admitted to bar, 1994, Georgia. Education: Eckerd College (B.A., 1990); Emory University School of Law (J.D., 1994). COURSES:Child Advocacy, Policy Development. Email: worthing @ law.emory.edu


PAUL J. ZWIER, (Law Professor), born Grand Rapids, Michigan, May 1, 1954; admitted to bar, 1979, Pennsylvania; 1979, California; 1984, Virginia. Education: Calvin College (B.A., 1976); Pepperdine University School of Law (J.D., 1978); Temple University School of Law (LL.M., 1981). COURSES:Torts, Evidence, Advanced Advocacy Skills, International Negotiation and Mediation Seminar. Email: pzwier @ law.emory.edu