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ABA Approved Since 1930

The University of Maryland School of Law was established in 1816 and began regular instruction in 1824. It is one of the oldest law schools in the nation, but its innovative programs make it one of the freshest and liveliest today. Just a few blocks from Baltimore’s famous Inner Harbor and Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the law school is one of six professional schools which comprise the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus. It has taken advantage of this location to become an integral part of the Baltimore-Washington legal and business community.


The law school community is both diverse and congenial. Students come from twenty-seven states, the District of Columbia, 5 foreign countries and one hundred twenty-seven different undergraduate schools. More than thirty percent of the students are students of color. Numerous opportunities for participating in the social, cultural and political life of the school and the city are available through the various student organizations. Students interested in writing can compete for positions on four student-run legal journals. The school also has an extensive moot court program and opportunities to participate in trial advocacy, counseling and negotiation competitions. The school’s Thurgood Marshall Library is the largest law library in the state. The curriculum combines traditional offerings with cutting edge programs and a full time menu of elective courses enriched by the use of adjunct faculty from among leading lawyers, judges and academics in Maryland and Washington, DC. 56 full-time faculty members teach the 679 full-time and 156 part-time students. The 11.4:1 student-faculty ratio promotes close contact between professors and students. The learning environment is enriched by specialized programs and experiential learning opportunities.


Maryland’s specialty programs include the Environmental Law Program, and the Law and Health Care Program. There are burgeoning programs in Business Law, International and Comparative Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Intellectual Property. The emphasis in these programs is interdisciplinary, offering students the opportunity to work with lawyers and professionals in related disciplines toward the resolutions of problems that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. For example, a student in the Law and Health Care Program would have the opportunity to supplement a broad and diverse curriculum of classroom courses with clinical opportunities, internships with organizations such as the National Institute of Health and the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, and editorial positions with the School’s Journal of Health Care Law and Policy. The University of Maryland School of Law also offers foreign study and externship programs around the world, including Germany, China, South Africa, Chile, Switzerland and Scotland.


The School of Law’s experiential programs are among the most extensive in the country. Students have the opportunity to enroll in a wide range of clinical offerings including those specializing in representing emerging business owners, AIDS patients, environmentalists, criminal defendants, persons with disabilities, and scientists with intellectual property issues, and working with civil and human rights organizations in South Africa. All Day students take a course involving a clinical law experience representing the disadvantaged. Students meet regularly with their professors to review the substantive professional, ethical and craft issues raised by their work and to explore the connections between what is taught in the classroom and the practice of law as they are experiencing it.


Simulation and clinical courses make extensive use of the audio-visual facilities of the school, and students take advantage of the school’s large number of computers for research, writing, clinical work and computer-assisted learning exercises. A helpful professional staff, from the Admissions Office to the Director of Academic Achievement to the Office of Career Development, is committed to students. That devotion is reciprocated by our loyal alumni whose leadership in supporting the school and in service to the community has been outstanding.


Dean: Karen H. Rothenberg (410) 706-2041

Assistant Dean, Registration: James F. Forsyth (410) 706-2045

Assistant Dean for Library and Technology Services:

Barbara S. Gontrum (410) 706-7270

Associate Dean: Diane E. Hoffman

Associate Dean: Michael Van Alstine

Associate Dean, Administrative Affairs: José Bahamonde-González

Assistant Dean, Career Development: Dana Morris

Assistant Dean, Student Affairs: Dawna Cobb

Executive Director of Admissions: Connie Beals

Clinic Director: Brenda Bratton Blom




PHOEBE A. HADDON, (Law Professor), born August 29, 1950; admitted to bar, 1977, Pennsylvania; 1979, District of Columbia. Education: Smith College (B.A., 1972); Duquesne University (J.D., 1977); Yale Law School (LL.M., 1985). COURSES:Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Products Liability, Race & Ethnicity & the Law, Torts. Email:phaddon @


TAUNYA LOVELL BANKS, (Law Professor), born Washington, District of Columbia, February 5, 1945; admitted to bar, 1969, Mississippi. Education: Syracuse University (B.A., 1965); Howard University (J.D., 1968). COURSES:Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Health Care Law, Torts. Email:tbanks @


JANE F. BARRETT, (Law Professor), born Monterey, California, September 13, 1952; admitted to bar, 1973, District of Columbia; 1976, Maryland. Education: Loyola College (B.A., 1973); University of Maryland School of Law (J.D., 1976). COURSES: Environmental Law. Email:jbarrett @


BARBARA L. BEZDEK, (Law Professor), born New York, New York, January 2, 1954; admitted to bar, 1978, District of Columbia; 1986, New York; 1991, Maryland. Education: University of South Carolina (B.A., 1975); Columbia University (J.D., 1978); Georgetown University (LL.M., 1986). COURSES: Civil Procedure, Clinical Teaching, Community Teaching, Legal Method, Legal Profession, Property. Email:bbezdek @


BRENDA BRATTON BLOM, (Law Professor), born Texas, March 16, 1953; admitted to bar, 1993, Maryland. Education: University of Baltimore (B.A., 1989; J.D., 1993); University of Maryland, Baltimore (M.P.S., 1993). COURSES:Clinical Law, Community & Economic Development. Email:bblom @


DAVID S. BOGEN, (Law Professor), born Los Angeles, California, August 24, 1941; admitted to bar, 1965, Massachusetts; 1967, New York. Education: Harvard University (B.A., 1962; LL.B., 1965); New York University (LL.M., 1967). COURSES:Constitutional Law, Contracts, Legal History, Legal Methods, Mass Communication Law. Email:dbogen @


RICHARD C. BOLDT, (Law Professor), born Louisville, Kentucky, March 24, 1958; admitted to bar, 1983, New York; 1991, Maryland. Education: Columbia College (A.B., 1979); Yale University (J.D., 1982). COURSES:Constitutional Law, Mental Disability Law, Torts. Email:rboldt @


IRVING A. BREITOWITZ, (Law Professor), born New York, New York, April 15, 1954; admitted to bar, 1979, Connecticut; 1980, Illinois. Education: Harvard University (J.D., 1979); Ner Israel Rabbinical College (Ph.D., 1991). COURSES:Contracts, Legal Method and Writing, Creditors’ Rights, Sales-Secured Transactions, Commercial Paper, Government Contracts. Email:ibreitowitz @


C. CHRISTOPHER BROWN, (Law Professor), born Dover, Delaware, December 15, 1941; admitted to bar, 1968, District of Columbia; 1974, Maryland. Education: Swarthmore College (B.A., 1963); University of Delaware (M.A., 1965); Georgetown University (J.D., 1968). COURSES: Appellate Practice, Civil Procedure, Clinical Teaching, Torts. Email: @


ALICE A. BRUMBAUGH, (Law Professor), born New York, New York, March 19, 1933; admitted to bar, 1955, New York; 1957, Michigan. Education: University of Michigan (A.B., 1953; J.D., with honors, 1955). COURSES:Criminal Law, Estates & Trusts, Fiduciary Administration, Future Interests, Personal Property, Real Estate Transactions, Real Property, Trusts. Email:abrumbaugh @


PATRICIA ELLEN CAMPBELL, (Law Professor), born Altoona, Pennsylvania, January 6, 1963; admitted to bar, 1989, Pennsylvania; 1994, California; 2005, District of Columbia. Education: Carnegie Mellon University (B.A., 1984); University of Pittsburgh (M.A., 1986; J.D., 1989); Santa Clara University School of Law (LL.M., 2004). COURSES:Intellectual Property Law. Email:pcampbell @


MAXWELL O. CHIBUNDU, (Law Professor), born Nigeria, May 14, 1957; admitted to bar, 1984, District of Columbia. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1980); Harvard University (J.D., 1984). COURSES:Civil Procedure, Federal Jurisdiction, International Civil Litigation, International Transactions, Legal Method. Email: mchibundu @


HUNGDAH CHIU, (Law Professor), born Shanghai, China, March 23, 1936; Education: National Taiwan University (B.L., 1958); Long Island University (M.A., 1962); Harvard University (LL.M., 1962; S.J.D., 1965). COURSES: Chinese Law, International Law. Email:hchiu @


DANIELLE KEATS CITRON, (Law Professor), born Bronx, New York, December 17, 1968; admitted to bar, 1995, New York; 1997, U.S. District Court, Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. Education: Duke University (B.A., 1990); Fordham Law School (J.D., 1994). COURSES: Civil Procedure, Legal Writing. Email:dcitron @


DOUGLAS LAWRENCE COLBERT, (Law Professor), born Far Rockaway, New York, December 23, 1946; admitted to bar, 1973, New York; 1995, Maryland. Education: State University of New York at Buffalo (B.S., 1968); Rutgers (J.D., 1972). COURSES:Civil Rights, Clinical Teaching, Constitutional Law, Criminal Justice, Evidence. Email:dcolbert @


ROBERT J. CONDLIN, (Law Professor), born United States; admitted to bar, 1969, Massachusetts. Education: Siena College (B.A., 1966); Boston College (J.D., 1969); Harvard University (LL.M., 1976). COURSES:Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil Procedure, Legal Method, Legal Profession, Legislation. Email:rcondlin @


KAREN CZAPANSKIY, (Law Professor), born Washington, District of Columbia, January 18, 1947; admitted to bar, 1974, Maryland; 1983, District of Columbia. Education: University of California at Berkeley (B.A., 1969); Georgetown University (J.D., 1973). COURSES:Civil Procedure, Clinical Teaching, Family Law, Legal Theory & Practice, Women and The Law. Email:kczapanskiy @


KATHLEEN HOKE DACHILLE, (Law Professor), born Pennsylvania, January 31, 1967; admitted to bar, 1992, Maryland. Education: Towson University (B.S., 1989); University of Maryland (J.D., 1992). COURSES: Tobacco Control Clinic. Email:kdachille @


PETER GRAHAME DANCHIN, (Law Professor), born Cape Town, Cape Province, South Africa, October 1, 1969; admitted to bar, 1996, Victoria, Australia. Education: University of Melbourne (B.A., 1994; LL.B., 1994); Columbia Law School (LL.M., 1998; J.S.D., 2006). COURSES:International Law, International Human Rights Law, Comparative Constitutional Law. Email:pdanchin @


ABRAHAM A. DASH, (Law Professor), born Camden, New Jersey, December 2, 1927; admitted to bar, 1960, District of Columbia. Education: United States Naval Academy; University of Nebraska (B.S., 1957); Georgetown University (J.D., 1960). COURSES: Administrative Law, Legal Ethics, Criminal Procedure, Trial Practice. Email:adash @


JEROME E. DEISE, (Law Professor), born Baltimore, Maryland, December 6, 1947; admitted to bar, 1976, Maryland. Education: University of Maryland (B.A., 1970); University of Baltimore (J.D., 1975). COURSES: Criminal Law Clinic, Trial Advocacy.


MARTHA MARION ERTMAN, (Law Professor), born Boston, Massachusetts, August 25, 1963; admitted to bar, 1990, Washington; 1991, Colorado. Education: Wellesley College (B.A., 1985); Northwestern University (J.D., 1990). COURSES: Contracts, Commercial Law. Email:mertman @


LARRY S. GIBSON, (Law Professor), born Washington, District of Columbia, March 22, 1942; admitted to bar, 1967, Maryland. Education: Howard University (B.A., 1964); Columbia University (LL.B., 1967). COURSES:Civil Procedure, Evidence, Trial Practice. Email:lgibson @


DONALD G. GIFFORD, (Law Professor), born Medina, Ohio, July 26, 1952; admitted to bar, 1976, Ohio; 1984, Florida. Education: College of Wooster (B.A., 1973); Harvard University (J.D., 1976). COURSES: Negotiation, Torts. Email:dgifford @


DANIEL S. GOLDBERG, (Law Professor), born New York, New York, February 26, 1947; admitted to bar, 1972, New York; 1973, District of Columbia; 1984, Maryland. Education: University of Rochester (A.B., magna cum laude, 1968); Harvard University (J.D., cum laude, 1971). COURSES: Corporate Tax, Estate & Gift Taxation, Federal Income Taxation, International Taxation, Law & Economics, Partnership Taxation, Tax Policy. Email:dgoldberg @


BARBARA S. GONTRUM, (Law Professor), born Indiana, May 18, 1950; admitted to bar, 1978, North Carolina. Education: Purdue University (B.A., 1972); University of Illinois (M.L.S., 1973); Duke University (J.D., 1978). COURSES: Legal Research & Writing, Advanced Legal Research. Email:bgontrum @


MARK A. GRABER, (Law Professor), born New York, New York, August 16, 1956; admitted to bar, 1983, New York. Education: Dartmouth University (A.B., 1978); Columbia University (J.D., 1981); Yale University (Ph.D., 1988). COURSES:Constitutional Law, Legal History. Email:mgraber @


DAVID C. GRAY, (Law Professor), born Blacksburg, Virginia, 1973; admitted to bar, 2005, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts; 2007, District of Columbia. Education: University of Virginia (B.A., 1995); Northwestern University (M.A., 1998; Ph.D., 2004); New York University School of Law (J.D., 2003). COURSES:Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Philosophy of Law, Comparative Law & Transitional Justice, Constitutional Theory.


OSCAR S. GRAY, (Law Professor), born New York, New York, October 18, 1926; admitted to bar, 1951, Maryland; 1952, District of Columbia. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1948; J.D., 1951). COURSES:Admiralty, Business Associations, Environmental Law, Insurance, Torts. Email:ogray @


I. MICHAEL GREENBERGER, (Law Professor), born Scranton, Pennsylvania, October 30, 1945; admitted to bar, 1971, District of Columbia. Education: Lafayette College (A.B., 1967); University of Pennsylvania (J.D., 1970). COURSES:Con Law Intellectual Property, Contracts, Federal Financial Regulation. Email:mgreenberger @


SUSAN HANKIN, (Law Professor), born Baltimore, Maryland, February 8, 1959; admitted to bar, 1988, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.A., 1980); University of Virginia (J.D., 1986). COURSES:Legal Method, TA Training, Writing Fellow, Writing in Law Practice. Email:shankin @


MICHELLE HARNER, (Law Professor), born Canton, Ohio, June 23, 1970; admitted to bar, 1995, Ohio; 2002, Illinois. Education: Boston College (B.A., 1992); The Ohio State University (J.D., 1995). COURSES:Bankruptcy and Creditor’s Rights, Business Association, Corporate Finance, Legal Profession. Email:mharner @


DEBORAH S. HELLMAN, (Law Professor), born New Haven, Connecticut, July 18, 1963; admitted to bar, 1991, New York and Massachusetts. Education: Dartmouth College (B.A., 1985); Columbia University (M.A., in Philosophy, 1987); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1991). COURSES:Constitutional Law, Contracts, Jurisprudence, Law & Medicine: Bioethics, Legal Profession. Email:dhellman @


LESLIE MELTZER HENRY, (Law Professor), Education: University of Virginia (B.A., 1997; Ph.D., 2009); University of Oxford (M.SC., 1999); Yale University Law School (J.D., 2002). COURSES: Health Law, Bioethics. Email:lhenry @


DIANE E. HOFFMANN, (Law Professor), born New York, New York, August 10, 1955; admitted to bar, 1986, District of Columbia. Education: Duke University (A.B., 1976); Harvard University (M.S., 1980; J.D., 1986). COURSES: Critical Issues in Health Care, Health Care Law, Health Care for the Poor, Law & Biomedical Science: Medical Research, Law & Medicine, Legal Problems of the Elderly. Email:dhoffman @


ALAN D. HORNSTEIN, (Law Professor), born Brooklyn, New York, February 16, 1945; admitted to bar, 1971, New York; 1983, Maryland. Education: Long Island University (A.B., 1965; M.A., 1967); St. John’s College (M.A., 1986); Rutgers University (J.D., 1970). COURSES: Contracts, Evidence, Jurisprudence, Legal Method. Email:ahornstein @


RENEE M. HUTCHINS, (Law Professor), born New York, New York, August 14, 1968; admitted to bar, 1995, New York; 1996, Georgia; 2000, New Jersey. Education: Spelman College (B.A., 1990); Yale Law School (J.D., 1993). COURSES: Clinical Studies, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure. Email:rhutchins @


SHERRILYN A. IFILL, (Law Professor), born New York, December 17, 1962; admitted to bar, 1988, New York. Education: Instituto Internacional; Vassar College (B.A., 1984); New York University School of Law (J.D., 1987). COURSES:Civil Procedure, Complex Litigation, Constitutional Law, Environmental Justice. Email:sifill @


SHERRI LEE KEENE, (Law Professor), born Minot, North Dakota, September 29, 1972; admitted to bar, 1998, New York. Education: Spelman College (B.A., 1994); New York University School of Law (J.D., 1997). COURSES:Legal Analysis, Writing and Research.


ROBERT I. KELLER, (Law Professor), born Brooklyn, New York, June 2, 1942; admitted to bar, 1967, Pennsylvania. Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1963); Harvard University (J.D., 1966). COURSES: Accounting, Estate Planning, Estates & Gift Taxation, Taxation, Federal, Taxation, State & Local. Email:rkeller @


ANDREW J. KING, (Law Professor), born United States, April 23, 1941; admitted to bar, 1966, Illinois. Education: Harvard University (LL.B., 1963); Antioch College (B.A., 1966); University of Wisconsin (Ph.D., 1975). COURSES:Estates & Trusts, Legal History (Colonial to Civil War and Civil War to Present), Legal Method, Legal Research & Writing, Personal Property, Real Property, Religion & Law. Email:aking @


SUSAN LEVITON, (Law Professor), born Baltimore, Maryland, September 21, 1947; admitted to bar, 1972, Maryland. Education: University of Maryland (B.S., 1969); University of Maryland School of Law (J.D., 1972). COURSES:Clinical Law, Education Law, Family Law. Email:sleviton @


MICHAEL A. MILLEMANN, (Law Professor), born Freeport, New Jersey, July 16, 1944; admitted to bar, 1969, Maryland. Education: Dartmouth College (B.A., 1966); University of Oregon; Georgetown University (J.D., 1969). COURSES:Contracts, Constitutional Law, Clinical Education, Death Penalty, Legal Profession. Email:mmillemann @


PAULA A. MONOPOLI, (Law Professor), born Providence, Rhode Island, August 25, 1958; admitted to bar, 1984, New York; 1985, Florida; 1986, District of Columbia; 1988, Massachusetts. Education: Yale College (B.A., 1980); University of Virginia School of Law (J.D., 1983). COURSES:Property, Trusts and Estates, Estate Planning, Estate and Gift Tax, Women and the Law. Email:pmonopoli @


ROBERT V. PERCIVAL, (Law Professor), born Des Moines, Iowa, May 19, 1952; admitted to bar, 1978, California; 1981, District of Columbia; 1988, Maryland. Education: Macalester College (B.A., 1972); Stanford University (M.A., 1978; J.D., 1978). COURSES:Comparative Law, Environmental & Administrative Law, Environmental Law Clinic, Environmental Law, Environmental Seminar, Lead Poisoning, Torts, Toxic Torts. Email:rpercival @


MICHAEL D. PINARD, (Law Professor), born Brooklyn, New York, March 31, 1968; admitted to bar, 1995, New York. Education: Long Island University (B.A., 1990); New York University (J.D., 1994). COURSES:Clinical Education, Legal Profession, Criminal Law. Email:mpinard @


GARRETT POWER, (Law Professor), born Baltimore, Maryland, October 16, 1938; Education: Duke University (B.A., 1960; LL.B., 1962); University of Illinois College of Law (LL.M., 1965). COURSES:Land Use Planning, Law &Economics, Legal History, Real Property. Email:gpower @


AMANDA C. PUSTILNIK, (Law Professor), Education: Harvard College (A.B., 1995); Yale Law School (J.D., 2001). COURSES: Evidence, Torts, Law & Science, Health Law. Email:apustilnik @


PETER E. QUINT, (Law Professor), born Detroit, Michigan, March 8, 1940; admitted to bar, 1965, Michigan; 1968, New York. Education: Harvard University (A.B., 1961; LL.B., 1964); Oxford University (Diploma in Law, 1965). COURSES: Comparative Constitutional Law, Constitutional Law, Evidence, First Amendment, International Human Rights, Torts. Email:pquint @


SHRUTI RANA, (Law Professor), born Los Angeles, California, June 3; admitted to bar, 2000, California; 2003, District of Columbia. Education: University of California (B.A., 1996); London School of Economics (M.Sc., 1997); Columbia Law School (J.D., 2000). COURSES: Contracts, Commercial Law. Email: srana @


WILLIAM L. REYNOLDS, (Law Professor), born Baltimore, Maryland, July 26, 1945;; admitted to bar, 1972, Maryland. Education: Dartmouth College (A.B., 1967); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1970). COURSES:Conflicts of Law, Constitutional Law, International Transactions, Legal Methods, Legal Profession. Email:wreynolds @


ROBERT J. RHEE, (Law Professor), born Seoul, Korea, June 8, 1965; admitted to bar, 1991, Illinois; 1993, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit; 2002, Arizona. Education: University of Chicago (B.A., 1988); George Washington University (J.D., 1991); University of Pennsylvania (M.B.A., 1997). COURSES:Torts, Corporate Finance, Corporate Ethics. Email:rrhee @


KAREN H. ROTHENBERG, (Law Professor), born New York, October 30, 1952; admitted to bar, 1979, District of Columbia. Education: Princeton University (A.B., 1973; M.P.A., 1974); University of Virginia (J.D., 1979). COURSES:Alternative Dispute Resolution &Health Care, Biotechnology &the Law, Health Care Law, Health Law Practice Workshop, Law & Biomedical Sciences, Law & Medicine, Torts. Email:krothenberg @


JANA SINGER, (Law Professor), born Boston, Massachusetts, May 22, 1955; admitted to bar, 1981, District of Columbia. Education: Dartmouth College (A.B., 1977); Yale University Law School (J.D., 1982). COURSES:Children and Law, Civil Procedure, Family Law. Email:jsinger @


RENA I. STEINZOR, (Law Professor), born Topeka, Kansas, August 9, 1949; admitted to bar, 1977, New York; 1979, District of Columbia; 1995, Maryland. Education: University of Wisconsin (B.A., 1971); Columbia University Law School (J.D., 1976). COURSES:Environmental Law & Science, Environmental Law Clinic, Torts. Email:rsteinzor @


ROBERT E. SUGGS, (Law Professor), born Detroit, Michigan, September 6, 1947; admitted to bar, 1974, New York. Education: University of Michigan (B.A., 1968); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1973). COURSES:Contracts, Copyright, Corporations, Local Government, Not for profit Corporations, Race & Markets. Email:rsuggs @


LAWRENCE M. SUNG, (Law Professor), born Montreal, Canada, October 18, 1965; admitted to bar, 1993, Pennsylvania; 1994, District of Columbia; 2001, Oregon. Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.A., 1985); United States Department of Defense Uniformed Services (Ph.D., 1990); American University, Washington College of Law (J.D., 1993). COURSES: Intellectual Property Survey, Licensing and Technology Transfer Policy, Patent Law and Policy. Email:lsung @


DAVID A. SUPER, (Law Professor), born Ann Arbor, Michigan, January 17, 1959; admitted to bar, 1983, Michigan; 1984, Pennsylvania. Education: Princeton University (A.B., 1980); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1983).. COURSES:Administrative Law, Federal Courts Legislation, Property, Public Welfare Law. Email:dsuper @


EDWARD A. TOMLINSON, (Law Professor), born New York, New York, June 4, 1939; admitted to bar, 1965, Maryland. Education: Princeton University (A.B., 1961); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1965). COURSES:Administrative Law, Comparative Law, Contracts, Criminal Justice, Legal Method. Email: etomlinson @


MICHAEL P. VAN ALSTINE, (Law Professor), born Oshkosh, Wisconsin, October 4, 1960; Education: St. Norbet College (B.A., 1983); George Washington University (J.D., 1983); University of Bonn (DR. JUR, 1994, RSJ.C., 1993). Email:mvanalstine @


KATHERINE L. VAUGHNS, (Law Professor), born Oakland, California, March 27, 1945; admitted to bar, 1971, California. Education: University of California at Berkeley (B.A., 1967); University of California, Berkeley School of Law, Boalt Hall (J.D., 1970). COURSES: Advanced Immigration, Civil Procedure, Conflict of Laws, Immigration Law. Email:kvaughns @


ELLEN M. WEBER, (Law Professor), born Washington, Pennsylvania, September 15, 1955; admitted to bar, 1981, New York; 1999, Maryland and District of Columbia. Education: Dickinson College (B.A., 1977); New York University School of Law (J.D., 1980). COURSES:Clinical Law Program, Drug Policy Clinic, Mental Disabilities Law. Email:eweber @


DEBORAH WEIMER, (Law Professor), born Rockville Center, New York, August 7, 1951; admitted to bar, 1979, New York; 1981, South Carolina; 1987, Maryland. Education: State University of New York, Old Westbury (B.A., 1975); New York University School of Law (J.D., 1978); Temple University (LL.M., 1987). COURSES:AIDS and the Law, Clinic, Trial Practice. Email:dweimer @


MARLEY S. WEISS, (Law Professor), born Detroit, Michigan, August 25, 1949; admitted to bar, 1974, Michigan; 1985, Maryland. Education: Barnard College (B.A., 1971); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1974). COURSES: Employment Discrimination Law, Labor and Employment Law, Torts. Email:mweiss @


ROGER C. WOLF, (Law Professor), born Cincinnati, Ohio, January 10, 1941; admitted to bar, 1968, District of Columbia; 1978, Maryland. Education: Harvard University (B.A., 1962); The George Washington University Law School (J.D., 1967). COURSES: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Clinical Teaching. Email: rwolf @


GORDON G. YOUNG, (Law Professor), born June 29, 1946; admitted to bar, 1973, New York. Education: Rollins College (A.B., 1967); New York University School of Law (J.D., 1970); Harvard Law School (LL.M., 1972). COURSES: Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Federal Courts, First Amendment. Email:gyoung @