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Temple Law School began in 1895 as a small evening program. Today it is one of the finest law schools in the nation, with 1200 students from around the world and programs of study in Philadelphia, Tokyo, Rome and Beijing. The law school is located on the main campus of Temple University, a Pennsylvania state‑related school that is one of the nation's largest centers for graduate and professional education.


Temple stands apart from other law schools. We have a unique student‑centered curriculum that integrates both critical thinking and practical legal skills. Rigorous study is complemented by actual practice experience. Students at Temple build lawyering skills both in the classroom and in the readily accessible law firms, courts, civic organizations and financial institutions of center city Philadelphia and the surrounding region. As a result, Temple students graduate ready to perform skillfully in the legal marketplace.


Temple Law School is the only two‑time winner (1989 and 2002) of the American College of Trial Lawyers Emil Gumpert Award for excellence in teaching trial advocacy. In 1993, the Law School also won the American Bar Association's E. Smythe Gambrell Award for excellence in the teaching of trial advocacy and professionalism.


In 2002, Professors Nancy J. Knauer and Eleanor W. Myers, creators and developers of the Integrated Business Law Program, were awarded the inaugural "Problem Solving in the Law School Curriculum Award" by the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution.




At Temple Law School, we believe that a legal education must provide both practical and theoretical knowledge. Temple is a national leader in training lawyers through innovative teaching and award‑winning skills courses like the Integrated Business Law Program and the Integrated Trial Advocacy Program. These programs combine the teaching of traditional law school course‑work with practical skills training in interviewing, negotiating, drafting legal documents, arguing before a jury and cross‑examining a witness. These skills are developed early by the work students perform in the first‑year legal research and writing program. This required year‑long program is staffed by five full‑time professors and is acknowledged to be among the best in the nation. Participation in these courses prepares students for the challenges of the clinical program, in which students represent real clients with real legal problems while earning academic credit.




Temple Law School has a national reputation for its prize‑winning trial advocacy programs. Temple provides programs in basic, integrated and advanced trial advocacy and is the only school in the country to offer an LL.M. in Trial Advocacy to full‑time practitioners.


Temple's record in law school trial competitions is unmatched. It has won an unparalleled 19 consecutive regional NTC titles, five national championships and 14 invitational tournaments and has scored more mock trial competition points than any other law school. Professor Edward D. Ohlbaum, Director of Trial Advocacy and Clinical Legal Education, was named the top teacher of trial advocacy in the country in 1997. He was the recipient of the prestigious Richard S. Jacobson Award given by the Roscoe Pound Foundation to a full‑time professor of trial advocacy, for teaching ability, and for the overall success of the program. Professor Anthony Becchino won the Jacobson Award in 2003, as well as the Oliphant Award, presented by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy. In 2001, Professor David Sonenshein won the American Bar Association's Francis Rawle Award for outstanding contributions to continuing legal education in skills training.


The cornerstone of Temple's litigation curriculum is the Integrated Trial Advocacy Program. This innovative program, combines the teaching of evidence, trial advocacy, and civil procedure in an integrated year‑long course.




Temple's reputation for superior training in business and tax law is bolstered by an innovative program which combines the teaching of professional responsibility, substantive law courses, and business skills, such as interviewing, negotiating, and drafting. Students use these skills in several clinicals, including the Representing Charitable Organizations Clinical, and the Business Law Clinical. Prospective business lawyers can also pursue the J.D./M.B.A. dual degree program, offered in conjunction with the School of Business and Management, or the J.D./LL.M. in Taxation.




For students interested in international law, Temple offers a unique semester abroad program in Tokyo, Japan, as well as semester abroad options in China, Ireland, Israel, Hungary and the Netherlands (see Study Abroad below). These programs capitalize on Temple's strengths in international law ‑ a distinguished international law faculty; a diverse curriculum in international and comparative law; the opportunity for summer study in Rome and Tel Aviv; a Master of Laws (LL.M.) Program for international students holding foreign law degrees; an LL.M. in Transnational Law for lawyers who want to practice in the global market; and active student organizations, such as the Temple International and Comparative Law Journal, the International Law Society and the Jessup International Moot Court Honor Society. Knowing of Temple's success in Japan, the Chinese Ministry of Justice collaborated with the Law School in creating an innovative program for Chinese lawyers, judges and government officials, leading to an LL.M. in American and international law. This program is offered in conjunction with Tsinghua University, which has the leading law faculty in China,  and has welcomed Temple J.D. students to study in Beijing for the fall semester. Temple Law School is also the home of the Institute for International Law and Public Policy, with the purpose of fostering scholarship, dialogue and international legal exchange on issues of international law and public policy.




Temple Law School offers a first‑rate course of study in intellectual property and technology law. Through course work, hands‑on activities outside the classroom, and faculty members who are experts in the field, Temple prepares students to help fill the gap between technology and the law. Course offerings include Copyrights; Cyberspace; Intellectual Property Licensing Law; International Intellectual Property; Law, Science and Technology; Patents; and Trademarks. Students can hone their writing skills on the Temple Journal of Science, Technology and Environmental Law, or participate on the Intellectual Property Moot Court Team or the Intellectual Property Law Society. In addition, the Cyberspace Law Institute, housed at Temple Law School, provides both students and practitioners with a forum to define intellectual property on the Internet, protect individual and corporate privacy in cyberspace, and apply laws in a world without borders.




Public service is a Temple tradition. The Office of Public Interest Programs, housed in the Career Planning Office, promotes pro bono activities in the Law School by matching student volunteers with public service organizations and law firms doing pro bono work. The office also identifies public interest job opportunities and supports students' post‑graduate fellowship applications. Students also provide much‑needed legal services in the Philadelphia area through the clinical program, the Temple Legal Aid Office, located in the law school building, and the Temple Law, Education and Participation Program (LEAP), which offers programs designed to teach children about the law. In 2000, Temple Law School launched the prestigious Rubin‑Presser Public Interest Scholars Program, which provides substantial scholarships to a select group of entering students who demonstrate exceptional ability and a longstanding commitment to public interest. Public interest careers are supported by the Student Public Interest Network, which provides grants for summer internships, and the Barrack Public Interest Fellowships, a loan repayment assistance program for Temple graduates in public interest jobs.




Our faculty members are an outstanding group of teacher‑scholars. They bring real world practice experience to the law school classroom. Educated at the nation's top law schools, they have worked in law firms, judicial clerkships, government service and public interest agencies. They are committed to scholarship and public service, but their first commitment is to teaching.




Temple Law students are not easy to describe. They arrive at the law school each fall from across the country and around the world. They bring with them a rich array of academic and professional experience. Temple Law students contribute an energy and diversity of opinion to the classroom experience that animates the learning atmosphere and defines the Temple community.


Temple received over 4700 applications for the 300 seats in the 2006 entering class. The 2006 entering class came to Temple from 131 different undergraduate schools and 40 states and foreign countries. Women comprised 42 percent of the entering class, and 22 percent were minority students.




Students are an integral part of policy‑making and governance at the Law School. The Student Bar Association is the umbrella organization that oversees over 30 student groups. Student publications include the Temple Law Review, the Temple Journal of Science, Technology and Environmental Law, the Temple International and Comparative Law Journal, and the Temple Political and Civil Rights Law Review. Students who excel in trial advocacy may participate in the National Trial Team or the Moot Court Honor Society. Other student organizations include the Women's Law Caucus, the Black Law Students Association, the Asian/Pacific Islander American Law Student Association, the Latino Law Students Association, Outlaw, the Student Public Interest Network, the International Law Society and the Intellectual Property Law Society.




The exceptional quality of the Law School is reflected in the achievement of its graduates. The 2006 graduating class had a placement rate of 94 percent. Of those employed, 49 percent entered private law firm practice, 12 percent began their legal careers as judicial clerks, 11 percent launched careers in government, 7 percent accepted positions with public interest organizations, 19 percent went into business and industry, and the remainder pursued other careers. As a result of their diverse geographic origins, talents and interests, Temple students seek positions throughout the country. The ability of Temple alumni/ae to make a difference is evidenced by their achievements in every branch of local and federal government, the judiciary and private and public practice.




Recognizing that an international experience is best gained by actually living, learning and working abroad, the Law School has established a semester‑abroad program in Tokyo, Japan. This is the first and only ABA‑accredited semester abroad program offered by an American law school in Asia. The curriculum, taught by U.S. and Japanese law professors to U.S. and Japanese students, includes a mix of standard law courses and specialty courses focusing on comparative, Japanese, and Asian legal studies. Internships in Japanese law firms and corporations are also available.


In conjunction with Tsinghua University, which has the leading law faculty in China, Temple recently added another unique program for American J.D. students to study in Beijing for the fall semester. In addition, students have a semester study abroad option in Cork, Ireland, Tel Aviv, Israel, Budapest, Hungary and Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Every summer for over 25 years, students from law schools all over the United States have gathered at Temple Law School's summer program in Rome, Italy. Students study comparative and international law in classes co‑taught by Temple faculty and by professors, judges, and prominent lawyers from the host country. Visits to the courts and other legal institutions of the host country enrich classroom studies.




Temple Law School currently offers a Master of Laws (LL.M.) through five specialized programs: Taxation, Trial Advocacy, Teaching Fellowships, Transnational Law, and the program for graduates of international law schools.


Founded in 1973, Temple's Graduate Tax program has a well‑deserved reputation for excellence. Courses are taught by Temple's distinguished full‑time faculty and prominent tax practitioners. Students can attend on a full or part‑time basis. J.D./LL.M. students can obtain up to half the credits toward the LL.M. while they are J.D. students.


The LL.M. in Trial Advocacy embodies Temple's award‑winning concept of advocacy training in a unique, one‑year program designed for the practicing lawyer. Nationally prominent trial lawyers, law professors and communications experts guide students through the intricacies of complex litigation using lectures and critiques of student performances.


Each year Temple admits up to four lawyers with an interest in teaching law into its prestigious Graduate Teaching Fellowship program. Fellows spend two years developing their teaching and scholarship in preparation for a career in teaching law.


Twenty‑five years ago, Temple was among the first law schools to recognize the need for globally‑trained lawyers when it created its LL.M. degree program for lawyers holding a first degree in law from a recognized law faculty outside the U.S. Today, Temple's program provides an excellent traditional legal education as well as opportunities not available at other law schools, such as the option to study at the Philadelphia or Tokyo campus and to participate in Temple's award‑winning trial advocacy program.


In 1997 the faculty instituted an LL.M. in Transnational Law for lawyers who want to practice in the global market. This innovative program, which can be completed in Philadelphia and/or Tokyo, gives students the cultural understanding and legal skills necessary to practice internationally.



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ROBERT J. REINSTEIN, (University Vice President, Dean & Professor of Law), born Baltimore, Maryland, March 17, 1945; admitted to bar, 1968, Maryland; 1983, Pennsylvania. Education: Cornell (B.S., 1965); Harvard (J.D., 1968). COURSES: Constitutional Law. Email: robert.reinstein@temple.edu

ALICE G. ABREU, (James E. Beasley Professor of Law), born Havana, Cuba, November 11, 1951; admitted to bar, 1978, Pennsylvania. Education: Cornell University (B.A., 1973; J.D., 1978). COURSES: Taxation, Contracts. Email: alice.abreu@temple.edu


DAVID ADAMANY, (University Chancellor and Laura H. Carnell Professor of Law & Political Science), born Janesville, Wisconsin, September 23, 1936; admitted to bar, 1961, Wisconsin. Education: Harvard College (A.B., 1958); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1961); University of Wisconsin (M.S., 1963; Ph.D., 1967). COURSES: Constitutional Law.


MARK F. ANDERSON, (Associate Professor of Law), born Brainerd, Minnesota, November 5, 1954; admitted to bar, 1984, Massachusetts; 1993, Pennsylvania. Education: Colorado College (B.A., 1976); University of Michigan (J.D., 1983). COURSES: Contracts, Environmental Law, Bioethics, Health Care Law, Secured Transactions. Email: mark.anderson@temple.edu


MARINA ANGEL, (Professor of Law), born New York, New York, July 21, 1944; admitted to bar, 1969, New York; 1971, Pennsylvania. Education: Barnard College (B.A., 1965); Columbia University (J.D., 1969); University of Pennsylvania (LL.M., 1977). COURSES: Labor and Employment, Criminal Law, Juvenile Law, Legal Education, Legal Process.


JANE B. BARON, (Associate Dean for Research and I. Herman Stern Professor of Law), born New York, N.Y., November 9, 1953; admitted to bar, 1979, New York; 1981, Tennessee. Education: Radcliffe College (A.B., 1975); Harvard University Law School (J.D., 1978). COURSES: Property, Trusts and Estates, Contracts, Jurisprudence. Email: jane.baron@temple.edu


ROBERT J. BARTOW, (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Laura H. Carnell Professor of Law), born Mobile, Alabama, October 10, 1945; admitted to bar, 1971, Pennsylvania. Education: Oberlin College (A.B., 1967); Temple University School of Law (J.D., 1971); Yale Law School (LL.M., 1973). COURSES: Federal Income Taxation, Property, Trusts and Estates; Secured Transactions. Email: robert.bartow@temple.edu


CYNTHIA BATT, (Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Programs), born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 30, 1948; admitted to bar, 1981, Pennsylvania; 1983 New Jersey. Education: Temple University (B.S.W., 1969; M.Ed, 1973; J.D., 1981). COURSES: Clinical‑Externships, Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation, Professional Responsibility. Email: cynthia.batt@temple.edu


ANTHONY J. BOCCHINO, (Professor of Law), born Meriden, Connecticut, July 31, 1947; admitted to bar, 1972, Connecticut; 1973, North Carolina. Education: Bucknell University (A.B., 1969); University of Connecticut (J.D., 1972). COURSES: Evidence, Trial Advocacy, Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Professional Responsibility. Email: anthony.bocchino@temple.edu


AMELIA H. BOSS, (Professor of Law), born Baltimore, Maryland, April 3, 1949; admitted to bar, 1975, New Jersey; 1976, Pennsylvania. Education: Bryn Mawr College (B.A., 1970); Rutgers University (J.D., 1975). COURSES: Commercial Law, Bankruptcy, International Business, Electronic Communications. Email: amelia.boss@temple.edu


SCOTT BURRIS, (Professor of Law), born Chicago, Illinois, December 30, 1956; admitted to bar, 1988, Pennsylvania. Education: Washington University (B.A., 1980); Yale Law School (J.D., 1987). COURSES: Torts, Civil Procedure, Public Health Law. Email: scott.burris@temple.edu


BURTON CAINE, (Professor of Law), born Darby, Pennsylvania, April 4, 1928; admitted to bar, 1952, Pennsylvania and District of Columbia. Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.A., 1949); Harvard University Law School (J.D., 1952). COURSES: Antitrust and Trade, Comparative American‑Israeli Constitutional Law, Constitutional Law, Political and Civil Rights. Email: burton.caine@temple.edu


RICHARD B. CAPPALLI, (Professor of Law Emeritus), born December 3, 1940; admitted to bar, 1966, District of Columbia; 1968, Puerto Rico; 1978, Pennsylvania. Education: Williams College (B.A., 1962); Columbia University (J.D., 1965); Yale Law School (LL.M., 1972). COURSES: Administrative Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil Procedure, Legal Process. Email: richard.cappalli@temple.edu


WILLIAM M. CARTER, JR., (Professor of Law), born Youngstown, Ohio, May 9, 1971; admitted to bar, 1998, Ohio; 2000, District of Columbia. Education: Bowling Green State University (B.S., 1994); Case Western Reserve University School of Law (J.D., 1998). COURSES: Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, International Human Rights. Email: william.carter@temple.edu


SUSAN L. DEJARNATT, (Associate Professor of Law), born Sterling, Colorado, February 10, 1953; admitted to bar, 1980, Pennsylvania. Education: Oberlin College (B.A., 1974); Temple University School of Law (J.D., 1980). COURSES: Research & Writing, Appellate Advocacy. Email: susan.dejarnatt@temple.edu


JEFFREY L. DUNOFF, (Director of LL.M. in Transnational Law Program and Charles Klein Professor of Law and Government), born New York, January 15, 1960; admitted to bar, 1986, Pennsylvania. Education: Haverford (B.A., 1982); New York University (J.D., 1986); Georgetown (LL.M., 1992). COURSES: International Law, Civil Procedure. Email: jeffrey.dunoff@temple.edu


N. JEREMI DURU, (Assistant Professor of Law), born Silver Spring, Maryland, June 11, 1973; admitted to bar, 1999, Maryland; 2000, District of Columbia. Education: Brown University (B.A., 1995); Harvard University ‑ Kennedy School of Government (M.P.P., 1999); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1999). COURSES: Employment Law, Civil Procedure, Race and the Law. Email: jeremi.duru@temple.edu


JOANNE A. EPPS, (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law), born Abington, Pennsylvania, May 28, 1951; admitted to bar, 1976, California; 1982, District of Columbia; 1991, Pennsylvania. Education: Trinity College (B.A., 1973); Yale Law School (J.D., 1976). COURSES: Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Evidence. Email: joanne.epps@temple.edu


THERESA GLENNON, (Jack E. Feinberg Professor of Litigation), born Jersey City, New Jersey, June 12, 1958; admitted to bar, 1985, Pennsylvania; 1989, Maryland. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1980; J.D., 1984). COURSES: Professional Responsibility, Education Law, Children, Parents, State. Email: theresa.glennon@temple.edu


R. CRAIG GREEN, (Associate Professor of Law), born Greenville, South Carolina, June 18, 1973; admitted to bar, 2001, Pennsylvania. Education: Wake Forest University (B.S., 1996); Yale Law School (J.D., 1999). COURSES: Federal Courts, Administrative Law, Procedure. Email: craig.green@temple.edu


RICHARD K. GREENSTEIN, (Professor of Law), born Lancaster, Pennsylvania, May 2, 1948; admitted to bar, 1973, Georgia. Education: Wesleyan University (B.A., 1970); Vanderbilt University (J.D., 1973); Temple University School of Law (LL.M., 1982). COURSES: Jurisprudence, Criminal Law, Conflict of Laws. Email: richard.greenstein@temple.edu


SAMUEL J. GYANDOH, JR., (Professor of Law Emeritus), born Ghana, June 2, 1933; admitted to bar, 1960, England; 1961, Ghana. Education: University of Southampton (B.A., 1960); Yale Law School (LL.B., 1964). COURSES: Administrative Law, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law.


PHOEBE A. HADDON, (Professor of Law), born August 29, 1950; admitted to bar, 1977, Pennsylvania. Education: Smith College (B.A., 1972); Duquesne University (J.D., 1977); Yale Law School (LL.M., 1985). COURSES: Constitutional Law, Constitutional Remedies, Domestic Relations, Product Liability, Torts. Email: phoebe.haddon@temple.edu


MARY K. HANNA, (Clinical Associate Professor), born Madison, Wisconsin, July 6, 1944; admitted to bar, 1975, Florida; 1978, District of Columbia (inactive); 1979, Pennsylvania;. Education: Beloit College (B.A., 1966); New York University (M.U.P., 1971); University of Miami School of Law (J.D., 1974). COURSES: Clinical‑Family Law, Mediation. Email: mary.hanna@temple.edu


DONALD P. HARRIS, (Associate Professor of Law), born Queens, New York, December 1, 1964; admitted to bar, 1994, California. Education: California State University, Northridge (B.S., 1992); Loyola Law School (J.D., 1994); University of Wisconsin Law School (LL.M., 2003). COURSES: Intellectual Property, International Intellectual Property and Sales/Commercial Law. Email: donald.harris@temple.edu


SHARON S. HARZENSKI, (Professor of Law), born February 22, 1943; admitted to bar, 1976, Pennsylvania. Education: Kean College of New Jersey (B.A., 1965); Temple University School of Law (J.D., 1974); Yale Law School (LL.M., 1975). COURSES: Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Jurisprudence, Women and the Law, Federalism. Email: sharon.harzenski@temple.edu


DAVID A. HOFFMAN, (Associate Professor of Law), born Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, July 4, 1976; admitted to bar, 2000, New York. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1998); Harvard University (J.D., 2001). COURSES: Contracts, Business Associations, Economic Analysis Law. Email: david.hoffman@temple.edu


DUNCAN B. HOLLIS, (Associate Professor of Law), born Norwood, Massachusetts, July 1, 1970; admitted to bar, 1997, Massachusetts and District of Columbia. Education: Bowdoin College (A.B., 1992); Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (M.A.L.D., 1996); Boston College (J.D., 1996). COURSES: International Law, Property, Foreign Affairs Law, International Environmental Law. Email: duncan.hollis@temple.edu


PETER H. HUANG, (Harold E. Kohn Professor of Law), born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, December 6, 1958; admitted to bar, 1998, California. Education: Princeton University (A.B., 1976); Harvard University (S.M., 1978; Ph.D., 1984); University of Chicago Law School; Stanford University Law School (J.D., 1997). COURSES: Securities Regulation, Law and Economics, Corporations, Law and Popular Culture. Email: peter.huang@temple.edu


DAVID KAIRYS, (Professor of Law), born Baltimore, Maryland, April 16, 1943; admitted to bar, 1969, District of Columbia and Pennsylvania. Education: Cornell University (B.S., 1965); Cornell Law School (LL.B., 1968); Columbia University (LL.M., 1971). COURSES: Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Law and Technology, Privacy. Email: david.kairys@temple.edu


NANCY J. KNAUER, (Peter J. Liacouras Professor of Law), born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 27, 1961; admitted to bar, 1984, Pennsylvania. Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.A., 1981; J.D., 1984). COURSES: Estate and Gift Taxation, Income Taxation. Email: nancy.knauer@temple.edu


DEBRA H. KROLL, (Clinical Associate Professor), born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 21, 1952; admitted to bar, 1979, Pennsylvania. Education: Temple University (B.S., 1973; J.D., 1976). COURSES: Elder Law. Email: debra.kroll@temple.edu


PETER J. LIACOURAS, (University Chancellor and Professor of Law; President of Temple University, 1982‑2000), born 1931; admitted to bar, 1957, Pennsylvania. Education: Drexel Institute (B.S., 1953); Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (M.A., 1958); University of Pennsylvania (J.D., 1956); Harvard University Law School (LL.M., 1959). COURSES: Conflict of Law, International Law, International Protection of Human Rights, International Transactions, Jurisprudence.


MICHAEL E. LIBONATI, (Laura H. Carnell Professor of Law), born May 25, 1944; admitted to bar, 1968, District of Columbia; 1975, Illinois. Education: Yale Law School (LL.B., 1967; LL.M., 1969). COURSES: Administrative Law, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, Government Contracts, Legislation. Email: michael.libonati@temple.edu


JONATHAN C. LIPSON, (Professor of Law), born Wilmington, Delaware, 1964; admitted to bar, 1991, New York and Wisconsin; 1995, Massachusetts. Education: University of Wisconsin (B.A., 1986; J.D., 1990). COURSES: Commercial Law, Secured Lending, Payments, Transactional Bills. Email: jonathan.lipson@temple.edu


LAURA E. LITTLE, (James E. Beasley Professor of Law), born Wilmington, Delaware, November 12, 1957; admitted to bar, 1985, Pennsylvania. Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.A., 1979); Smith College; Temple University School of Law (J.D., 1985). COURSES: Federal Courts, Remedies, Civil Procedure, Conflict of Laws. Email: laura.little@temple.edu


OLAN B. LOWREY, (Professor of Law Emeritus), born May 11, 1930; admitted to bar, 1958, Texas; 1969, Pennsylvania. Education: Southwest Texas State College (B.A., 1950); University of Iowa (M.A., 1951); Baylor University (LL.B., 1956). COURSES: Environmental Law, Land Use.


DIANE C. MALESON, (Professor of Law), born Hartford, Connecticut, July 7, 1942; admitted to bar, 1971, Massachusetts; 1972, Pennsylvania. Education: Bryn Mawr College (A.B., 1964); Temple University School of Law (J.D., 1969). COURSES: American Legal History, Constitutional Law, Environmental Law, Torts. Email: diane.maleson@temple.edu


GREGORY N. MANDEL, (Professor of Law), born Baltimore, Maryland, September 15, 1969; admitted to bar, 1997, California (inactive); 2006, New York. Education: Wesleyan University (B.A., 1991); Stanford Law School (J.D., 1996). COURSES: Intellectual Property, Patents, Law & Technology, Property. Email: gregory.mandel@temple.edu


KATHY C. MANDELBAUM, (Director of Graduate Tax Program, Associate Professor of Law), born Boston, Massachusetts, December 31, 1958; admitted to bar, 1983, Pennsylvania. Education: Radcliffe College (A.B., 1980); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1983). COURSES: Estate and Gift Tax, Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations, Foundations. Email: kathy.mandelbaum@temple.edu


ELLIE MARGOLIS, (Associate Professor of Law), born Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 11, 1965; admitted to bar, 1990, Massachusetts. Education: Wesleyan (B.A., 1987); Northeastern University School of Law (J.D., 1990). COURSES: Legal Research & Writing. Email: ellie.margolis@temple.edu


JOSEPH W. MARSHALL, (Professor of Law Emeritus), born February 19, 1926; admitted to bar, 1955, Pennsylvania. Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1949); Temple University School of Law (J.D., 1954). COURSES: Business Planning, Estate Planning, Sports Law, Taxation, Federal.


FINBARR MCCARTHY, (Associate Professor of Law), born Dublin, Ireland, September 23, 1952. Education: Trinity College (B.A., 1976); Tulane University (Ph.D., 1988; J.D., 1989). COURSES: Property, Trusts and Estates, Theories of Property, Employment Discrimination. Email: finbarr.mccarthy@temple.edu


FRANK M. MCCLELLAN, (Professor of Law), born Marion, South Carolina, February 5, 1945; admitted to bar, 1971, Pennsylvania and District of Columbia. Education: Rutgers University (A.B., 1967); Duquesne University (J.D., 1970); Yale Law School (LL.M., 1974). COURSES: Torts, Medical Malpractice, Bioethics. Email: frank.mcclellan@temple.edu


SALIL KUMAR MEHRA, (Professor of Law), born Brooklyn, New York, September 8, 1969; admitted to bar, 1997, New York. Education: Harvard College (A.B., 1991); University of California (M.A., 1992); University of Chicago (J.D., 1995). COURSES: Antitrust, Contracts, Corporations, Japanese Law. Email: salil.mehra@temple.edu


STEPHEN L. MIKOCHIK, (Professor of Law), born April 26, 1948; admitted to bar, 1976, New York; 1982, Pennsylvania. Education: New York University (B.A., 1972); Fordham University (J.D., 1975); Harvard University Law School (LL.M., 1976). COURSES: Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, Religious Rights Under the U.S. Constitution, Civil Rights of Handicapped Persons. Email: stephen.mikochik@temple.edu


MURIEL MORISEY, (Associate Professor of Law), born Greensboro, North Carolina, September 7, 1947; admitted to bar, 1978, District of Columbia. Education: Radcliffe College (B.A., 1969); Georgetown University Law Center (J.D., 1977). COURSES: Administrative Law, Contracts, Legislation, Professional Responsibility. Email: muriel.morisey@temple.edu


ELEANOR W. MYERS, (Associate Professor of Law), born November 15, 1947; admitted to bar, 1976, Pennsylvania. Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.A., 1969; J.D., 1976). COURSES: Corporations, Professional Responsibility, Securities Regulation. Email: eleanor.myers@temple.edu


LOUIS M. NATALI, JR., (Professor of Law), born 1942; admitted to bar, 1967, Pennsylvania; 1984, California. Education: Georgetown University Law Center (LL.B., 1966). COURSES: Criminal Law, Criminal Practice, Ethics, Interviewing, Negotiation and Counseling, Evidence, Evidence for Trial Lawyers, Trial Advocacy. Email: louis.natali@temple.edu


ROBIN NILON, (Assistant Professor of Law), born Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, April 4, 1956. Education: Temple University (B.A., 1978; M.A., 1985; Ph.D., English, 1993). COURSES: Legal Research and Writing. Email: robin.nilon@temple.edu


EDWARD D. OHLBAUM, (Professor of Law and Director of Trial Advocacy and Clinical Legal Education), born New York, N.Y., January 22, 1950; admitted to bar, 1976, Pennsylvania; 1983, New York. Education: Wesleyan University (B.A., 1972); Temple University School of Law (J.D., 1976). COURSES: Evidence, Criminal Law, Professional Responsibility, Trial Advocacy. Email: edward.ohlbaum@temple.edu


JOSEPH I. PASSON, (Professor of Law Emeritus), born October 27, 1940; admitted to bar, 1970, Pennsylvania. Education: Temple University (B.S., 1962); Temple University School of Law (LL.B., 1965). COURSES: Damages, Estates and Trusts, Family Law, Legal Writing and Research, Property, Real Estate Transactions, Torts, Workers Compensation. Email: joseph.passon@temple.edu


K. G. JAN PILLAI, (Professor of Law Emeritus), born India, January 23, 1936; admitted to bar, 1975, District of Columbia. Education: University of Kerala (B.A., 1965; LL.B., 1965; LL.M., 1965); Yale Law School (LL.M., 1967; J.S.D., 1969). COURSES: Administrative Law, Corporations, Civil Rights, Small Businesses. Email: jan.pillai@temple.edu


RAFAEL PORRATA‑DORIA, JR., (Professor of Law), born Santurce, Puerto Rico, November 23, 1952; admitted to bar, 1977, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico; 1982, Florida; 1984, New York. Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.A., 1974; M.A., 1974); Yale Law School (J.D., 1977). COURSES: Comparative Law, Contracts, Corporations, International Business Transactions, Remedies, Securities Regulation. Email: rafael.porrata‑doria@temple.edu


DAVID GORDON POST, (I. Herman Stern Professor of Law), born New York City, September 26, 1951; admitted to bar, 1987, Pennsylvania; 1988, District of Columbia. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1972; Ph.D., 1978); Georgetown University Law Center (J.D., 1986). COURSES: Intellectual Property; Computers & Law, Law of Cyberspace. Email: david.post@temple.edu


DONALD R. PRICE, (Professor of Law Emeritus), born Sellersville, Pennsylvania, December 7, 1936; admitted to bar, 1967, Pennsylvania. Education: Elizabethtown College (B.A., 1958); Temple University School of Law (J.D., 1966). COURSES: Contracts, Creditors' Rights, Legal Writing and Research, Sales and Secured Transactions.


MARK C. RAHDERT, (Professor of Law), born February 27, 1952; admitted to bar, 1980, Pennsylvania. Education: Harvard University (B.A., 1974); Yale Law School (J.D., 1978). COURSES: Appellate Advocacy, Constitutional Law, Federal Jurisdiction, Insurance, Torts. Email: mark.rahdert@temple.edu


JAYA RAMJI‑NOGALES, (Assistant Professor of Law), born Berkeley, California, August 8, 1973; admitted to bar, 2001, New York. Education: University of California at Berkeley (B.A., 1995); Yale Law School (J.D., 1999); Georgetown University (LL.M., 2006). COURSES: Evidence, Civil Procedure, Immigration, International Human Rights. Email: jayarn@temple.edu


SPENCER RAND, (Clinical Associate Professor), born Park Ridge, Illinois, July 9, 1961; admitted to bar, 1987, Illinois; 1993, Pennsylvania. Education: University of Chicago (B.A., 1983); Case Western Reserve University (M.S., 1987; J.D., 1987). COURSES: Clinical Education, Advocacy for Patients, Disability Law. Email: spencer.rand@temple.edu


HENRY J. RICHARDSON, III, (Professor of Law), born March 24, 1941; admitted to bar, 1966, Indiana. Education: University de Besancon (Certificat en Histoire, 1962); Antioch College (A.B., 1963); Yale Law School (LL.B., 1966; LL.M., 1971). COURSES: Constitutional Law and Foreign Policy, International Business Transactions, International Law, International Organization, International Protection of Human Rights, Law and Social Change, Torts. Email: henry.richardson@temple.edu


CHARLES H. ROGOVIN, (Professor of Law Emeritus), born January 24, 1931; admitted to bar, 1956, New York; 1957, Pennsylvania. Education: Wesleyan University (B.A., 1952); Columbia University (LL.B., 1956). COURSES: Clinical Prosecution, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Organized White Collar Crime, Professional Responsibility. Email: charles.rogovin@temple.edu


PETER SEVAREID, (Professor of Law Emeritus), born April 25, 1940; admitted to bar, 1966, District of Columbia. Education: Harvard University (A.B., 1962); Georgetown University Law Center (J.D., 1966); Yale Law School (LL.M., 1972). COURSES: Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Comparative Law, Family Law, Federal Jurisdiction, Jurisprudence, Legal Process.


JAMES A. SHELLENBERGER, (Professor of Law), born Doylestown, Pennsylvania, July 13, 1947; admitted to bar, 1972, Pennsylvania. Education: Lafayette College (A.B., 1969); Villanova University (J.D., 1972). COURSES: Criminal Law and Procedure, Legal Methods. Email: james.shellenberger@temple.edu


AMY SINDEN, (Associate Professor of Law), born Morristown, New Jersey, June 17, 1961; admitted to bar, 1991, Pennsylvania; 1992, New Jersey; 1997, Washington. Education: Swarthmore College (B.A., 1984); University of Pennsylvania Law School (J.D., 1991). COURSES: Environmental Law, Property, Civil Procedure. Email: amy.sinden@temple.edu


CARL E. SINGLEY, (Professor of Law Emeritus), born March 26, 1946; admitted to bar, 1972, Pennsylvania. Education: Talladega College (B.A., 1968); Temple University School of Law (J.D., 1972); Yale Law School (LL.M., 1974). COURSES: Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Local Government. Email: carl.singley@temple.com


SOPHIE E. SMYTH, (Associate Professor of Law), born June 11, 1959, Dublin, Ireland; admitted to bar, 1985, Michigan. Education: Trinity College, Dublin (B.A., 1980); Oxford University (B.C.L., 1982); Georgetown University (LL.M., 1984). COURSES: International Financial Law, Public International Trusts, International Development Law and Policy, Contracts. Email: sophie.smyth@temple.edu


DAVID A. SONENSHEIN, (Professor of Law), born Washington, D.C., August 7, 1947; admitted to bar, 1972, Massachusetts; 1981, Illinois; 1986, Pennsylvania. Education: Cornell University (B.A., 1967); New York University School of Law (J.D., 1972). COURSES: Evidence, Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Trial Advocacy. Email: david.sonenshein@temple.com


PETER J. SPIRO, (Charles R. Weiner Professor of Law), born Boston, Massachusetts, April 14, 1961; admitted to bar, 1988, New York; 1992, Pennsylvania; 1992, District of Columbia. Education: Harvard University (B.A., 1982); University of Virginia (J.D., 1987). COURSES: International Law, Immigration Law. Email: peter.spiro@temple.edu


KATHRYN M. STANCHI, (Associate Professor of Law), born Englewood, New Jersey, February 11, 1966; admitted to bar, 1990, New Jersey; 1991, New York. Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.A., 1987); Boston University School of Law (J.D., 1990). COURSES: Research & Writing. Email: kathryn.stanchi@temple.edu


JAMES A. STRAZZELLA, (James G. Schmidt Professor of Law), born Hanover, Pennsylvania, May 18, 1939; admitted to bar, 1964, Pennsylvania; 1966, District of Columbia. Education: Villanova University (A.B., 1961); University of Pennsylvania (J.D., 1964). COURSES: Criminal Law and Procedure, Appellate, Litigation. Email: james.strazzella@temple.com


BONNY L. TAVARES, (Assistant Professor of Law), born Washington, DC, December 20, 1961; admitted to bar, 1994, District of Columbia. Education: Howard University (B.B.A., 1984; J.D., 1993). COURSES: Legal Research and Writing. Email: bonny.tavares@temple.edu


GERALD F. TIETZ, (Professor of Law Emeritus), born December 13, 1937; admitted to bar, 1970, Pennsylvania. Education: University of Illinois (B.S., 1960; M.A., 1964); Temple University School of Law (J.D., 1970). COURSES: Civil Procedure, Civil Procedure II, Product Liability. Email: gerald.tietz@temple.edu


JAN C. TING, (Professor of Law), born Ann Arbor, Michigan, December 17, 1948; admitted to bar, 1975, Pennsylvania. Education: Oberlin College (B.A., 1970); University of Hawaii (M.A., 1972); Harvard University Law School (J.D., 1975). COURSES: Taxation, Immigration Law. Email: jan.ting@temple.edu


DAVID WEINSTEIN, (Professor of Law Emeritus), born April 7, 1938; admitted to bar, 1962, Connecticut. Education: Yale University (B.A., 1959); University of Hartford (M.P.A., 1972); Harvard University Law School (J.D., 1962). COURSES: Administrative Law, Collective Bargaining, Contract Remedies, Contracts, Employment Law, Labor Law, Public Employee Labor Relations.


C.A. HARWELL WELLS, (Assistant Professor of Law), born Nashville, Tennessee, October 10, 1965; admitted to bar, 2001, Tennessee; 2002, District of Columbia. Education: Williams College (B.A., 1988); University of Iowa (M.A., 1991); University of Virginia (Ph.D., 1998); Vanderbilt University Law School (J.D., 2001). COURSES: Corporate Law, Professional Responsibility. Email: harwell.wells@temple.edu


MATTHEW J. WILSON, (Director of Law Program in Japan and Associate Professor of Law), born Salt Lake City, Utah, August 13, 1970; admitted to bar, 2000, Florida; 2001, New Jersey. Education: University of Utah (B.A./B.S., 1995); Temple University (J.D., 1999). COURSES: Comparative U.S. Japanese Law, Intellectual Property, Dispute Resolution. Email: mjwilson@temple.edu


WILLIAM J. WOODWARD, JR., (Professor of Law), born New York, N.Y., April 9, 1947; admitted to bar, 1975, Pennsylvania. Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.A., 1968); Rutgers University (J.D., 1975). COURSES: Contracts, Torts, Bankruptcy, Remedies, Commercial Law. Email: william.woodward@temple.edu


MO ZHANG, (Director of China LL.M. Program and Associate Professor of Law), Education: China University of Political Science & Law (LL.B., 1983; LL.M., 1986, Ph.D., 1989); University of Michigan (LL.M., 1991). COURSES: Corporate Law, International Commercial Transactions, Contracts. Email: mo.zhang@temple.edu