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The School of Law at Western New England College is a dynamic institution with an emphasis on exceptional education in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. It is the only Massachusetts law school outside the greater Boston area that is accredited by the American Bar Association. It is also a member of the Association of American Law Schools. The Law School was founded in 1919 and has a long history of graduating students who have excelled in virtually every area of the law. In addition to the full‑time day program, the Law School offers part‑time programs during the day and evening, with a total enrollment of about 575 students. All courses in the first year are taught in small classes.


During the past two years, Western New England College School of Law has attracted first‑year students from approximately 260 undergraduate institutions and 25 states across the nation. A typical entering class is approximately 50% female and over 14% people of color. Many students bring to the School a diversity of backgrounds and real‑world experiences.


The Law School takes pride in the excellence of its faculty members and their dedication to teaching and to the needs of our students. Faculty members are recruited nationally and come from varied backgrounds that include government service, judicial clerkships, and a broad range of private practice. The faculty at the Law School is strongly committed to being accessible to their students. Our students consistently indicate great satisfaction with the quality of instruction they receive and the environment in which they study.


The Law Library has an extensive collection of legal materials including contemporary materials and historic texts. In addition to print resources the Library provides extensive electronic resources and the technology to support them. Students have access to Westlaw and Lexis, CALI, and Courtroom Connect as well as many of other electronic resources. Westlaw is also available to practitioners in the Library. The only academic law library in western Massachusetts, it is a valued resource for the area's legal community.


The Law School supplements its extensive traditional curriculum with practical experience so students are well prepared to practice law upon graduation. In addition to the required first year legal research and writing program, every student takes an upper ‑ level qualifying writing course. Students are encouraged to participate in regional and national moot court competitions, including the National Moot Court Competition, the National Trial Competition, the National First Amendment Moot Court Competition, the Tax Moot Court Competition, the Negotiation Moot Court Competition, the Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition, the Environmental Moot Court Competition, and the Jessup International Moot Court Competition. Our teams compete very well against regional and national teams and have received national recognition for their outstanding efforts.

The Law School also offers several clinical and simulation courses that provide practical experience in both live‑client and simulated settings. Clinics allow students to work with actual clients under the supervision of faculty and members of the legal community; students can choose from a number of clinical courses including the Criminal Law Clinic, the Consumer Law Clinic, the Small Business Clinic, the Real Property Practicum, and the Legal Services Clinic where students work with Western Massachusetts Legal Services. Clinic students also meet regularly with faculty to discuss their cases and increase their understanding of professional and ethical obligations. In simulation courses, students work with hypothetical cases and argue on their client's behalf before a panel of faculty, peers, or members of the legal community.


Graduates of the Law School are employed in top law firms and companies, government and public interest agencies, judgeships and clerkships, and small firms. Over 6,000 alumni are employed in 49 states, U.S. Territories, Canada and Europe. The Law School believes that both its curricular approaches and its supportive learning environment work together to develop lawyers who are effective and skilled practitioners of the law.

Please visit us in person or on the Web at http://www.law.wnec.edu .

Dean and Professor of Law:
Arthur R. Gaudio (413) 782‑1413
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor:
Beth Cohen, (413) 782-1622
Associate Dean for External Affairs and Professor:
William Childs, (413) 782-1447
Associate Dean for Library & Information Resources & Professor:
Barbara West (413) 782‑1457
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Director of Academic Support:
Michael Johnson, (413) 782‑1376
Assistant Dean and Director of Career Services:
Paula Zimmer (413) 782‑1416
Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions:
Karen M. Romano (413) 782‑1406
Law School Registrar:
Terese Chenier (413) 782-1402
Law Alumni Coordinator:
Carol Thompson


ARTHUR R. GAUDIO, (Dean and Professor of Law), born Rochester, New York; admitted to bar, 1967, New York. Education: University of Rochester (B.S., 1964); Syracuse University (J.D., 1967). COURSES: Property, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Development, Oil and Gas. Email: agaudio@law.wnec.edu

PETER L. ADOMEIT, (Professor), born Oak Park, Illinois; admitted to bar, 1967, California; 1978, Connecticut. Education: Carleton College (B.A., 1962); University of Minnesota (J.D., 1965). COURSES: Arbitration, Civil Procedure, Labor Law, Legal Method, Negotiation, Public Sector Labor Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution. Email: padomeit@law.wnec.edu

WILLIAM G. BAKER, (Professor), born New York, New York; admitted to bar, 1975, New York. Education: Clarkson College (B.S., 1971); Union University, Albany Law School (J.D., 1974). COURSES: Estate and Gift Taxation, Estate Planning, Estates, Real Estate Transactions, Property, Trusts. Email: wbaker@law.wnec.edu

BRIDGETTE BALDWIN, (Associate Professor), born Milwaukee, Wisconsin; admitted to bar, 1996, Wisconsin; 1996, U.S. District, Wisconsin Western District; 1996, New York; 2001, Massachusetts. Education: Marquette University (B.A., 1993); University of Wisconsin School of Law (J.D., 1996). COURSES: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Critical Race Theory, Welfare Law. Email: bbaldwin@law.wnec.edu

ERIN E. BUZUVIS, (Associate Professor), born Cleveland, Ohio; admitted to bar, 2002, Massachusetts. Education: University of New Hampshire (B.S., 1998); Cornell University Law School (J.D., 2001). COURSES: Property, Administrative Law, Sports Law. Email: ebuzuvis@law.wnec.edu

TINA WESCOTT CAFARO, (Clinical Professor), born Springfield, Massachusetts; admitted to bar, 1995, Massachusetts. Education: University of Massachusetts (B.A., 1992); Western New England College School of Law (J.D., 1995). COURSES: Criminal Law, Trial Practice and Techniques. Email: tcafaro@law.wnec.edu

LAUREN J. CARASIK, (Clinical Professor of Law), born Rochester, New York; admitted to bar, 1991, Massachusetts. Education: Earlham College (B.A., 1986); Northeastern University (J.D., 1991). COURSES: Discrimination, Clinical Education, Disability Rights, Legal Services Clinic, Public Interest Externship Program. Email: lcarasik@law.wnec.edu

MATTHEW H. CHARITY, (Assistant Professor), born Brooklyn, New York; admitted to bar, 2000, New York. Education: Princeton University (A.B., 1996); Columbia Law School (J.D., 1999). COURSES: Federal Criminal Law, International Law, Contracts, Sales. Email: mcharity@law.wnec.edu

WILLIAM G. CHILDS, (Associate Dean for External Affairs and Professor), born Bartlesville, Oklahoma; admitted to bar, 1999, Minnesota; 2001, District of Columbia. Education: Macalester College (B.A., 1994); University of Texas School of Law (J.D., 1998). COURSES: Torts, Products Liability. Email: wchilds@law.unec.edu

AMY B. COHEN, (Professor), born Bronx, New York; admitted to bar, 1978, Massachusetts; 1981, Connecticut. Education: Connecticut College (B.A., 1974); Harvard University (J.D., 1978). COURSES: Contracts, Copyright, Trademark, Antitrust. Email: acohen@law.wnec.edu

BETH DIANE COHEN, (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor and Director of Legal Research and Writing Program), born New York, New York; admitted to bar, 1995, Massachusetts. Education: SUNY at Stony Brook (B.A., 1981); Suffolk University Law School (J.D., 1984). COURSES: Legal Research and Writing, Academic Support, Professional Responsibility. Email: bcohen@law.wnec.edu

JOCELYN M. CUFFEE, (Assistant Professor, Legal Research and Writing), born Springfield, Massachusetts; admitted to bar, 1994, Massachusetts. Education: Tufts University (B.A., 1982); Western New England College School of Law (J.D., 1994). COURSES: Legal Research and Writing, Juvenile Law. Email: jcuffee@law.wnec.educ

TAYLOR FLYNN, (Professor), born Champaign‑Urbana, Illinois; admitted to bar, 1992, California. Education: Dartmouth College (B.A., 1986); Columbia University School of Law (J.D., 1991); Stanford Law School (J.S.M., 1995). COURSES: Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, Jurisprudence, Family Law, First Amendment, International Human Rights. Email: tflynn@law.wnec.edu

HARRIS FREEMAN, (Associate Professor, Legal Research and Writing), born New York, New York; admitted to bar, 1993, Massachusetts; 1995, U.S. District Massachusetts; 2000, 1st Circuit Court of Appeals. Education: University of Florida (B.A., 1974); Western New England College School of Law (J.D., 1993). COURSES: Research, Writing, Labor and Employment Law. Email: hfreeman@law.wnec.edu

ANNE B. GOLDSTEIN, (Professor), born New York, New York; admitted to bar, 1977, Massachusetts. Education: Simon Fraser University (B.A., 1972); Reed College; Northeastern University (J.D., 1976). COURSES: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure (Investigation and Adjudication), Evidence, White Collar Crime. Email: agoldstein@law.wnec.edu

JAMES W. GORDON, (Professor), born Louisville, Kentucky; admitted to bar, 1974, Kentucky. Education: University of Louisville (A.B., 1971); University of Kentucky (J.D., 1974; Ph.D., 1981). COURSES: Constitutional History, Legal History, Legal Profession, Property, Trusts and Estates. Email: jgordon@law.wnec.edu

ERIC J. GOUVIN, (Professor), born Westerly, Rhode Island; admitted to bar, 1986, Maine; 1993, Massachusetts. Education: Cornell University (A.B., 1983); Boston University (J.D., 1986; LL.M., 1990); Harvard University (M.P.A., 1999). COURSES: Business Planning, Corporate Finance, Secured Transactions, Banking Law, Contracts, Business Organizations, Comparative Corporate Law. Email: egouvin@law.wnec.edu

RENE REICH‑GRAEFE, (Associate Professor), born Koblenz, Germany. Education: Free University of Berlin (LL.B., 1996); University of Connecticut (LL.M., 1997). COURSES: Business Associations, Commercial Law, Corporate Law. Email: rreichgraefe@law.wnec.edu

JEANNE KAISER, (Assistant Professor, Legal Research and Writing), born Brooklyn, New York; admitted to bar, 1993, Massachusetts; 1995, U.S. District Massachusetts. Education: State University of New York, Buffalo (B.A., 1976; M.S., 1984); Western New England College School of Law (J.D., 1993). COURSES: Legal Research and Writing, Employment Discrimination, State Intervention in Family Life. Email: jkaiser@law.wnec.edu

ARTHUR B. LEAVENS, III, (Professor), born Kansas City, Missouri; admitted to bar, 1977, Massachusetts; 1978, New York. Education: Duke University (B.A., 1969); Harvard University (J.D., 1976). COURSES: Criminal Law, Evidence, Criminal Procedure Simulation, Criminal Procedure: Investigation. Email: aleavens@law.wnec.edu

JENNIFER L. LEVI, (Associate Professor), admitted to bar, Illinois, Massachusetts, U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit, U.S. Dist. Court, Illinois, Massachusetts. Education: Wellesley College (A.B., 1985); University of Chicago Law School (J.D., 1992). COURSES: Family Law, Constitutional Law, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and the Law, Contracts. Email: jlevi@law.wnec.edu

ROBERT A. LUSARDI, (Professor), born Newark, New Jersey; admitted to bar, 1971, Massachusetts. Education: Colgate University (A.B., 1968); Boston College (J.D., 1971). COURSES: Advanced Problems in Civil Procedure, Agency and Partnership, Civil Procedure, Corporations, Federal Jurisdiction, Securities Regulation. Email: rlusardi@law.wnec.edu

WILLIAM D. METZGER, (Professor), born Leominster, Massachusetts; admitted to bar, 1972, Massachusetts. Education: Holy Cross College (B.S., 1964); Boston College (J.D., 1972); Georgetown University (LL.M., 1976). COURSES: Taxation, Federal. Email: wmetzger@law.wnec.edu

BRUCE K. MILLER, (Professor), born Evanston, Illinois; admitted to bar, 1970, California. Education: Stanford University (A.B., 1966); Harvard University (J.D., 1969). COURSES: Civil Rights Litigation, Constitutional Law, Federal Courts and Jurisdiction, Federal Litigation, Jurisprudence, First Amendment Rights. Email: bmiller@law.wnec.edu

BARBARA A. NOAH, (Professor), born Worcester, Massachusetts; admitted to bar, 1990, Pennsylvania; 1990, District of Columbia. Education: Union College (B.A., 1987); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1990). COURSES: Torts, Bioethics, Public Health Law, Medical Technology and Law, Medical Malpractice, Genetics and the Law, Healthcare Finance and Delivery. Email: bnoah@law.wnec.edu

MYRA ORLEN, (Associate Professor, Legal Research and Writing), born Springfield, Massachusetts; admitted to bar, 1986, Massachusetts; 1987, Maine (currently inactive); 1987, U.S. District, Massachusetts; 2004, U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit. Education: University of Massachusetts (B.A., 1970); Antioch University (M.ed. Counseling, 1980); Northeastern University School of Law (J.D., 1986). COURSES: Legal Research and Writing, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Divorce and the Family. Email: morlen@law.wnec.edu

FREDERICK D. ROYAL, (Professor), born Pittsfield, Massachusetts; admitted to bar, 1972, Massachusetts. Education: University of Massachusetts (B.A., 1968); Cornell University (J.D., 1972); Boston University (LL.M., 1973). COURSES: Taxation, Federal. Email: froyal@law.wnec.edu

SUDHA SETTY, (Associate Professor), born Worcester, Massachusetts; admitted to bar, 2000, New York; 2000, U.S. District Court, Southern and Eastern Districts of New York; Second Circuit Court of Appeals, 2005. Education: Stanford University (B.A., 1995); Columbia University School of Law (J.D., 1999). COURSES: Comparative Constitutional Law, Law and Terroism; Civil Rights; Contracts. Email: ssetty@law.wnec.edu

GIOVANNA SHAY, (Associate Professor), born New Haven, Connecticut; admitted to bar, 1998, District of Columbia; 2006, Connecticut. Education: Pomona College (B.A., summa cum laude, 1993); Yale Law School (J.D., 1997). COURSES: Criminal Law, Professional Responsibility, Post‑Conviction Rights. Email: gshay@law.wnec.edu

ROBERT STATCHEN, (Assistant Clinical Professor), born Burlington, Connecticut; admitted to bar, 1993, Illinois; 1997, Connecticut; 1998, U.S., District Court, District of Connecticut; 2005, Rhode Island. Education: Clark University (B.A., 1990); University of Connecticut (M.B.A., 2001); Chicago‑Kent College of Law (J.D., 1993); Boston University School of Law (LL.M., 2005). COURSES: Corporate, Transactional, Small Business Organization, Non‑Profits, Real Estate. Email: rstatchen@law.wnec.edu

JULIE E. STEINER, (Assistant Professor), born Cheltenham, Pennsylvania; admitted to bar, 1994, Massachusetts; 1996, New York;. Education: Syracuse University (B.A., summa cum laude, 1991); Boston University School of Law (J.D., cum laude, 1994). COURSES: Environmental Law, Land Use, Torts. Email: jsteiner@law.wnec.edu.

SAMUEL STONEFIELD, (Professor), born Rockford, Illinois; admitted to bar, 1971, Massachusetts. Education: Dartmouth College (B.A., 1967); Harvard University (J.D., 1971). COURSES: Administrative Law, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Evidence, Federal Jurisdiction, Real Estate Transactions. Email: sstonefield@law.wnec.edu

BARBARA A. WEST, (Associate Dean for Library and Information Resources and Assistant Professor), born Aurora, Illinois; admitted to bar, 1982, Illinois. Education: University of Illinois (B.A., 1970); University of Denver (M.A., 1977); Northern Illinois University (J.D., 1982); De Paul University (LL.M., 1991). COURSES: Advanced Legal Research. Email: bwest@law.wnec.edu

ARTHUR D. WOLF, (Professor), born Rochelle Park, New Jersey; admitted to bar, 1965, New Jersey; 1966, District of Columbia. Education: Tufts University (A.B., 1962); Columbia University (J.D., 1965). COURSES: Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Civil Rights, Evidence, Federal Courts, Federal Litigation, International Human Rights, International Law, Injunctions, Constitutional Law, Legislation. Email: awolf@law.wnec.edu