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Lewis & Clark Law School was founded in 1884. In 1965, the school merged with Lewis & Clark College, a private liberal arts institution known for its overseas programs and its innovative core curriculum. Lewis & Clark Law School is fully accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools. The Law School grants J.D. and LL.M. degrees. The master of laws degree is in environmental and natural resources law.


Lewis & Clark Law School is very selective in the admissions process, receiving approximately 14 applications for each seat in the entering class. The 2009 entering class had a median LSAT of 161 and a median GPA of 3.52. The quality of the entering students places the school well within the top quarter of the law schools in the country.


The quality of the students and applicants goes beyond objective numbers. The class reflects a rich diversity of backgrounds. Students are drawn nationally, with almost 60 percent of students coming from outside Oregon. The student body represents a wide spectrum of ages with a higher level of maturity and professional experience than is often typical in law school student populations. For the 2009 entering class, 51 percent are women and 24 percent are members of ethnic minority groups.


Lewis & Clark Law School has a day and an evening division. The day program is three years; the evening program is four years. Full-time faculty rotate teaching loads through the evening division so that faculty, graduation requirements and grading are the same in the two divisions. After the first year, any student may transfer from full-time to part-time and vice versa.


Lewis & Clark Law School presents its students with the opportunity to specialize at the J.D. level. It offers six certificate programs: Environmental and Natural Resources law, Federal Tax law, Business law, Criminal law, Intellectual Property law, and Public Interest law. The school has a strong national reputation in environmental law, with the most extensive environmental and natural resources curriculum in the country. The Law School is consistently ranked among the top environmental programs in the country. In addition, the Law School’s legal writing and intellectual property programs have also been ranked among the best in the nation. The law reviews of Lewis & Clark Law School include Environmental Law, the nation’s oldest law journal dedicated to natural resource and environmental issues, a recognized leader in this field, The Lewis & Clark Law Review, a general issue law review, and Animal Law, the first law review in the nation dedicated to animal law issues. The Law School’s tax curriculum is also unusually rich, with 10 course offerings devoted solely to federal tax law and several seminars that include tax considerations as part of transactional study. Beyond environmental law, business law, intellectual property and tax law, the Law School also offers a rich and extensive curriculum in traditional areas of law, including international, criminal and civil litigation.


The Law School has several clinical programs for students to gain "hands-on" practical experience to complement their theoretical understanding. Under the supervision of the clinical faculty, students assist in the representation of clients, including interviewing, negotiating and appearing in court and administrative hearings. The Lewis & Clark Legal Clinic is located in downtown Portland and allows students to serve low-income clients and offers excellent experience for academic credit. The Clinic currently focuses in the areas of bankruptcy and consumer, family, landlord-tenant, employment and tax law.


The environmental program includes two separate clinics: the Pacific Environmental Advocacy Center (PEAC) and the International Environmental Law Project (IELP). PEAC was recognized by the National Jurist as one of the "winningest" law clinics in the nation.


The Small Business Legal Clinic (SBLC) gives students hands-on transactional business law experience with small and emerging businesses. Focused on minority and women-owned businesses, the SBLC also houses a unique pro bono project that brings business lawyers from around the city to the Clinic. Law students interested in non-profit corporate and community development law can take part in the Community Development Law Center, a clinic offering transactional experience in the areas of non-profit formation and governance, real estate, employment, tax and environmental law.


As the nation’s only on-campus clinic dedicated to animal protection issues, the Center for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark provides a rewarding opportunity for students to develop their litigation, negotiation, drafting and advocacy skills while working to protect animals. The Clinic focuses on animal protection litigation, legislation, and policy work. Its cases include actions against those who have harmed or injured animals, custody disputes, activist defense, "dangerous" dog hearings, companion animal trusts, veterinary malpractice and legal support for animal protection organizations.


The Crime Victim Litigation Clinic is run by the National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCLVI), which is based at Lewis & Clark Law School. The Clinic affords students hands-on experience writing amicus curiae briefs for trial and appellate courts nationwide. In addition, students have the opportunity to work with lawyers nationwide who are directly representing crime victims in criminal cases by providing research and writing on issues of first impression. The Clinic provides students with an intensive and practical legal research and writing experience, as well as knowledge of criminal and appellate procedures, and substantive rights theory.


The Law School offers many other special opportunities to students beyond the classroom and clinical curriculum. Programs include appellate advocacy, mock trial, international law, and client counseling. The school’s extensive moot court offerings include a course in trial advocacy which allows students to actually conduct a mock jury trial in front of prominent local judges. Lewis & Clark students recently won first place in the 2010 Pace National Environmental Moot Court Competition, for the third year in a row, the seventh time in 17 years. Another moot court program focuses specifically on tax cases. Clinical internships, including IP and corporate internships with corporate legal departments, externships, the Higgins Visitor, the Business Roundtables, the Distinguished Natural Resources Visitor, the Distinguished Intellectual Property Visitor, and an active Continuing Legal Education program offer additional learning opportunities.


The Paul L. Boley Law Library, the largest law library in Oregon, contains more than 520,000 volumes and volume equivalents, along with an experienced and friendly staff of nineteen. The library is also a United States Patent and Trademark Depository Library, the only law library so designated. In addition to LexisNexis and Westlaw, the law library subscribes to an extensive collection of legal research databases including BNA All, HeinOnline, ILP Full-Text, LegalTrac, ELR, as well as various full-text newspapers. Every seat in the library is wired for network access and the entire law school, including outdoor areas, boasts wireless access to the Internet. The library features a wide variety of study venues, and includes ample carrel and table seating, a computer lab, ten group study rooms, and two reading rooms, each with picturesque views of the adjacent state wilderness park.


The Law School’s graduates take jobs throughout the nation. Our alumni practice in every part of the United States and in several foreign countries, using their legal training in a diverse range of specialties. The Law School’s graduates make their careers as attorneys in law firms, in offices of public defenders and prosecutors, and legal aid and public interest organizations. They work in corporations, for state and public agencies, and in areas that combine experience gained before law school with their law degrees. A significant proportion obtain judicial clerkships, and some pursue further academic studies in graduate legal education.


Dean: Robert H. Klonoff (503) 768-6601

Associate Dean of Faculty: Brian Blum (503) 768-6630

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: Martha W. Spence (503) 768-6634

Associate Dean for Career Services and Alumni Relations:

Elizabeth Davis (503) 768-6610

Assistant Dean of Admissions: Shannon Davis (503) 768-6613

Associate Dean for Library Services: Peter Nycum (503) 768-6776

Associate Dean Environmental & Natural Resources Law Program:

Janice Weis (503) 768-6649

Associate Dean, Business Law Program: Lisa LeSage (503) 768-6677

Student Financial Services: Diana Meyer (503) 768-7079




PAULA ABRAMS, (Law Professor), born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 20, 1953; admitted to bar, 1979, California; 1982, Oregon. Education: University of Michigan (B.G.S., 1974); University of California at Berkeley (J.D., 1979). COURSES:Constitutional Law I and II, Population Law Seminar, Comparative Constitutional Law. Email:pla @ lclark.edu


AUBREY E. BALDWIN, (Law Professor), born Knoxville, Tennessee, May 15, 1974; admitted to bar, 2006, Oregon. Education: University of Tennessee, Knoxville (B.S.S.W., 1997); Lewis and Clark Law School (J.D., 2005). COURSES:Environmental Litigation. Email:abaldwin @ lclark.edu


DOUGLAS E. BELOOF, (Law Professor), born 1955; admitted to bar, 1982, Oregon. Education: University of California - Berkeley (B.A., 1978); Lewis & Clark Law School (J.D., 1981). COURSES: Criminal Justice: Victims in Criminal Procedure, Criminal Justice: Criminal Investigative Procedure. Email:beloof @ lclark.edu


TONI BERRES-PAUL, (Law Professor), born New York, New York; admitted to bar, 1986, Oregon. Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison (B.A., 1969); University of Michigan (M.A., 1973); Portland State University (M.S., 1980); Lewis & Clark Law School (J.D., 1986). COURSES:Legal Analysis and Writing, Advanced Legal Writing. Email:toni @ lclark.edu


BRIAN ANTHONY BLUM, (Law Professor), born Johannesburg, South Africa, November 29, 1946; admitted to bar, 1972, Republic of South Africa. Education: University of Witwatersrand (B.A., 1969; LL.B., 1971); University of Michigan (LL.M., 1978). COURSES:Contracts, Commercial Law/Sales, Bankruptcy, Debtor and Creditor, Business Associations I, Remedies. Email:blum @ lclark.edu


MICHAEL C. BLUMM, (Law Professor), born Detroit, Michigan, March 3, 1950; admitted to bar, 1976, Pennsylvania; 1977, District of Columbia. Education: Williams College (B.A., 1972); George Washington University (J.D., 1976; LL.M., 1979). COURSES: American Legal History, Constitutional Law, Pacific Salmon Law, Property, Water Law, Graduate Environmental Law Seminar, Natural Resources Law, Native American Natural Resources Law, Public Trust Law Seminar, Public Lands and Resources Law. Email:blumm @ lclark.edu


JOHN A. BOGDANSKI, (Law Professor), born Newark, New Jersey, January 15, 1954; admitted to bar, 1978, California; 1980, Oregon. Education: St. Peter’s College (A.B., 1975); Yale University; Stanford University (J.D., 1978). COURSES: Federal Income Taxation, Corporate Taxation, Partnership Taxation, Estate and Gift Taxation, Advanced Tax Seminar (Valuation), Tax Moot Court. Email:bojack @ lclark.edu


LAWRENCE R. BROWN, (Law Professor), born Ann Arbor, Michigan, April 6, 1947; admitted to bar, 1972, California; 1979, Oregon. Education: Stanford University (A.B., 1969); University of California at Berkeley (J.D., 1972). COURSES:Federal Income Taxation, Corporate Taxation, Partnership Taxation, International Taxation, Advanced Tax Seminar. Email:brown @ lclark.edu


EDWARD J. BRUNET, (Law Professor), born February 21, 1944; admitted to bar, 1969, Illinois; 1985, Oregon. Education: Northwestern University (B.A., 1966); University of Illinois (J.D., 1969); University of Virginia (LL.M., 1972). COURSES:Alternative Dispute Resolution, Antitrust, Civil Procedure. Email:brunet @ lclark.edu


THOMAS C. BUCHELE, (Law Professor), born Peoria, Illinois, May 6, 1960; admitted to bar, 1986, Indiana; 1987, California; 1990, Illinois; 2001, Pennsylvania; 2008, Oregon. Education: Illinois Wesleyan University (B.A., 1982); Friedrich Wilhelm University (1982-1983); University of Illinois (J.D., 1986). COURSES:Environmental Litigation. Email:tbuchele @ lclark.edu


AMY C. BUSHAW, (Law Professor), born Pullman, Washington, November 21, 1958; admitted to bar, 1984, Texas. Education: Princeton University (A.B., 1981); Yale University (J.D., 1984). COURSES:Contracts, Secured Transactions, Lawyers in Society, Advanced Contracts: Commercial Transactions, Advanced Contracts: Sales and Leases, Sustainability in Law and Business. Email:bushaw @ lclark.edu


WILLIAM Y. CHIN, (Law Professor), born Hong Kong, August 31, 1963; admitted to bar, 1995, Oregon. Education: Portland State University (B.S., 1990; M.S., 1996); Lewis & Clark Law School (J.D., 1995). COURSES:Legal Analysis and Writing, Advanced Legal Writing, National Security Law and Policy, Racism and the Law. Email:chin @ lclark.edu


SUSANNA COWEN, (Law Professor), born District of Columbia, May 17, 1979; admitted to bar, 2007, New York; 2008, Oregon. Education: Columbia College, Columbia University (B.A., 2001); University of Chicago Law School (J.D., 2006). COURSES: Crime Victim Litigation Clinic. Email:scowen @ lclark.edu


HENRY H. DRUMMONDS, (Law Professor), born 1945; admitted to bar, 1972, California; 1973, Oregon. Education: University of Oregon (B.A., 1969); Harvard University (J.D., 1972). COURSES:Employment Law (25%), Labor Law (25%), Torts (25%), Toxic Torts, Law of Global Labor Markets Seminar (25%). Email:hhd @ lclark.edu


P. BETH ENOS, (Law Professor), born Memphis, Tennessee, January 9, 1952; admitted to bar, 1981, Tennessee; 1991, Oregon. Education: Memphis State University (B.A., 1978; J.D., 1981). COURSES:Legal Analysis and Writing, Contracts, Contract Drafting. Email:enos @ lclark.edu


MAGGIE FINNERTY, (Law Professor), born Far Rockaway, New York, June 21, 1970; admitted to bar, 1999, Oregon. Education: University of Massachusetts (B.A., 1992); University of Oregon (J.D., 1999). COURSES: Small Business Legal Clinic. Email:finnerty @ lclark.edu


GEORGE K. FOSTER, (Law Professor), born October 31, 1972; admitted to bar, 1998, California; 2006, District of Columbia and New York. Education: University of California, Berkeley (B.A., with highest honors, 1994); University of California at Los Angeles School of Law (J.D., 1998). COURSES:International Business Transactions, International Dispute Resolution, Business Associations II. Email:foster @ lclark.edu


PAMELA O. FRASCH, (Law Professor), born Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 19, 1958; admitted to bar, 1985, California; 1994, Oregon. Education: University of Minnesota (B.A., 1980); William Mitchell College of Law (J.D., 1984). COURSES:Animal Law. Email:pfrasch @ lclark.edu


WILLIAM F. FUNK, (Law Professor), born Boston, Massachusetts, November 29, 1945; admitted to bar, 1974, New York; 1980, District of Columbia. Education: Harvard University (B.A., 1967); Columbia University (J.D., 1973). COURSES:Administrative Law (33%), Constitutional Law (33%), Environmental Law (33%), Graduate Environmental Law Seminar. Email:funk @ lclark.edu


MARGARET GARVIN, (Law Professor), born Santa Monica, California, July 19, 1969; admitted to bar, 1999, Minnesota; 2004, Oregon; 1999, 8th Circuit; 2000, U.S. District Ct of Minnesota. Education: University of Puget Sound (B.A., 1991); University of Iowa (M.A., 1994); University of Minnesota (J.D., 1999). COURSES:Crime Victim Litigation Clinic. Email:garvin @ lclark.edu


H. TOMAS GOMEZ-AROSTEGUI, (Law Professor), born Mendoza, Argentina; admitted to bar, 2000, California. Education: University of Southern California (B.A., 1993); University of Southern California Law School (J.D., 1997); University of Oslo (LL.M., 2004). COURSES:Torts, Trademarks, International Intellectual Property, Copyright History. Email:tomas @ lclark.edu


JOHN P. GRANT, (Law Professor), born Edinburgh, Scotland, February 22, 1944; Education: University of Edinburgh - Scotland (LL.B., 1966); University of Pennsylvania Law School (LL.M., 1967). COURSES:Public International Law, International Human Rights. Email:jg @ lclark.edu


LIN HARMON-WALKER, (Law Professor), born Alhambra, California, December 28, 1956; admitted to bar, 1991, Oregon; 1992, U.S. District Court, District of Oregon. Education: Reed College; The College of Idaho (B.A., magna cum laude, 1978); Hastings College of Law, University of California; Lewis and Clark College (J.D., magna cum laude, 1991). COURSES:Environmental Negotiation and Mediation Seminar, LL.M Graduate Environmental Law Seminar. Email: lhw @ lclark.edu


KATHY HESSLER, (Law Professor), born Rockville Centre, New York, October 21, 1963; admitted to bar, 1989, Virginia and District of Columbia; 1996, Ohio. Education: George Washington University (B.A., 1985); Marshall Wythe School of Law College of William and Mary (J.D., 1987); Georgetown University Law Center (LL.M., 1997). COURSES:Animal Law Clinic, Animal Law. Email:khessler @ lclark.edu


JAMES L. HUFFMAN, (Law Professor), born Ft. Benton, Montana, March 25, 1945; admitted to bar, 1988, Montana. Education: Montana State University (B.S., 1967); Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (M.A., 1969); University of Chicago (J.D., 1972). COURSES: Constitutional History, Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Water Law, Natural Resources, Graduate Environmental Law Seminar. Email: huffman @ lclark.edu


STEVE J. JOHANSEN, (Law Professor), born Portland, Oregon, February 20, 1956; admitted to bar, 1987, Oregon. Education: Portland State University (B.S., 1981); Lewis & Clark Law School (J.D., 1987). COURSES:Legal Analysis and Writing, Advanced Legal Writing, Regulation and Ethics of Lawyers. Email:tvj @ lclark.edu


JENNIFER J. JOHNSON, (Law Professor), born Salem, Oregon, November 1, 1951; admitted to bar, 1977, Oregon. Education: Mills College (B.A., 1973); Yale University (J.D., 1976). COURSES:Business Associations, Securities Regulation, Property, Advanced Business Law Seminar. Email:jjj @ lclark.edu


CRAIG JOHNSTON, (Law Professor), born Boston, Massachusetts, July 13, 1956; admitted to bar, 1988, Oregon; 1985, Massachusetts. Education: University of Rochester (B.A., 1978); Lewis & Clark Law School (J.D., 1985). COURSES: Environmental Enforcement, Environmental Law, Hazardous Waste, Environmental Regulation, Administrative Law, Graduate Environmental Law Seminar, Environmental Moot Court Advisor. Email:craigj @ lclark.edu


JEFFREY D. JONES, (Law Professor), admitted to bar, 2004, Oregon. Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison (B.A., 1992; M.A., Ph.D., 2000); University of Michigan (J.D., 2004). COURSES:Jurisprudence/Philosophy of Law, Property, Employment Law, Disabilities Law. Email:jdj @ lclark.edu


STEPHEN KANTER, (Law Professor), born Cincinnati, Ohio, June 30, 1946; admitted to bar, 1971, Oregon. Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (B.S., 1968); Yale University (J.D., 1971). COURSES:Constitutional Law, Law and Psychiatry, Criminal Procedure, First Amendment Seminar, Constitutional Theory Seminar. Email:kanter @ lclark.edu


JOHN R. KROGER, (Law Professor), admitted to bar, 1997, Connecticut; 2007, Oregon. Education: Yale College (B.A., 1990); Yale University (M.A., 1990); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1996). COURSES: Criminal Law, Jurisprudence.


RONALD B. LANSING, (Law Professor), born Chicago, Illinois, January 28, 1932; admitted to bar, 1960, Oregon. Education: Valparaiso University (B.A., 1954); Willamette University (J.D., 1960). COURSES: Evidence, Torts. Email: lansing @ lclark.edu


ALLISON M. LAPLANTE, (Law Professor), born Chicago, Illinois, October 30, 1974; admitted to bar, 2002, Oregon. Education: Cornell University (B.S., 1996); Lewis & Clark Law School (J.D., 2002). COURSES: Environmental Litigation. Email: laplante @ lclark.edu


LYDIA PALLAS LOREN, (Law Professor), born Detroit, Michigan, August 3, 1966; admitted to bar, 1992, Michigan. Education: University of Michigan (A.B., 1987; J.D., 1992). COURSES:Intellectual Property, Civil Procedure, Copyright, International Intellectual Property, Art Law. Email:loren @ lclark.edu


SUSAN MANDIBERG, (Law Professor), born Los Angeles, California, August 20, 1947; admitted to bar, 1975, Oregon. Education: Oberlin College (B.A., 1968); University of Illinois (M.A., 1970); University of California at Berkeley (J.D., 1975). COURSES:Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Environmental Enforcement, Federal Courts, Comparative Criminal Procedure Seminar. Email:sfm @ lclark.edu


GEOFFREY A. MANNE, (Law Professor), born Palo Alto, California, November 12, 1971; admitted to bar, 2001, Virginia. Education: University of Chicago (A.B., 1993; J.D., 1997). COURSES:Law and Economics, Antitrust, Intellectual Property, Corporations and International Economic Regulation. Email:manne @ lclark.edu


DANIEL MENSHER, (Law Professor), born Iowa City, Iowa, December 6, 1975; admitted to bar, 2007, Oregon. Education: Wesleyan University (B.A., 1998); University of Wisconsin-Madison (M.S., 2002); Lewis & Clark Law School (J.D., 2007). COURSES:Environmental Litigation (100%). Email:dmensher @ lclark.edu


JOSEPH SCOTT MILLER, (Law Professor), born Houlton, Maine, September 8, 1967; admitted to bar, 1995, Maryland; 1996, Illinois; 1999, District of Columbia. Education: St. John’s College (B.A., 1989); Northwestern University (M.S., 1991; J.D., 1994). COURSES: Patent Law and Policy, Intellectual Property Survey, Intellectual Property Theory Seminar, Legal Elements. Email: jsmiller @ lclark.edu


ROBERT J. MILLER, (Law Professor), born Portland, Oregon, May 14, 1951; admitted to bar, 1991, Oregon. Education: Eastern Oregon University (B.S., 1988); Lewis and Clark Law School (J.D., 1991). COURSES: Civil Procedure, Federal Indian Law, Federal Indian Law Seminar, Cultural Resources Protection Seminar. Email:rmiller @ lclark.edu


JANET C. NEUMAN, (Law Professor), born Minneapolis, Minnesota, August 26, 1954; admitted to bar, 1980, Minnesota; 1981, Oregon. Education: Drake University (B.A., 1975); Stanford University (J.D., 1979). COURSES:Water Law, Administrative Law, Water Policy Seminar, Graduate Environmental Law Seminar, Mining and Mineral Law. Email:neuman @ lclark.edu


DOUGLAS K. NEWELL, (Law Professor), born Glendale, California, March 15, 1940; admitted to bar, 1966, California; 1984, Oregon. Education: Pomona College (B.A., 1962); Harvard University (J.D., 1965). COURSES: Contracts, Entertainment Law, Secured Transactions, Contract Theory Seminar. Email:dnewell @ lclark.edu


PETER S. NYCUM, (Law Professor), born March 30, 1941; Education: University of Pittsburgh (B.A., 1962; M.L.S., 1968; LL.B., 1967). COURSES:Legal History. Email:nycum @ lclark.edu


SAMIR PARIKH, (Law Professor), admitted to bar, 2003, California; 2004, Texas. Education: University of Miami (B.B.A., 1997); University of Michigan (J.D., 2002).


JOHN T. PARRY, (Law Professor), born Akron, Ohio, June 19, 1964; admitted to bar, 1991, Virginia; 1992, District of Columbia. Education: Princeton University (A.B., 1986); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1991). COURSES: Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Civil Rights Litigation, U.S. Foreign Relations, Conflicts of Laws. Email: parry @ lclark.edu


SANDY COPOUS PATRICK, (Law Professor), born Milan, Tennessee, June 18, 1968; admitted to bar, 1994, Tennessee. Education: University of Tennessee at Martin (B.S. 1991); University of Tennessee (J.D., 1994). COURSES: Legal Analysis and Writing, Advanced Legal Writing.Email: patrick @ lclark.edu


MARK ALLEN PETERSON, (Law Professor), born Oregon City, Oregon, September 29, 1949; admitted to bar, 1977, Illinois; 1982, Oregon. Education: Portland State University (B.A., 1973); University of Toledo (J.D., 1976). COURSES: Legal Clinic (housing law and ethics), Oregon Pleading and Practice. Email: mpeterso @ lclark.edu


JAN RILEY PIERCE, (Law Professor), born Fort Riley, Kansas, January 16, 1943; admitted to bar, 1971, Kansas; 2002, Oregon; U.S. Tax Court. Education: Washburn University (B.S., 1968); Washburn University School of Law (J.D., 1971). COURSES: Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic. Email:pierce @ lclark.edu


MELISSA POWERS, (Law Professor), born Denver, Colorado, September 8, 1970; admitted to bar, 2002, Oregon. Education: University of California at Berkeley (B.A., 1992); Lewis & Clark Law School (J.D., 2001). COURSES:Climate Change and the Law, Administrative Law, Energy Law, Ocean and Coastal Law, Torts, Clean Air Act. Email:powers @ lclark.edu


DANIEL JOHN ROHLF, (Law Professor), born Denver, Colorado, September 16, 1961; admitted to bar, 1987, Colorado; 1999, Oregon. Education: Colorado College (B.A., 1984); Stanford University (J.D., 1987). COURSES:Wildlife Law, Environmental Litigation, Legal Ecology, Law, Science and the Environmental. Email:rohlf @ lclark.edu


RICHARD A. SLOTTEE, (Law Professor), born Portland, Oregon, July 1, 1947; admitted to bar, 1972, Oregon. Education: University of Oregon (B.S., 1969; J.D., 1972). COURSES: Legal Clinic (bankruptcy and consumer), Consumer Law. Email: slottee @ lclark.edu


JANET W. STEVERSON, (Law Professor), born Rochester, New York, May 12, 1961; admitted to bar, 1987, New York and District of Columbia. Education: State University of New York at Brockport (B.A., 1982); Harvard University (J.D., 1986). COURSES:Contracts, Family Law, Commercial Law/Sales, Children’s Rights.


JULIET P. STUMPF, (Law Professor), born Boston, Massachusetts; admitted to bar, 1995, California; 1997, District of Columbia. Education: Oberlin College (A.B, 1989); Georgetown University Law Center (J.D., 1995). COURSES:Civil Procedure, Immigration and Citizenship Law, Employment Discrimination. Email:jstumpf @ lclark.edu


ELAINE E. SUTHERLAND, (Law Professor), born Dundee, Scotland, June 1, 1957; Education: University of Glasgow - Scotland (LL.B., 1978); University of British Columbia (LL.M., 1985). COURSES:Family Law, Child Law, Human Reproduction and the Law, Juvenile Justice Seminar, Contemporary Issues in Family Law. Email: es @ lclark.edu


ERICA THORSON, (Law Professor), born Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 25, 1978; admitted to bar, 2006, Oregon. Education: Davidson College (B.A., 2000); Lewis & Clark Law School (J.D., 2005). COURSES:International Environmental Law, International Wildlife Law. Email:ejt @ lclark.edu


BERNARD F. VAIL, (Law Professor), born Breese, Illinois, March 28, 1942; admitted to bar, 1975, Oregon. Education: DePaul University (B.A., 1967; J.D., 1968). COURSES: Family Law, Public International Law, Real Property, Wills and Trusts, Property Transactions, Jessup Moot Court. Email:vail @ lclark.edu


ANNE VILLELLA, (Law Professor), born Seattle, Washington; admitted to bar, 1998, Oregon. Education: Washington State University (B.A., 1982); Lewis & Clark Law School (J.D., 1998). COURSES:Legal Analysis and Writing, Advanced Legal Writing Seminar, Wills and Trusts, Advanced Writing Seminar: Interpretation and Application of Statutes and Rules. Email:villella @ lclark.edu


JANICE L. WEIS, (Law Professor), born 1962; admitted to bar, 1988, California. Education: University of California at Berkeley (B.S., with high honors, 1984); Hastings College of the Law, University of California (J.D., 1988). COURSES: Natural Resources Law and Policy Seminar. Email:jweis @ lclark.edu


ALISON WILKINSON, (Law Professor), born Winchester, Massachusetts, May 26, 1978; admitted to bar, 2005, New York. Education: University of Michigan (B.A., 1999); University of Virginia (J.D., 2004). COURSES:Crime Victim Litigation Clinic. Email:awilkinson @ lclark.edu


BILLY L. WILLIAMSON, (Law Professor), born Twin Falls, Idaho, January 7, 1938; admitted to bar, 1965, Oregon. Education: University of Oregon (B.A., 1962); Harvard University (J.D., 1965). COURSES:Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Seminars, Jurisprudence. Email:watashi @ lclark.edu


DARYL D. WILSON, (Law Professor), born Evanston, Illinois, August 8, 1949; admitted to bar, 1980, Oregon. Education: Brown University (A.B., 1971); Wesleyan University (M.A., 1974); Lewis & Clark Law School (J.D., 1980). COURSES:Legal Analysis and Writing, Advanced Legal Writing, Civil Procedure. Email:dwilson @ lclark.edu


CHRIS A. WOLD, (Law Professor), born Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 25, 1963; admitted to bar, 1992, Oregon. Education: St. Olaf College (B.A., 1986); Lewis & Clark Law School (J.D., 1990). COURSES:Comparative Environmental Law, International Environmental Law, Ocean and Coastal Law, Trade and the Environment, Marine Law and Ecology. Email:wold @ lclark.edu


THERESA L. WRIGHT, (Law Professor), born New Haven, Connecticut, January 20, 1955; admitted to bar, 1981, Oregon; 1985, U.S. District Court, Oregon; 1987, Washington. Education: The Evergreen State College (B.A., 1977); Willamette University (J.D., 1981). COURSES:Legal Clinic (Domestic Violence, Family Law, Legal Ethics), Externship Classroom Component, Client Counseling Moot Court. Email: twright @ lclark.edu


TUNG YIN, (Law Professor), admitted to bar, 1996, California and U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth and Tenth Circuits; 1999, U.S. District Court, Central, Eastern, Northern and Southern Districts of California. Education: California Institute of Technology (B.S., 1988); University of California, Berkeley (M.J., 1992); Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California (J.D., 1995). COURSES:National Security Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law. Email: tyin @ lclark.edu


DEAN ROBERT H. KLONOFF, (Law Professor), born Portland, Oregon, March 15, 1955; admitted to bar, 1980, District of Columbia; 2003, Missouri. Education: University of California at Berkeley (A.B., highest honors, 1976); Yale University (J.D., 1979). COURSES: Civil Procedure, Appellate Procedure, Class Actions. Email:klonoff @ lclark.edu