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ABA Provisionally Approved Since 2005

The mission of Western State University College of Law is to provide the highest quality legal education, based on an innovative program of studies designed to develop the tools of careful legal analysis and to foster a broad understanding of law, law practice, and legal theory.

The College of Law emphasizes the study and practice of lawyering skills required for the ethical, skillful, and professional practice of law and is particularly committed to meeting the educational needs of those who seek to practice in small to medium law offices, corporate law departments and governmental and other public service settings.


To further its mission, the College of Law will pursue student and faculty diversity, both to enhance the educational program of the school and to address important needs of the legal profession and of society as a whole.


Western State is in Orange County, California  midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. The campus is situated in Fullerton within the city's university district, home to five institutions of higher education. Our student body is distinctly cosmopolitan. More than 40% of these students are minorities. About 51% are women. Both full‑time and part‑time students have the opportunity to participate in the life of the law school community.


Dean and Chief Executive Officer:

Maryann Jones

Dean of Students:

Richard E. Jenkins

Director of Financial Operations:

Jim Nakao

Director of Human Resources:

Peg Savala

Director of Career Services and Public Service:

Ana Bidoglio

Director of Student Finance:

Donna J. Espinoza

Director of IT:

Lawrence Ebo

Assistant Dean of Admission:

Gloria Switzer

Associate Dean of Academics and Professor:

Greg Sergienko

Director of Facilities:

Tom Ferrin

Director of Library:

Patricia O'Connor



MARYANN JONES, (Dean and President), Education: Trinity College (B.A.); Chicago‑Kent College of Law (J.D.). COURSES: Civil Practice Externship, Civil Procedure, Judicial Externship, Professional Skills. Email: majones@wsulaw.edu

DAVID BRENNAN, (Visiting Associate Professor), Education: Golden State School of Law (J.D.); University of San Diego (LLM.). COURSES: Comparative Law, International Law, Transactions, and International Criminal Law. Email: dbrennan@wsulaw.edu


TODD BROWER, (Professor), Education: Princeton University (A.B., cum laude); Stanford University (J.D.); Yale University (LL.M.). COURSES: Constitutional Law, Employment Discrimination, Labor Law and Property. Email: tbrower@wsulaw.edu


DONALD DAUCHER, (Associate Professor), Education: University of Rochester (B.S.); Duke Law School (J.D.). COURSES: Civil Procedure and Evidence. Email: ddaucher@wsulaw.edu


DAVID FRAKT, (Associate Professor), Education: University of California, Irvine (B.A., summa cum laude, History, 1990); Harvard Law School (J.D., cum laude, 1994). COURSES: Issues in Military Law: War Crimes, Professional Responsibility, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure. Email: dfrakt@wsulaw.edu


NEIL T. GOTANDA, (Professor), Education: Stanford University (B.S.); University of California, Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law (J.D.); Harvard University Law School (LL.M.). COURSES: Constitutional Law, Equal Protection and Due Process, First Amendment and Asian American Jurisprudence. Email: ngotanda@wsulaw.edu


JAMES A. HAYES, (Assistant Dean, Programs and Centers), Education: University of California, Irvine (B.A., Classics, 1975); Western State University College of Law (J.D., with Honors, 1992). COURSES: Agency & Partnerships, Bankruptcy Law, Contracts, Contract Drafting, Corporations, Payment Systems, Sales, Secured Personal Property Transactions. Email: jihayes@wsulaw.edu


CHEYANNA JAFFKE, (Professor), Education: University of Idaho (B.S., summa cum laude); University of Idaho College of Law (J.D.); University of Washington School of Law (LL.M.). COURSES: Estate and Gift Taxation, Corporations, Taxation of Business Entities, Federal Income Tax, American Indian Law, and Wills & Trusts. Email: cjaffke@wsulaw.edu


RICHARD JENKINS, (Associate Dean of Students), Education: Western State University College of Law (B.S.L.; J.D.). COURSES: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Disability Law, Education Law, Evidence and Juvenile Law. Email: rijenkins@wsulaw.edu


SUSAN KELLER, (Professor), Education: Harvard/Radcliffe Colleges (A.B., 1983); Harvard Law School (J.D., 1986); University of California, Irvine (M.F.A.). COURSES: Property, Torts, Women and the Law, and Employment Discrimination Law. Email: skeller@wsulaw.edu


GLENN S. KOPPEL, (Professor), Education: City College of New York (B.A.); Harvard University Law School (J.D.). COURSES: Civil Procedure, Evidence, Evidence Practice. Email: gkoppel@wsulaw.edu


PHILIP L. MERKEL, (Professor), Education: University of Illinois (A.B.); University of Illinois College of Law (J.D.); University of Virginia (M.A.). COURSES: Legal History, Remedies, Professional Skills, Remedies, Torts. Email: pmerkel@wsulaw.edu


KEVIN MOHR, (Associate Professor), Education: Harpur College (B.A., magna cum laude); University of Wisconsin (M.S.); Yale University Law School (J.D.). COURSES: Contract, Intellectual Property, Professional Skills, Professional Responsibility. Email: kmohr@wsulaw.edu


LORI ROBERTS, (Assistant Professor/Lawyering Skills), Education: University of Washington (B.A.); University of Miami School of Law (J.D.). COURSES: Professional Skills. Email: loroberts@wsulaw.edu


TERENCE W. ROBERTS, (Director, Legal Clinic and Associate Professor), Education: University of the Pacific (B.A.); University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law (J.D.). COURSES: Community Property, State and Local Government Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Negotiations and Legal Clinic Seminar. Email: troberts@wsulaw.edu


GREG SERGIENKO, (Associate Dean of Academic Faculty), Education: Harvard College (B.A., magna cum laude); Harvard University Law School (J.D., magna cum laude). COURSES: Civil Procedure, Torts, and Remedies. Email: gsergienko@wsulaw.edu


CHARLES B. SHEPPARD, (Professor), Education: California State University, Dominguez Hills (B.A.); Loyola University School of Law (J.D.). COURSES: Property, Trusts, Secured Land Transactions and Real Estate Transactions. Email: cshepard@wsulaw.edu


WALLY WADE, (Associate Professor), Education: Loyola University (B.A.; J.D.). COURSES: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure. Email: wwade@wsulaw.edu


EDITH WARKENTINE, (Professor), Education: University of California, Berkeley (A.B.); University of California, Davis (J.D.). COURSES: Contracts, Commercial Law, Real Property. Email: ewarkentine@wsulaw.edu