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Statement of Practice Summary
Employment Law (Employer; Employee); Employment Discrimination; Employer Liability; Sexual Harassment; Wrongful Termination; Race Discrimination; Sex Discrimination; Religious Discrimination; Pregnancy Discrimination; Whistle Blowing; Family and Medical Leave; Restrictive Covenant; Wage and Hour Law; Overtime Claims; Severance Packages; Contract Law; Litigation.; Disability Discrimination; Discrimination; Age Discrimination; Age Discrimination in Employment; Employment Disability Discrimination; Caregiver Discrimination; National Origin Discrimination; Harassment; Labor and Employment; Employment Contracts; Employment at Will; Employment Terminiation; Employment Rights; Employment Mediation; Employment Law; Employment Litigation; Family and Medical Leave Act; Reductions in Force; Retaliatory Discharge; Restrictive Covenants; Whistleblower Litigation; Mediation; Arbitration; Qui Tam Litigation; Executive Severance Contracts; Workplace Violence; ERISA; ERISA Litigation; Title VII Discrimination; Equal Employment Opportunity Law; Trade Secret Misappropriation; Contracts; Noncompetition and Non-Solicitation Agreements; Fraud .