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Recognizing the changing landscape of litigation, Sloane and Walsh offers the full range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, including mediation and arbitration. As experienced trial lawyers, Sloane and Walsh’s attorneys are regularly sought out as mediators and arbitrators in complex personal injury and property damage litigation as well as intricate commercial and insurance disputes.

Our mediation services have included numerous settlements well in excess of one million dollars and have included a number of multi-million dollar resolutions. Representative mediated settlements have included claims involving wrongful death, severe brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, mold contamination, sexual assault, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, multi-party construction site accidents, significant property losses, insurance coverage disputes and bad faith claims practices.

Sloane and Walsh’s extensive litigation experience provides us with unique analytical skills to reconcile the competing positions of the parties in the most contentious of circumstances. Both plaintiffs and defendants have actively sought out our senior lawyers to function as mediators and arbitrators recognizing that their cases will be analyzed and evaluated both knowledgeably and fairly.

In addition to mediation, our attorneys are often requested to serve as arbitrators with respect to a wide variety of civil disputes. Recognizing that contemporary litigants may want to avoid the uncertainties of jury trial and gain the efficiencies of binding arbitration, Sloane and Walsh is well prepared to provide skillful and fair arbitration services. In providing arbitration services, our attorneys have extensive experience in receiving and weighing evidence, analyzing arbitration memoranda and producing written opinions of the highest quality to assure the respective parties that their case has been attentively heard, thoroughly analyzed and fairly decided. We strive for an arbitration environment that is courteous, respectful and thorough. Arbitration services, of course, can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the parties including limited arbitration procedures designated to resolve specified issues that are germane to the ultimate resolution of more complex problems.

Representative arbitrations which have been handled by Sloane and Walsh include claims for personal injuries arising in a variety of liability contexts, property damage claims, contested claims for workers compensation benefits, insurance coverage disputes, financial planning negligence, and other types of civil claims. Arbitrations are concluded with a prompt, written decision which includes specific findings of fact derived from the evidence, an explication of the applicable legal principles, and ultimate conclusions of fact and law which assure clarity of decision and instill confidence in the process.

Among our senior lawyers who have functioned as mediators and arbitrators are William J. Dailey, Jr., John P. Ryan, Robert H. Gaynor and Ross A. Kimball. Sloane and Walsh remains committed not only to effective and expert advocacy in the courtroom, but also to innovative approaches in the field of ADR as litigants continually seek out new and more efficient means to resolve their civil disputes.