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Energy trading and investment in energy-related projects in the Middle East, Caribbean and other markets necessarily involves careful consideration of U.S. trade laws prohibiting transactions with the governments, nationals, products and vessels of sanctioned countries. Our lawyers regularly counsel and assist U.S. and foreign clients on the sanctions programs administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control and their application to trading and commercial transactions.

Our lawyers' extensive experience on trade issues also includes extraterritorial sanctions laws such as Helms-Burton and the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act, United Nations sanctions, anti-boycott laws, anti-bribery statutes, short supply controls and other export restrictions. We counsel firms with multinational operations regarding acquisitions and investments where trade sanctions come into play and assist them in obtaining specific licenses from the Treasury Department to enter into transactions otherwise subject to regulatory prohibitions or with respect to blocked property. We develop in-house compliance programs, trading guidelines and give seminars to traders, lawyers and operations personnel. We advise clients on contract documentation where protective measures are necessary to ensure compliance with anti-boycott, foreign corrupt practices and sanctions laws. We represent both energy and non-energy clients before the Office of Foreign Assets Control in defending notices of violation and settlement of enforcement actions.