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Statement of Practice Summary
Dram Shop Liability; Civil Appeals; Business Torts; Civil Practice; Federal Civil Practice; Class Actions; Commercial Law; Commercial Litigation; Commercial Torts; Construction Law; Construction Accidents; Construction Claims; Construction Liability; Construction Products Liability; Construction Safety; Criminal Law; Assault and Battery; Hit and Run; Malicious Prosecution; Traffic Violations; Fraud and Deceit; Art Fraud; Automobile Fraud; Civil Fraud; Fraud; General Practice; Federal Practice; Hospital Law; Hospital Liability; Hospital Negligence; Hospital Premises Liability; Hospital Risk Management; Insurance; Accident Insurance; Automobile Insurance; Automobile Insurance Coverage; Automobile Liability; Casualty Insurance; Commercial Insurance; Excess Coverage; Extra Contractual Insurance Claims; First and Third Party Insurance; First Party Insurance; General Liability; Insurance Bad Faith; Insurance Contracts; Insurance Coverage; Insurance Fraud; Insurance Litigation; Personal Liability; Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists; Media Libel; Litigation; Civil Litigation; Complex Litigation; Federal Civil Litigation; Federal Litigation; Trial Practice; Negligence; Personal Injury; Accidents; Animal Attacks; Aquatic Injuries; Automobile Accidents and Injuries; Automobile Negligence; Bicycle Accidents; Boating Accidents; Bodily Injury; Brain Injury; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Catastrophic Injury; Commercial Vehicle Liability; Cumulative Trauma; Dog Bites; Electrical Injury; Electromagnetic Field Litigation; Head Injury; Motor Vehicle Accidents and Injuries; Motorcycle Accidents; Neurolaw; Pedestrian Injuries; Personal Injury Appeals; Personal Injury Arbitration; Personal Injury Mediation; Plaintiffs Personal Injury; Power Line Contact Injury; Psychological Injury; Rental Vehicle Litigation; Repetitive Stress Injury; School Bus Accidents; Severe Burns; Sexual Abuse; Slip and Fall; Spinal Injury; Subway Accidents; Third Party Wrongful Death; Tourist Injuries; Unintended Acceleration; Whiplash; Wrongful Death; Premises Liability; Inadequate Security; Negligent Security; Premises Security; Private Security Litigation; Privacy Law; Privacy and Publicity; Right of Publicity; Products Liability; Airbag Injury; All Terrain Vehicle Products Liability; Automotive Crashworthiness; Automotive Design Liability; Automotive Products Liability; Automotive Restraints; Bicycle Products Liability; Chemical Explosions; Chemical Products Liability; Drug and Medical Device Litigation; Drug Contamination; Elevator Liability; Engineering Products Liability; Environmental Products Liability; Escalator Liability; Explosions; Firearms Litigation; Flammable Fabrics; Gas Explosions; Heart Device Litigation; Heavy Equipment Products Liability; Industrial Products Liability; Manufacturers Liability; Motorcycle Products Liability; Office Equipment Products Liability; Product Defects; Product Failure; Product Recall; Product Safety; Product Warning Labels; Products Liability Arbitration; Products Liability Insurance Coverage; Products Liability Mediation; Products Liability Subrogation; Propane Products Liability; Recreational Products Liability; Recreational Vehicle Products Liability; Seat Belt Injury; Tire Defect Litigation; Tire/Rim Mismatch; Vaccine Injury; Vehicle Rollovers; Welding Products Liability; Sports Injury; Torts; Civil Liability; Intentional Torts; Mass Torts; Tort Liability; Burglary; Capital Offenses; Civil Forfeiture; Crime Victims Compensation; Criminal Antitrust; Criminal Appeals; Criminal Conspiracy; Criminal Defense; Criminal Forfeiture; Criminal Fraud; Criminal Investigation; Criminal Prosecution; Drivers License Suspension; Driving While Intoxicated; DUI/DWI; Electronic Surveillance; Forensic Science; Forensic DNA; Forensic Medicine; Forensic Accounting; Felonies; Federal Criminal Law; Extradition; Expungements; Extortion; Forgery; Grand Jury Practice; Habeas Corpus; Homicide; Mail Fraud; Manslaughter; Misdemeanors; Money Laundering; Murder; Parole and Probation; Post-Conviction Remedies; Search and Seizure; Shoplifting; Stalking; Theft; Vehicular Homicide; Victims Rights; Weapons Charges; Wire Fraud; Wiretapping; Assault; Asset Recovery; Aviation Litigation; Helicopter Crash Litigation; Civil Rights; Civil Rights Section 1983; Human Rights; Personal Rights; Race Discrimination; Bribery; Juvenile Criminal Law; Juvenile Delinquency; Sexual Assault; Drugs and Narcotics; Drug Crimes; Elder Law; Eminent Domain; Medical Malpractice; AIDS Litigation; Automobile Accidents; Bus Accidents; Motor Vehicle Accidents; TMJ Dysfunction; Transfusion Associated AIDS; Traumatic Brain Injury; Family Law; Adoptions; Agency Adoptions; Alimony; Annulment; Assisted Reproductive Technology; Child Abduction; Child Abuse and Neglect; Child Advocacy; Child Care; Child Custody; Child Custody Mediation; Child Dependency; Child Protection; Child Sexual Abuse; Child Support; Child Welfare; Childrens Rights; Civil Unions; Divorce Mediation; Divorce Arbitration; Divorce; Day Care; Community Property Law; Collaborative Family Law; Cohabitation Agreements; Fathers Rights; Family Arbitration; Family Mediation; Equitable Distribution; Domestic Violence; Domestic Torts; Domestic Relations; Domestic Partnerships; Divorce Taxation; Foster Care; Gay and Lesbian Family Law; Grandparents Custody; Grandparents Visitation Rights; Independent Adoptions; Interstate Adoptions; Juvenile Dependency; Juvenile Law; Interstate Support; Interstate Child Custody; Legal Separation; Marital Agreements; Marital Property Distribution; Marital Property Law; Marital Property Settlements; Matrimonial Law; Military Divorce; Name Changes; No Fault Divorce; Non-Traditional Family Law; Orphans Court Practice; Post Nuptial Agreements; Post Divorce Modification; Paternity; Parenting Time; Parental Rights; Palimony; Parental Kidnapping; Premarital Agreements; Private Adoptions; Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs); Restraining Orders; Same Sex Marriage; Spousal Support; Visitation Rights; Uncontested Divorce; Third Party Custody; Termination of Parental Rights; Surrogacy Law; Step Parent Adoptions; White Collar Fraud; White Collar Criminal Defense; Embezzlement; White Collar Crime; Premises Liability Defense; Occupational Safety and Health; Industrial Accidents; OSHA; Occupational Injuries; Sex Crimes.