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Todd & Weld aggresively pursues the rights of our injured clients.  The firm’s lawyers are highly regarded by the defense bar for their creative and zealous advocacy, and this frequently leads to high settlements prior to trial.  If a matter must be tried, Todd & Weld’s  lawyers are experienced and prepared.  For these reasons, many judges and highly regarded lawyers see Todd & Weld as the go-to firm when a client, family member, or friend needs a personal injury attorney.

The variety of tort cases the firm has handled over the years is a varied as the firm’s commercial practice.  We have, for instance, successfully represented plaintiffs in suits involving injuries suffered in construction accidents, automobile accidents, pedestrian accidents, diving accidents, industrial accidents, and natural gas pipeline explosions.  We have brought products liability claims on behalf of our clients, including a wrongful death claim against an automobile manufacturer and a class action lawsuit against a tire company.

Some of our representative cases

  • An $8.4 million settlement arising out of multiple deaths from a fire in a commercial building in Newton, Massachusetts.
  • A $1.75 million settlement arising out of an auto accident with resulting physical injuries and brain damage to a 50-year-old learning-disabled woman.
  • A $700,000 pre-suit settlement arising out of an auto accident with resulting physical injuries to a 36-year-old woman.
  • A $3.8 Million settlement on behalf of a 21-year-old construction worker who fell four stories and broke his back and also suffered a cerebral stroke rendering him a paraplegic, as well as paralyzed in the left arm.
  • A $1 Million pre-lawsuit settlement obtained on behalf of a 74 year old man whose leg was amputated as a result of injuries suffered in an automobile accident.
  • A $900,000 settlement for a man who became brain damaged from Legionnaire's Disease which he contracted when inspecting tanks in the defendant's plant.
  • A $700,000 settlement obtained against a newspaper company and the driver of an automobile on behalf of a paperboy who was killed on his bicycle when picking up his papers for delivery.
  • A $480,000 settlement against a trucking company for unsafe driving and against an automobile manufacturer for a defective door latch on behalf of the estate of a woman killed in a multi-car accident by a tractor-trailer.
  • A $250,000 pre-lawsuit settlement on behalf of a woman who developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy (“RSD”) after her foot was injured in an automobile accident.
  • A $250,000 settlement obtained on behalf of a woman who contracted a sexually transmitted disease from sperm used during artificial insemination.
  • A $235,000 settlement for a 6 year old child who was attacked by a dog, sustaining gashes to the head and emotional trauma.
  • A $228,755 verdict obtained against an elevator company for a man whose knee was injured when the elevator door closed on it.
  • A $210,000 pre-lawsuit settlement of a bicycle accident case on behalf of a young woman who suffered multiple fractures to her leg and pelvis.