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In matters of public policy, solid strategy begins with a clear understanding of the issues, the interests and the influence needed to achieve results. Maine Street Solutions, a public affairs and consulting service of Verrill Dana, LLP, is at the nexus of cutting-edge public policy, legislative advocacy, and the traditional practice of law. We help clients transform problems into opportunities.

From political campaign strategy, coalition building and lobbying to polling and public relations, our team serves as a valuable resource guiding you through government relations. At the ready with proactive and reactive planning, we create integrated plans, identify and initiate connections to influence perception, behavior and decisions.

Likewise, business strategy and tactics require a similar grasp of opportunity, capability and execution through a seasoned network of clients, vendors and affiliates. Maine Street Solutions offers key planning and execution for entrepreneurs, whether it be creating a successful business plan or entering a new marketplace.

Led by former Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives Michael Saxl, Maine Street Solutions draws upon the skills of experienced Legislative Advocates and lawyers with strong ties to state and national policymakers at all levels of government and in both political parties. Maine Street Solutions offers a range of services - from traditional Legal Advocacy and strategic public relations, to campaign management and lobbying.


Banking: Right to Sell Insurance

We represented an association of Maine banks seeking to change the law preventing them from selling insurance. This required a detailed understanding of the laws governing insurance sales and bank power, and it required careful negotiations with state regulators, credit unions, and insurance producers over a six month period. We helped get the law passed in 1997 with overwhelming support in the Maine Legislature.

Franchisor Representation: Termination of Franchisee/Dealer

We represented a Maine-based manufacturer/distributor of automated retrieval systems who needed assistance defending its termination of a Minnesota-based dealer of its products. Calling on their extensive experience and knowledge of state franchise laws around the United States, and Maine Franchise Law in particular, our team of litigators was able to gain a favorable arbitration result by establishing that our client had no liability in terminating this dealer.

Local Opposition to Acquisition Prompts Nimble Legislative Action

Verrill Dana helps multinational company fight off emergency legislation aimed at blocking a proposed merger with a local Maine corporation.

Telecommunications: Helping a Dark Fiber Provider Bring High-Speed Broadband to Rural Maine

Verrill Dana helps a start-up dark fiber provider in Maine secure a $25 million ARRA grant for middle-mile fiber – the first awarded nationally by the NTIA; pass controversial legislation allowing dark fiber to attach to utility poles; and gain Maine PUC approval to do business.

Telecommunications: Helping Radio Provider Win Contract to Build Statewide Radio System

Verrill Dana assists major national radio vendor win and retain $50 million contract to design and build a statewide radio system in Maine. To win the bid, we helped our client submit one winning proposal, defend a bid appeal, and then submit a second winning proposal. We continue to help our client work with state and local officials as the system is designed, and built.

Verrill Dana Helps Gardiner Water District Secure Land for a New Water Tank

Verrill Dana assisted long-time client Gardiner Water District, and its engineering firm Wright-Pierce, obtain the necessary land to construct a one million gallon water tank in Farmingdale.

Verrill Dana Helps Methadone Clinic Win Local Approval in Sanford, Maine

Verrill Dana has a long history of helping methadone clinics in Maine, having helped permit the very first clinic in the mid-1990’s. In early 2011, a Massachusetts based provider of opiate addiction treatment services approached Verrill Dana for assistance in opening an outpatient Methadone treatment clinic in Sanford, Maine. On October 2nd, 2012, after more than 18 months of work, Verrill Dana succeeded in helping the client win approval from the Sanford Town Council to open a clinic.

Verrill Dana Helps Neighborhood Group in Dispute Over Proposed Ferry Legislation

In 2013, Jim Cohen helped a group of Yarmouth, Maine residents in a state legislative dispute involving the private ferry service serving the Town of Chebeague Island.

Verrill Dana Tapped to Conduct Independent Investigation of Municipal Land Deal

Amid intense public and media scrutiny, Verrill Dana conducted an extensive independent investigation of a municipal land deal in Brewer, Maine and delivered a detailed investigative report to the Brewer City Council.

Water and Wastewater: Helping Water Systems Develop and Carry Out Consolidation Plans That Are Right for Their Community

Verrill Dana has assisted local water districts in a wide range of regional planning efforts, ranging from enhancing communications with local municipalities, to formation of a regional water council, to the interconnection of water systems, to full merger or consolidation.