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We work with whistleblowers to expose government fraud.

Fraud against the government takes many forms, from false Medicare claims to price-fixing on government contracts — leaving taxpayers to foot the bills. Waters, Kraus & Paul has the in-depth qui tam experience and steadfast commitment to see every claim through until justice is done.

What does the term 'Qui Tam' stand for?

Qui Tam is a Latin term taken from the phrase, "qui tam pro domino rege quam pro sic ipso in hoc parte sequitur." Translated, it means, "he who as well for the king as for himself sues in this matter."

Qui tam litigation allows whistleblower clients — known as "relators" — to bring actions on behalf of the government as well as themselves to expose fraudulent practices that compromise the integrity of certain programs and waste the money of hardworking taxpayers.

How Waters, Kraus & Paul can help whistleblowers

With a national presence and a wealth of experience helping whistleblowers expose fraud against the government, Waters, Kraus & Paul provides aggressive representation through the entire course of litigation. To learn more about our seasoned attorneys and qui tam representation at Waters, Kraus & Paul, visit or contact us at 800.226.9880.