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Commitment to Diversity
Williams Mullen is committed to the diversity of its workplace. The firm’s mission is to foster an environment where individuals of all races, color, ethnicity, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, age, disability,  andmarital and parental status contribute and succeed professionally. A diverse workplace is a productive workplace, a social responsibility and a business and client expectation. Our efforts to embrace a diverse workplace include: (a) demonstrating the clear and consistent commitment of our leadership to diversity; (b) enhancing and sustaining an inclusive culture at our firm; (c) recruiting a diverse group of talented individuals to our firm; (d) providing domestic partner benefits to those who are eligible and their children whenever our benefits and employee policies deal with family relationships; (e) communicating, both internally, and externally our commitment to diversity; (f) the establishment of our Attorneys of Color, LGBT and Women’s Initiatives; (g) providing an internal quarterly newsletter – evolve., which highlights the many contributions of our employees both internally and in the community, in addition to our various diversity initiatives;  and (h) recognizing the various heritage and awareness months throughout the year with an internal educational newsletter that features the history and contributions by persons of diverse backgrounds.

For more information, visit www.williamsmullen.com/diversity/landing