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Commercial contracts may seem airtight until they’re tested by a tough economy. That’s when various parties struggle to preserve gains or limit losses by exploiting minute details of agreements, when a lack of clarity may exact a significant financial toll.

Our attorneys are practical and commerce minded, always focused on delivering practical solutions to business problems at a fair, reasonable fee for the value provided.

Wilson Elser advises its clients on the entire range of commercial contracts and agreements from commodities export arrangements to commercial and residential construction projects to motion picture and television talent, production and distribution agreements. Our attorneys are practical and commerce minded, always focused on delivering practical solutions to business problems at a fair, reasonable fee for the value provided.

Our clients rely on us for advice regarding event-driven agreements, such as those involving the organization of companies, financing and loans, joint ventures, divestitures and dissolutions. Many seek our counsel crafting the quotidian operations contracts that drive their business every day, including sales and service contracts, master agreements, consulting contracts, lease arrangements and licensing and distribution agreements.

The difficult economy has created particular turmoil in contracts involving employers and their executives. On the front end, we help to craft effective contracts relating to initial employment agreements, non-compete clauses, confidentiality protections and ownership of intellectual property created through the work process. On the back end, we represent clients in litigation involving these same matters, helping to achieve client goals by leveraging specific contract clauses and negotiating concessions from their adversaries.

Another result of current economic conditions has been an uptick in commercial construction litigation. While accomplished litigators in all construction areas, we also provide clients with experienced guidance in drafting and evaluating construction contracts, security agreements, bond and surety agreements, insurance and reinsurance agreements, risk-shifting and indemnification clauses, equipment leasing agreements, supply contracts and design professional engagement agreements. Our attorneys work closely with their clients through all phases of the commercial and construction documentation process to help manage and mitigate related risks.

Wilson Elser’s clients appreciate how our firm’s depth in insurance law keeps our practitioners focused on striking a balance between risk and business opportunity, as well as providing specific insights that help them manage risks and liabilities with innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Articles Authored by Lawyers at this office:

California Protects Minors from the Internet by Imposing Restrictions on Online Marketing or Advertising of Products Minors Cannot Legally Purchase
D. Victoria LaBrie,Ian A. Stewart, December 13, 2013
Operators of Internet websites and online services, online applications or mobile applications (online media) will be prohibited from targeting minors with advertisements for goods that a minor cannot legally purchase and services in which a minor cannot legally engage. The new restrictions are set...

Recent U.S. Supreme Court Opinion Supports Forum Selection Clauses in Interstate Contracts
William K. Enger,Tracy J. Luu-Varnes, December 13, 2013
On December 3, 2013, the United States Supreme Court in a unanimous decision made an important ruling that supports forum selection clauses in interstate contracts. In Atlantic Marine Construction Co., Inc. v. United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, et. al. (12-929,...