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Our team helps successful families and entrepreneurs around the world structure their assets in a way that will preserve their wealth now and for future generations.

We advise on all aspects of wealth structuring, using domestic and international trusts and foundations, private trust companies in local as well as offshore jurisdictions and we co-ordinate the acquisition of appropriate investments.

Our advice to fiduciaries covers the design and implementation of new plans, as well as the modernization and consolidation of older trusts. We also assist them in complying with the complex rules surrounding investments, accounting, taxes and compliance.

Some of our clients are based only in the US or UK. Others are international families with family members who have UK and/or US connections and want to mitigate their exposure to tax. We also assist families based in the Middle East and Asia who have little or no connection with the UK or US but want to hold their wealth in suitable trust structures.

Recent work

  • Working with a Wall Street entrepreneur to establish and structure his private equity fund. We assisted him in the initially planning and structuring of the fund and prepared offer documents and constitutional documents. Along the way our team provided all the requisite advice on the salient United States tax and regulatory issues.
  • Advising a Greenwich fund manager on various employment packages for her small but growing Art Fund. In order to retain talent, she hired our firm to structure deferred compensation packages which allowed employees an equity stake in the firm while minimizing their taxes.
  • Advising a US based family who invested together on a "pooled basis". Even though both parents had died recently, the offspring of the family wanted to continue to invest in both real estate and hedge funds, but in varying percentages. Our lawyers structured "tracking partnerships" which allowed the family to continue to invest together but in different asset classes and monetary commitments.
  • Advised multinational family on tax efficient structuring of investments across multiple jurisdictions.

Articles Authored by Lawyers at this office:

Brexit: Corporate Tax Issues
Andrew Terry, July 21, 2016
On Brexit the UK will stand outside the existing EU customs union with all the other EU Member States. Unless an alternative arrangement is negotiated exports of goods to EU countries will become liable to EU customs duties and import VAT in the destination state. Imports of goods from the EU to...

CRS and Beneficial Ownership
Filippo Noseda, June 09, 2016
In today’s difficult economic climate, countries need more than ever to ensure that they collect all the tax revenues that are due to them in order to fund public expenditure and reduce public debt. The arrival of new technologies has made it easier to collect and exchange information to...

Disclosure of Ownership of UK Property
Lindsay Brown,Christopher Groves,Justine Markovitz, June 09, 2016
At the international anti-corruption summit today David Cameron has announced significant proposals that will affect foreign owners of UK property.

Tax Court Decision Clarifies Treatment of Intergenerational Split-Dollar Life Insurance Arrangement
N. Todd Angkatavanich,James R. Brockway,Kenneth A. Pun,Edward A. Renn, June 09, 2016
Taxpayers and tax planners scored a big win in the April 13, 2016, Tax Court decision Morrissette v. Commissioner (146 T.C. No.11). The decision clarified the treatment of an intergenerational split-dollar life insurance arrangement, removing doubts regarding a planning strategy which some...

Summary of Significant Corporate Tax Related Announcements in the 2016 Budget
Andrew Terry, April 28, 2016
There were a number of significant corporate tax related announcements in the recent budget some of which were anticipated and some of which were unexpected. We have summarised below a selection of those which we regard as most significant.

UK Budget 2016 - Swiss Highlights
Lindsay Brown,Justine Markovitz,Ian Perrett, March 30, 2016
The run-up to today's UK Budget was dominated by rumours of major changes to the taxation of pensions which did not materialise. Instead, there were announcements on CGT, SDLT, tax avoidance and evasion and the pending non-dom changes, not to mention the introduction of a sugar tax.

UK Budget 2016: CGT, Stamp Duty, More Anti-Avoidance and a Boost for Entrepreneurs
Sophie Dworetzsky,Katie Graves,Christopher Groves,Judith Ingham,Gillian Johnson, March 30, 2016
Against what he described as a backdrop of storm clouds gathering, George Osborne sought to deliver an upbeat Budget with a surprising amount of good news.

Market Turmoil Creates Planning Opportunities
N. Todd Angkatavanich,Alistair D. Christopher,Jeremy B. Crickard,Mark E. Haranzo, March 02, 2016
While the state of the stock market may be causing stress for some investors who might otherwise hope to hunker down, ignore the market ups and downs and weather the storm, the current market climate actually presents a planning opportunity for Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts, or GRATs.