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Because we represent some of the largest commercial property insurers in the world, Zelle Hofmann is perhaps best known for our expertise in litigating complex property coverage, appraisal, and adjustment disputes. This includes extensive involvement in resolving claims resulting from the 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attack, the aftermath of devastating hurricanes such as Katrina, Ike, Rita, Wilma, and Andrew, and a host of industrial accidents, fires, explosions, toxic spills, and natural disasters.

Zelle Hofmann attorneys are also at the forefront of third-party insurance coverage disputes. For example, we have handled hundreds of environmental coverage lawsuits in nearly every state, including claims under environmental impairment liability policies and primary and excess policies. This work includes considerable experience with coverage disputes involving municipalities and trade associations, as well as defending liability claims of bodily injury resulting from environmental contamination, faulty products, construction defects and accidents. In addition to environmental coverage, Zelle Hofmann attorneys are experienced in asbestos, product defect, construction, advertising injury and the full range of general commercial third-party coverages. Chinese Drywall is a more recent and developing case and Zelle Hofmann is representing major insurer interests on a national level.

Another of our core insurance practices is defending property and casualty and life and health insurers against claims alleging unfair business practices. Zelle Hofmann attorneys have been a national "bad faith" counsel to insurance clients for decades, and we regularly track and analyze those cases to effectively counsel and train our clients in protecting against these high-exposure claims. We also defend our clients and their insured professionals in individual claims and class actions alleging misconduct in the sale of policies and annuities as well as the full spectrum of D&O, E&O and employment disputes.