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Zelle Hofmann has a very active reinsurance practice that spans the full breadth of reinsurance disputes present in today’s market. The reinsurance industry is becoming ever more complex, with new alternative risk-sharing opportunities and evolving regulations that affect both domestic and foreign transactions. Zelle Hofmann attorneys closely follow the emerging legal issues and market forces in the reinsurance business, backed by extensive experience in disputes relating to both broker and direct reinsurance markets.

Zelle Hofmann’s reinsurance practice has included the representation of ceding companies, reinsurers, retrocessionaires and reinsurance intermediaries in litigation, arbitration, and in specific claim analysis. The firm’s representation has involved disputes over all types of reinsurance arrangements, not only facultative and treaty reinsurance, but also reinsurance “facilities,” fronting agreements, and programs involving captive insurers. These disputes have concerned the broadest range of issues, including rescission, aggregate extension clauses, fraud and collusion, negligent misrepresentation, bad faith, punitive damages, automatic and optional reinstatements, cutoff, declaratory judgment expenses, “follow the fortunes”, late notice, offset, claim allocation, number of occurrences, extra-contractual damages, ex gratia settlements, and the right to associate. Zelle Hofmann attorneys are also actively involved as mediators and arbitrators in reinsurance disputes.