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Documents on banking law

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HTMLSBA Lending Alert: Reauthorization of the 504 Debt Refinancing Program
Alison W. Rind; Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chartered;
Legal Alert/Article
June 20, 2016, previously published on May 27, 2016
The day has finally come! The SBA issued SBA Policy Notice 5000-1382 on May 26 announcing the Reauthorization of the 504 Debt Refinancing Program.


HTMLCFPB Proposes New Rule on Mandatory Consumer Arbitration Clauses
Lisa M. Ledbetter, Sanjay Narayan; Jones Day;
Legal Alert/Article
June 16, 2016, previously published on May 2016
Arbitration as a means of dispute resolution is intended to help consumers and businesses save time and money and achieve fair results when compared to traditional litigation. Millions of contracts for consumer financial products and services have a pre-dispute arbitration clause that requires...


HTMLCFPB Fires Another Warning Shot for Processors to Be Aware of Their Merchants’ Activities
Brian Barrett, Brian M. Murphy, Robert J. Pile, Lewis S. Wiener; Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
June 14, 2016, previously published on June 14, 2016
In a recent line of enforcement actions, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has signaled that it will hold payment processors liable if the CFPB believes the processors know or should have known that transactions processed for their processing customers are fraudulent or illegal. The...


HTMLMadden v. Midland Funding, LLC: Solicitor General Recommends Against Certiorari but Explains Flaws in the Second Circuit's Controversial Decision
Traci L. Lovitt, Matthew A. (Matt) Martel, Anthony M. (Tony) Masero, Joseph B. (Joe) Sconyers; Jones Day;
Legal Alert/Article
June 13, 2016, previously published on May 2016
This week, the Solicitor General filed a brief recommending that the U.S. Supreme Court deny certiorari in Madden v. Midland Funding, LLC because of, among other things, the absence of a circuit split and the possibility that the appellants may still prevail in the underlying dispute after the case...


HTMLFASB Anticipates June Release for Credit Loss Standard; Community Banks Weigh In
Peter J. Rivas; Jones Walker LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
June 9, 2016, previously published on May 26, 2016
The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB or the Board) is set to release a final standard for loans and securities write-downs at the end of June. Before it releases its final amendments to U.S. GAAP, the Board will likely meet again to weigh the upcoming standard's costs and benefits.


HTMLTraders and Compliance Professionals Take Note: Phase One of New BIS “Global Code” Establishes “Best Practices” in the Foreign Exchange Markets
Jonathan H. Flynn, Anthony M. Mansfield, Gregory George Mocek, Jorge Pesok; Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
June 8, 2016, previously published on June 1, 2016
Limitations on Use of Confidential Information is Prominent in the New Standards Continuing Recent Enforcement Trend in the Commodities and Derivatives Markets


HTMLFinCEN Issues Final Rules for Customer Due Diligence Requirements
Jodi L. Avergun, Scott A. Cammarn, Colleen D. Kukowski, Dorothy D. Mehta, Joseph V. Moreno; Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
June 8, 2016, previously published on May 13, 2016
On May 11, 2016, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”) issued the final version of its long-awaited “Customer Due Diligence Rules” under the Bank Secrecy Act. 1 The final rules impose a new requirement on “covered financial institutions” - which...


Adobe PDFCredit Default Risk in Latin America: A Regional Outlook
Robert da Silva Ashley, Maria Luisa Canovas, Marcello Hallake, Pedro A. Jiménez, Javier L. Martínez del Campo; Jones Day;
Legal Alert/Article
June 8, 2016, previously published on May 2016
In our January 2016 Commentary, “Are You Ready for the Emerging Market Credit Bust?,” we noted that with emerging market debt levels soaring to unprecedented heights and the inevitable cross-border repercussions of defaults, creditors were going to need a well-planned,...


Shalanda N. Franklin; Vandeventer Black LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
June 5, 2016, previously published on May 2016
Having credit is essential for doing business; it provides funds to grow a business and relief during difficult times. However, the receipt of credit often comes with conditions, including personal risk for the business owner and their relatives. Federal laws prohibit a creditor from imposing a...


HTMLFRB Requests Comments on Proposed Single-Counterparty Credit Limits
Scott A. Cammarn, Evan Weller; Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
June 3, 2016, previously published on March 17, 2016
The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System ("FRB") has requested comments on reissued proposed rules that would establish a single-counterparty credit limits ("SCCL") for domestic and foreign bank holding companies with $50 billion or more in total consolidated assets....


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