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Documents on civil rights

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HTMLU.S. Supreme Court: Officers’ Use of Deadly Force to End Car Chase is Justified
Mazanec Raskin Ryder Co. L.P.A.;
Legal Alert/Article
June 24, 2014, previously published on May 29, 2014
On May 27, 2014 the U.S. Supreme Court reaffirmed that police officers under the Fourth Amendment have no obligation to refrain from using deadly force when a fleeing driver poses an ongoing significant risk to officers or public safety. Plumhoff v. Rickard, No. 12-1117. Officers are authorized to...


Adobe PDF"The Long Hard Fight for Equal Rights: a History of Broward County's Colored Beach and the Fort Lauderdale Beach 'Wade-ins' of the Summer of 1961"
William G. Crawford; McDonald & Crawford, P.A.;
Legal Alert/Article
June 16, 2014, previously published by Tequesta,the academic journal of History/Miami f/k/a Historical Association of Southern Florida, Inc., Miami, Fla. vol. 2007: pp.19-51. on 2007
The history of the desegregation of the beaches of Broward County, Florida, from Broward County's purchase of the 'Colored Beach' in 1954 to the first Wade-in on July 4, 1961, to the judgment of Broward Circuit Court Judge Ted Cabot denying the City of Fort Lauderdale's request for an injunction...


HTMLA Black and Blue Lawsuit: Tiffany & Co. Sued for Race Discrimination
Jonathan T. Hyman; Kohrman Jackson & Krantz PLL;
Legal Alert/Article
June 11, 2014, previously published on June 3, 2014
My dog’s name is Loula Mae. “Loula” is name of the dog on the kids cartoon Pocoyo, which my son was obsessed with when we got her. “Mae” just sounded right to pair with Loula, and gives her a bit of a gentile, southern charm. Little did we know, however, that the...


HTMLOn the Legal Benefits of Status under Article 195, Paragraph 3 of the Civil Code
Emily Chueh; Lee Tsai Partners Attorneys-at-Law;
Legal Alert/Article
June 11, 2014, previously published by According to the general opinions in the practical field in recent years, the so-called "legal benefits of status" is not limited to traditional patterns such as parental rights and spouse rights like the kidnapping of children or rape of spouses.  If family relations are impacted when a victim sustains major injuries and is reduced to a vegetative state or suffers paraplegia, the victim's parents, children or spouse may also claim damages from the wrongdoer on the ground that their legal benefits of status are infringed based on the identity relationship such as family ties and family ethics.  Even if the victim subsequently dies due to severe and untreatable injuries, practical opinions indicate that the wrongdoer's infringement of the legal benefits of status of the victim's family still exists.  Therefore, the victim's family can also claim non-property damages in accordance with Article 195, Paragraph 3 of the Civil Code.
On the Legal Benefits of Status under Article 195, Paragraph 3 of the Civil Code


HTMLThe Rising Cost of Having a Baby...If You Discriminate Against the Mother
Katherine L. Holley; Carlock, Copeland & Stair, LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
June 10, 2014, previously published on May 22, 2014
An interesting trend is taking shape in pregnancy discrimination cases. Between 2010 and 2013, the number of pregnancy discrimination charges filed with the EEOC decreased by 12%, but the total monetary benefits paid out increased by 15%. In addition to monetary benefits paid, employers are often...


HTMLReversing Racial Discrimination Claims Is Difficult, but Not Impossible
Goldberg Segalla LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
June 10, 2014, previously published on June 4, 2014
Despite the heightened scrutiny given to reverse racial discrimination claims, it is difficult but not impossible to prevail under the right circumstances.


HTMLGovernor Signs Tennessee Employment Litigation Reform Bill
Jackson Lewis P.C.;
Legal Alert/Article
June 9, 2014, previously published on May 30, 2014
Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed into law a bill removing individual liability for employment discrimination under the Tennessee Human Rights Act from supervisors or employer agents, and capping discriminatees’ “non-pecuniary” damages, among other things. The new law will...


HTMLEffective July 1, 2014: Caps To Be Placed on Non-Monetary Damages Sought Under the THRA, TDA, and TPPA
Charlotte S. Wolfe; Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.;
Legal Alert/Article
June 5, 2014, previously published on May 28, 2014
Tennessee’s governor just signed a highly significant employment litigation reform bill that will benefit employers throughout the state. The new law applies to all causes of action starting July 1, 2014. The bill places caps on the availability of non-monetary damages (pain, suffering,...


HTML“Men’s Day” Customer Appreciation Event Discriminatory
Meaghan McWhinnie, Meaghan McWhinnie, Daniel Pugen, Daniel Pugen; McCarthy Tétrault LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
June 3, 2014, previously published on May 21, 2014
In McConaghie v. Systemgroup Consulting Inc., 2014 HRTO 295, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal (HRTO) found that an employer discriminated against a female employee on the basis of sex by sponsoring a customer appreciation event that was for men only. The HRTO also found that the employer...


HTMLThis Week in Racism (Part 2): Macklemore
Kohrman Jackson Krantz PLL;
Legal Alert/Article
May 29, 2014, previously published on May 20, 2014
Last night, I caught up on Louie on my DVR. At the end of the episode, Louis CK made the following observation about love:


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