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Ballot Initiative Number: 1606: "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

by Ryan Anderson
Wroten & Associates, Inc. - Irvine Office

Darryl A. Ross
Wroten & Associates, Inc. - Irvine Office

August 6, 2014

Previously published on Summer 2014

On October 10, 1911, California became the tenth state to adopt the voter initiative process. This process allows for Californians to petition to have new laws enacted or changes made to the California Constitution. This form of direct democracy gives the people the ability to create new laws or amend pre-existing laws without using the legislative process. Some have criticized the process as it allows legislatures the ability to skirt making decisions on difficult issues. The initiative process has also been criticized as it allows special interest groups to advance legislation while stuffing self-serving provisions deep into the bowels of a proposal where few read. As a result, voters can be left with the proverbial "wolf in sheep's clothing" and head into the polls with an incorrect understanding of certain initiatives.


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