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Overview of Representation of Non-U.S. Citizens

Law Office of Alena Shautsova - Brooklyn Office

September 14, 2012

Previously published by Electronically-in-Touch (NYSBA)

Our Section chose Immigration as the theme for the CLE because we felt there is a growing need for Immigration practitioners and competent counsel who can address needs of non-US citizens within and outside the traditional Immigration Law frames.

The 3.5 hour CLE was titled "An Overview of Representation of non-US citizens," and covered topics of Immigration Basics (speaker Allen Kaye), Removal Proceedings (speaker Kerry Bretz), Representation of non-US citizens in Criminal Courts, motions to vacate (speaker Douglas Reda), and Representation of non-US citizens in Employment proceedings and Labor disputes (speaker Joanne Macri), with Anthony Colleluori a well known Criminal and Civil Rights Trial Lawyer acted to fill in the gaps and stimulate discussion. After the program ended a number of the speakers stayed behind to field further questions from the audience

The panel of our speakers worked hard to put together updated and practical materials, "ready to go forms" and recent decisions of the New York and US Supreme Courts cases. The panelists' presentations focused on points that help to identify most common issues that arise out of one's status, such as prospects of guilty pleas, possibilities of relief from removal, do-s and don't's in Labor disputes. The key point of the training was that counsel should proceed with caution when representing a non US citizen. Lawyers must keep in mind that almost every area of law has developed its own rules and regulations concerning persons that are not US citizens.

The participants truly enjoyed the program and we hope to present interesting programs like this in the future.

- Alena Shautsova, Esq.


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