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New York Law Amended to Protect Child Models' Conditions of Employment and Education Requirements

by Regina E. Faul
Phillips Nizer LLP - New York Office

Marc B. Zimmerman
Phillips Nizer LLP - New York Office

November 11, 2013

Previously published on November 2013

This Legal Alert highlighting a new New York State Labor Law affecting the fashion industry signed by Governor Cuomo will take effect on November 20, 2013. As runway and print models have become younger--leading to concern that girls are being used to sell clothing to women--there has been a growing demand to give models who are still minors the same protections already given to children performing in theaters, in television studios and in other workplaces that can put adult demands on the time (and educational needs) of a child. It implicitly recognizes that young models are children first and workers second, and that their work is child labor of a kind that is permitted--with restrictions that have now been made into law.


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