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HTMLBankruptcy Sales: The Stalking Horse
Brad B. Erens; Jones Day;
Legal Alert/Article
March 30, 2015, previously published on March 2015
Sales of assets pursuant to Section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code or pursuant to a plan of reorganization provide a number of benefits to a purchaser, but they also present a number of potential impediments, particularly to purchasers who are not familiar with the bankruptcy sale process. The benefits...


HTMLAs GM Attempts to Hide Behind Bankruptcy Shield, Bellwether Trials are Set for January 2016
Jodi Westbrook Flowers; Motley Rice;
Legal Alert/Article
March 19, 2015, previously published on March 10, 2015
Despite GM’s initial claim that only 13 deaths were related to its defective ignition switch, the company’s Ignition Switch Compensation Fund has now approved settlements for 64 deaths and 108 serious injury claims. For more than a decade, the automaker knew that this ignition switch...


HTMLSecond Circuit Denies Petition for En Banc Review of Fairfield Decision
Ingrid Bagby, Daniel Gwen, David E. Kronenberg; Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
March 12, 2015, previously published on January 16, 2015
On January 13, 2015, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit denied a petition for en banc review of the Second Circuit’s September 2014 panel decision holding that bankruptcy courts are required to review the propriety of a Chapter 15 debtor’s transfers of property interests...


HTMLLoan Prepayment Penalties
Robinson Brog Leinwand Greene Genovese Gluck P.C.;
Legal Alert/Article
March 5, 2015
It is generally accepted practice for commercial lenders to incorporate prepayment premiums or penalties into loan documents in order to counter act any potential lost interest or other costs resulting from the early payoff of a loan. These prepayment premiums may also be referred to as "make...


HTMLThe Final Word on Mwangi—the Ninth Circuit Holds Debtor Cannot Recover Alleged Damages for a Stay Violation Arising From an Administrative Freeze on the Debtor’s Bank Account
Mona Lyman Burton, Kirk Cheney, Clarissa M. Collier; Holland & Hart LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
February 27, 2015, previously published on December 22, 2014
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently rendered its decision in the Mwangi case, dealing whether a debtor can assert a claim against his bank for placing an administrative freeze on his bank account pending a determination of the debtor’s exemption claim as to the funds in the account.


HTMLNew, New York Regulations
Joseph M. McCandlish; Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A.;
Legal Alert/Article
February 26, 2015, previously published on February 12, 2015
The state of New York enacted new debt collection regulations that will require collection agencies operating in New York to provide additional disclosures to New York residents and to change some of the ways in which the collection agency practices in New York. Some of these regulations take...


HTMLVacant and Abandoned: Can Creditors Discard Personal Property Following a Foreclosure in Ohio?
Benjamin Hoen; Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A.;
Legal Alert/Article
February 26, 2015, previously published on January 27, 2015
Personal property is often left by the prior owner or a tenant following a foreclosure. Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether the personal property has been abandoned. I am often asked what must be done with the personal property left behind once the creditor takes possession of an...


HTMLThe CFPB Changes the Rules...Again
Stephen Franks; Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A.;
Legal Alert/Article
February 26, 2015, previously published on November 26, 2014
In an effort to level the playing field for consumers, the CFPB released a proposal for expanded foreclosure protections on November 20, 2014. The following are a summary of the topics the CFPB’s proposed rule changes cover:


HTMLCFPB Observer: Recent Developments from Nov. 17-28, 2014
Peter L. Cockrell, Brett M. Kitt, Gil Rudolph, J. Scott Sheehan; Greenberg Traurig, LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
February 17, 2015, previously published on December 03, 2014
Require servicers to provide certain borrowers with CFPB’s required foreclosure protections more than once over the term of the loan. Under existing regulations, a servicer need only provide certain protections, such as the right to be evaluated for loss mitigation options, once during the...


HTMLA Wellness Check for Bankruptcy: Confusion Reigns
G. Ray Warner; Greenberg Traurig, LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
February 17, 2015, previously published on January 20, 2015
Last week’s Supreme Court arguments on bankruptcy jurisdiction in Wellness Int’l Network Ltd. v. Sharif, No. 13-935 (S.Ct.), are enough to strike fear into the heart of any bankruptcy buff. What emerges from the transcript of the oral arguments is, in a word, confusion. This bodes ill...


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