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Documents on Family Law, Professional Services

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HTMLDivorce Doesn't Necessarily Mean the Destruction of a Family Business
Robert J. Merlin; Robert J. Merlin, P.A.;
Legal Alert/Article
May 26, 2016, previously published by South Florida Business Journal on April 2016
On March 24, 2016, Governor Rick Scott signed into law HB 967, the Collaborative Law Process Act, which officially recognizes the Collaborative Process as an alternative to traditional litigation. New Florida Statute 61.55 states, "The collaborative law process is a unique non-adversarial...


HTMLMarriage, Separation, Divorce & Other Torts
Rainwater Gibbs L.L.P.;
White Paper
August 20, 2014, previously published by Family Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia on Winter 2013
Marriage is a status being husband and wife that enables the couple privileges not offered to unmarried persons. Modern privileges of marriage allow a spouse to do tasks such as sign legal documents for the other spouse, be granted tax breaks, and have a right to inherit from their deceased...


HTMLIn Divorce, Making Shared Parenting Work
Stange Law Firm PC;
Legal Alert/Article
May 20, 2014, previously published on Spring 2014
Divorce is challenging. Sorting out assets and liabilities, marital or not, may at times seem overwhelming especially when the outcome may be the basis of your future financial health. But, your paramount asset is your children. Planning for each child's upbringing and optimal physical and...


HTMLWhat Do Legal Rates Mean? And What One Should You Choose?
Van Den Heuvel Law Office;
Legal Alert/Article
November 13, 2013, previously published on Fall 2013
There are generally 3 kinds of rates that attorneys charge; (1) flat rate, (2) hourly, and (3) contingency.


HTMLHow to Prevent a Divorce in Michigan
White Paper
August 28, 2013
Michigan has enacted what is known as a no-fault divorce system. This enables residents of Michigan to obtain a divorce without establishing that the other party did something wrong. In other words, dissolution of the marriage past a reasonable point of reconciliation is sufficient grounds to...


HTMLChild custody tough in California military divorce
Heather M. Cullen; The Law Office of Heather Cullen A Professional Corporation;
Legal Alert/Article
August 26, 2013, previously published by Law Office of Heather Cullen, Child Custody Blog on Summer 2012
Child custody can become a contentious issue in divorce, but for some Americans it can become an even more complicated dilemma. Many California readers may know firsthand just how difficult child custody can be during military divorce. States differ when it comes to child custody rules for military...


FILEAttorney finds her niche in Family Law
Keela P. Gracey Esq. Attorney Counselor at Law;
Legal Alert/Article
January 11, 2013, previously published by Oakland County Legal News on February 2012


HTMLRequired Divorcing Parent's Seminar in Metro-Atlanta
Lunn Law LLC;
Legal Alert/Article
November 20, 2012
We encounter prospective clients on a regular basis that are not aware of the mandatory Divorcing Parent's Seminar in Georgia. The mandatory seminar does not include all Metro-Atlanta counties, however, it does involve most. Divorcing parents should be aware of this requirement, but we have found...


HTMLHow to Fill Out A Financial Affidavit in Florida
Joseph Gufford; Gufford & Brandt, A Partnership of Professional Associations;
Legal Form
October 11, 2012, previously published on Spring 2010
In concept, a financial affidavit is a simple document. It is a sworn statement of your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. The form for the affidavit is prescribed by the Florida Supreme Court.


HTMLChildren, the Victims of Divorce
Feldman Schneiderman P.L.;
Legal Alert/Article
June 25, 2012
The divorce process is a painful and frightening process. It is not only the breakdown of a relationship, but it is also the fear of the unknown. Often it is a lifestyle change. You may have to move out of your home and frequently your financial situation will change. However, divorce is a process...


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