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HTMLBan on Large Capacity Grid-Enabled Water Heaters Takes Effect April 16 Unless Congress Acts
Sutherland Asbill Brennan LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
April 15, 2015, previously published on April 14, 2015
A federal ban on large capacity, grid-enabled water heaters will take effect April 16 unless the U.S. House pushes forward with legislation that would allow for continued manufacture of water heaters above 75 gallons. The bill was approved in the Senate on March 27.


HTMLThe Procedure for Allocation of Spectrum for DTT (Mux-8) Has Now Started
Karol Laskowski, Igor Ostrowski; Dentons Canada LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
April 14, 2015, previously published on March 18, 2015
On 12 March 2015 the President of the Polish Office for Electronic Communications (Polish: UKE) announced a contest for frequency reservations in the 174 - 230 MHz band, dedicated for the eighth multiplex (MUX-8) of Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT). The bidders have until April 29, 2015 to make their...


HTMLAdvertising Industry Continues to Push the Boundaries of the CAP Code
Samuel Oustayiannis, Ingrid Silver; Dentons Canada LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
April 13, 2015, previously published on March 18, 2015
In 2014, the ASA received (yet again) a record number of complaints. It attributed the record to an increase in:


HTMLThe Inevitable Data Breach: Pray for Peace, Prepare for War
John T. Holden; Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, P.C.;
Legal Alert/Article
April 10, 2015, previously published on December 23, 2014
“You cannot create an impenetrable fort,” said Eddie Schwartz, former chief information security officer for the RSA Security Division of EMC Corporation. “No matter what you do there’s going to be some exploit that’s going to work against you, and most of all by the...


HTMLTurning Bytes of Data into a Farming Boon
John W. Mashni; Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, P.C.;
Legal Alert/Article
April 9, 2015, previously published on March 27, 2015
In an industry built around nature, the earth and the environment, it would have been hard to predict - even 20 years ago - the integral role technology would ultimately play in the agriculture industry. The modern farm operation is using satellite- and microchip-driven equipment, high-tech seeds...


HTMLTMI: When Does Fitness Data Become Too Much of a Good Thing?
Chinh H. Pham; Greenberg Traurig, LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
April 6, 2015, previously published on March 27, 2015
The Boston Marathon is less than a month away. If you are training for the 26+ miles of winding, hilly roads through and around Boston, the odds are good that you are using some kind of wearable fitness device to track your run. You may find yourself constantly trying to top the stats of your last...


HTMLKeeping Our Tech Love Alive
Eric J. Sinrod; Duane Morris LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
March 30, 2015, previously published on January 28, 2015
We live in a world in which we are bombarded with information data from many sources, and so much around us on the tech landscape is transparent. How, then, do we keep our tech love alive?


HTMLIRS Ruling Permits Inclusion of “Friendly PCs” in Consolidated Federal Income Tax Returns
Theresa C. Carnegie, Ryan J. Cuthbertson, Carrie A. Roll, Jonathan R. Talansky; Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.;
Legal Alert/Article
March 30, 2015, previously published on February 13, 2015
On December 19, 2014, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) issued a private letter ruling (the “Ruling”) allowing corporations that manage physician practices through a so-called “friendly physician” arrangement to treat the physician practices as members of the...


Adobe PDFConsiderations on the Use of Electronic Board Portals: Portals Can Provide Increased Efficiency and Security, but Companies Should Be Mindful of Potential Practical and Legal Risks
Francis J. Aquila, David H. Braff, H. Rodgin Cohen, Brian T. Frawley, Joseph B. Frumkin; Sullivan & Cromwell LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
March 27, 2015, previously published on February 11, 2015
Board portals and other mechanisms for the electronic dissemination of information to directors of public companies, non-profits and other organizations are in widespread use. Many companies have found that these portals can offer significant benefits, including improved document security, speed...


HTMLAgenda Released for Upcoming Cyber-Physical Systems Meeting
Sutherland Asbill Brennan LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
March 26, 2015, previously published on March 25, 2015
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber-Physical Systems Public Working Group (CPS PWG) is holding a two-day workshop on April 7-8, 2015. The meeting will be held at the NIST campus in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and is intended to review the Draft CPS Framework released by the...


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