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Avocation: ‘A Calling Away from One’s Occupation’

by Michael Carlin
Law Office of Michael Carlin PLLC - Ann Arbor Office

July 11, 2013

Previously published by AILA Immigration Practice News on June 2013

As advocates, we plead cases for others. But our ability to advocate effectively depends on our ability to bring energy, intellect, optimism, and determination to our calling. If we spend all of our waking hours in the role of advocate, we become susceptible to getting worn down, discouraged, and cynical. As a result, we become less effective as advocates. In order to stay in the game, we need to give ourselves a break from the workaday grind. Another way to refresh ourselves is to answer a different call. An avocation is “a calling away from one’s occupation.” The word derives from the Latin: Ab- + vocare means “to call away.” An avocation can be a means to focus on something completely different from our daily stresses, allowing us to access reservoirs of creativity, and develop a part of ourselves that does not need to be competitive and adversarial, but can be, rather, artistic and innovative. By listening to our inner muse, we can allow ourselves to temporarily forget about our professional cares, and to tap into a wellspring of potential personal growth.


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