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Blogging to build trust for attorneys

Blogging to Build Trust: How Attorneys Can Benefit


Not all lawyers make blogging a priority in marketing their firms. But an independent survey recently conducted by afflinet, a well-respected performance marketing network, found that people trust bloggers more than journalists, their social media contacts, and their colleagues. So, as professionals who rely on building and maintaining trust, attorneys would be well served by […]

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Powerful Website Platform Adapts to Meet Law Firms’ Marketing Needs


When challenged by the legal industry’s demand for adaptable, attractive websites at a competitive price, our designers and developers at Martindale-Hubbell surpassed expectations in creating a platform whose versatility is its strength — allowing flexibility based on client feedback and the changing market, which benefits thousands of attorneys. During a recent discussion, team leaders explained […]

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How To Do a Basic Competitive Analysis Without Spending a Dime


Check Out These Free Tools to See What Your Competition Is Doing Whether you’re just starting out, or have been in the game for a while, completing a competitive analysis is crucial to finding out what’s happening in your niche, which is paramount to your success. The concept of doing a competitive analysis is pretty […]

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Making Online Reviews Work For You — Common Myths About Reviews


While the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings have existed for well over 100 years, many lawyers are still getting used to the idea of being reviewed by fellow attorneys or their clients. We regularly speak to attorneys who are interested but apprehensive about engaging with online reviews, or definitively state they have no need for reviews […]

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Lawyers: Are You Guilty of Missing Out on These LinkedIn Opportunities?


In my previous posts, we focused on how to optimize the opportunities found on the layout of your Facebook page and Twitter profile to best support your brand. Today, we are going to focus on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn Company Page is a powerful tool to make new connections, get referrals, generate leads and build your […]

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Headline do's and don'ts for law firm websites

Headings on Your Website Pages: Do’s and Don’ts


As we discussed in detail in our previous blog post, visitors to your website tend to use very specific patterns when reading your content. Moving in what’s known as an “F-pattern,” they pay most attention to the top-left corner of a page, along with headings, subheadings and introductory paragraphs. We would like to focus now […]

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Lead response times for attorneys

Lead Response Management Study Offers Important Insights for Attorneys


Lead Response Management (LRM), in partnership with, has developed a lead response management study that looks at the best days and times to contact and qualify leads, while highlighting the importance of following up with leads quickly. The study has some key takeaways for attorneys, who can use its findings to determine the best […]

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Creating an Effective Nolo Profile for Your Law Firm


As many of you may know,, along with and, is one of the primary directories within the Martindale-Nolo Legal Marketing Network, generating over 15 million unique visitors per month. is also one of the most authoritative legal resources on the web with a domain authority of 85 (DA 85). For law firms, Nolo is […]

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