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Building a Legal Empire: How Anthony Licatesi Solidified His Brand During a Financial Crisis


This interview with Anthony Licatesi of the New York law firm of Rubin & Licatesi, P.C., is the first in a continuing series of interviews with attorneys who have successfully grown their legal practice into a business empire. Getting a foot in the door Attorney Anthony Licatesi has always had a mind for business, starting […]

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Nurturing Leads into a Thriving Client Base


The following is an excerpt from the webinar, titled “Best Intake Practices for Retaining More Clients”, aired December 9, 2015. Today, it is virtually impossible to grow your firm simply through referrals or word of mouth. It has become increasingly important that law firms invest in online marketing efforts for business development. But online marketing […]

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Search Location Drastically Affects Local Rankings


You have a beautiful new website. You’ve claimed your Google My Business listing. You’ve been blogging and posting to Google+ regularly. You bought a subscription to MozLocal to help improve your local presence. You’ve kept up to date on best practices, but you’re still not ranking in local searches throughout your town. What gives?  “Location” […]

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Curated Content Doesn't Create as Much Value as You Do!

Curated Content Doesn’t Create as Much Value as You Do!


Lawyers are busy people. Between client meetings and court appearances, what lawyer has time to sit down consistently and write about things going on in the world related to their practice? The latest rage, especially in social media, is for law firms to curate content onto their social media profiles. While this keeps your social […]

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Martindale-Hubbell Park Clean Up

Martindale-Hubbell Knows How to Get Their Hands Dirty


Bright and early on the morning of Saturday, April 16, employees of Martindale-Hubbell volunteered to adopted a park to clean up at the historic Deserted Village of Feltville, situated in the Watchung Reservation in Berkeley Heights, NJ. While many are familiar with the reservation, fewer know about the Deserted Village, once the site of a printing […]

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Targeting the Right Clients: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For the Business You Want


For attorneys to conduct a successful online marketing program, it is essential that they target the right clients. In a previous post, we discussed using client personas, fictional characters based on your ideal client, as a tool for helping you figure out where to direct your marketing efforts and what those efforts should look like. […]

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PPC Is a Legal Marketing Secret Weapon


Consider all the ways you target potential clients with advertising. That billboard of yours reaches every driver on the highway. Your newspaper ad reaches hundreds of readers and subscribers. But how many of those reached are actually in the market for your services at that time? Most people driving to work or reading the newspaper […]

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