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Personal Injury Clients with Medical Insurance Are Being Ripped Off By Insurance Companies!

Law Offices of John D. Williams - Westlake Village Office

June 22, 2012

The California Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of the insurance companies to aid in their profit margins at the expense of the injured party with medical insurance. The case held that if you have medical insurance the amount of the bills can not be introduced only the in amount in many cases the extremely discounted rate. Most courts are not even allowing the introduction of this information consequently truly injured parties are not being properly compensated for their pain and suffering. Whereas, the injured party without insurance can put on all his or her medical expensess and be compensated for the full amount billed and the pain and suffering determined on that basis. This is a true injustice for the injured party that had the foresight to purchase medical insurance.

This is clearly not the majority rule in the United States, well over 30 states oppose this ruling.

I just had a case that went to the jury on July 20, 2012 wherein the jury has no idea of what is going on regarding this recent case law and most likely my severely injured client who was only 17 at the time of the accident and now is 21, will be having problems for the rest of her life. This is clearly not justice and please do not let the insurance companies allow you to think otherwise. It is all about the insurance companies profit margins. The insurance companies do not care whatsoever about the injured party. After 32 years of experience as an attorney, please do not be fooled by the insurance companies advertising that this will affect your insurance premiums.


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