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Documents on personal injury

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HTMLCoast Guard: Alcohol Has a Deadly Link to Boating Accidents
Cooper Levenson P.A.;
Legal Alert/Article
August 28, 2015, previously published on August 6, 2015
While summertime is the ideal time to get a boat out on New Jersey waters, it is also a time during which people put themselves at risk. According to the U.S. Coast Guard's annual boating statistics, New Jersey saw 111 accidents on the water last year, three of which were fatal.


HTML$300,000 Jury Verdict in Greenway Collision
Gentry Locke Rakes Moore LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
August 20, 2015, previously published on August 2015
There are two main rules on the Greenway, which is a shared-use pathway in the Roanoke Valley: (1) travel in a predictable and consistent manner; and (2) look before you turn. These are rules that reasonable and prudent people follow throughout the day whether driving, riding, walking, jogging, or...


HTMLAn Overview of Wrongful Death in Pennsylvania
Caroselli Beachler McTiernan Coleman LLC;
Legal Alert/Article
August 20, 2015, previously published on August 19, 2015
It is an unfortunate fact that those that are victims of someone else's carelessness sometimes pay the ultimate price. If you have lost a close family member in such circumstances, you may wonder what your legal recovery options are. Fortunately, in Pennsylvania, you have the right to recover...


HTMLLimited Tort or Full Tort? That Is the Question
Zlock Coverdale P.C.;
Legal Alert/Article
August 3, 2015, previously published by Zlock & Coverdale, PC on June 7, 2015
Do I really need full tort coverage in my automobile policy and why is my premium so much higher if I get it? There is no doubt you have asked yourself these questions when renewing or applying for automobile insurance. It is very tempting to elect the limited tort coverage option in your...


FILEIssues with Car Accidents in Indiana
Jill M. Bracken-Emerson; Emerson Law, LLC;
Legal Alert/Article
August 3, 2015
There are a number of issues to be concerned about


HTMLTop 15 Tips To Increase Your Personal Injury Accident Claim Settlement
David Laurence Altman, David Laurence Altman; Law Offices of David Laurence Altman;
Legal Alert/Article
July 29, 2015, previously published on july 26, 2015
A guide to how insurance carriers handle personal injury claims and what every injured accident victim should know to maximize their insurance settlement or recovery.


HTMLCourt of Special Appeals of Maryland Finds that A Court May Rely On Circumstantial Evidence in a Lead Paint Personal Injury Case
Nida Kanwal; Semmes Bowen Semmes A Professional Corporation;
Legal Alert/Article
July 28, 2015, previously published on July 2015
Myishia Smith filed a negligence suit against Rowhouses, Inc., a property manager, alleging she was poisoned as a child as a result of ingesting lead-based paint inside the Oliver Street Property. Smith was born in 1991. According to her mother, the first home in which Smith lived, the Monroe...


HTMLPersonal Injury Medical Malpractice Caps Held Unconstitutional
Julie A. Tyk; GrayRobinson, P.A.;
Legal Alert/Article
July 22, 2015, previously published on July 22, 2015
On July 1, 2015, the Fourth District Court of Appeals (Fourth DCA) issued a major decision affecting medical malpractice cases in Florida. In the case North Broward Hospital District v. Kalitan, the court held that the caps on non-economic damages in personal injury medical malpractice cases were...


HTMLArkansas Surgeon Monitoring Stryker Metal Hips
Waters Kraus LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
July 16, 2015, previously published on July 15, 2015
Arkansas orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Win Moore III, was shocked when he received a one-page letter from Stryker Corp. in 2012 announcing a problem with its metal-on-metal hip replacement systems. With more than 20 years of experience, the surgeon at Baxter Regional Bone and Joint Clinic, has performed...


HTMLMan's Best Friend and the Law of Dogs
Matthew Shafner; Suisman Shapiro;
Legal Alert/Article
July 15, 2015, previously published on July 7, 2015
The state of Connecticut is very strict about the keeping of dogs. In addition to requiring all dogs to be licensed and leashed, Connecticut has what is known as strict liability as to injury that may be caused by man's best friend.


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