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HTMLUpdate on Mandatory Board Training for Montgomery County Community Association Board Members
Jason Eric Fisher; Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chartered;
Legal Alert/Article
October 29, 2015, previously published on October 8, 2015
Effective January 1, 2016, all Montgomery County community association board members elected after that date will be required to take basic training in community association management and law from the Montgomery County Commission on Common Ownership Communities (CCOC).


HTMLUpdate to Illinois Grace Period Notice Needed for Residential Foreclosures
Casey Hicks; Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A.;
Legal Alert/Article
October 22, 2015, previously published on October 6, 2015
Illinois law requires a Grace Period Notice (GPN) be sent to the mortgagor(s) prior to commencing an action to foreclose a mortgage secured by residential real estate.1 The GPN must include the date the notice was mailed, be headed in bold 14-point type, "GRACE PERIOD NOTICE", and include...


HTMLCZMP 2016 Begins in Baltimore County
Dino C. La Fiandra; Pessin Katz Law, P.A.;
Legal Alert/Article
October 22, 2015, previously published on October 12, 2015
As this article goes to press, only a few days remain (October 13, 2015) to request a zoning change “online” in the Comprehensive Zoning Map Process (“CZMP”)(For the online application go to:...


HTMLPotential Landmines for Restaurateurs: Location, Liquor & Loans
Rosemarie Salguero; Lerch Early Brewer Chartered;
Legal Alert/Article
October 22, 2015, previously published on ober 9, 2015
There is no better time to be a restaurateur in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Millennials constantly seek inventive cuisine, whether served at one of the city’s fast-growing, fast-casual hot spots or at an award-winning destination restaurant. Up-and-coming neighborhoods present...


HTMLGuarantors Can Use Anti-Deficiency Statute in North Carolina
Rayford K. (Trip) Adams; Spilman Thomas & Battle, PLLC;
Legal Alert/Article
October 22, 2015, previously published on October 13, 2015
The North Carolina Supreme Court recently handed down the final word in a dispute over whether guarantors get the benefit of the state’s anti-deficiency statute after the lender bids on and buys the real property at a foreclosure sale. And that word is that the guarantors can use the...


HTMLIowa Utilities Board/Dakota Access Pipeline Hearing Thursday
Bill Hanigan; Davis, Brown, Koehn, Shors & Roberts, P.C.;
Legal Alert/Article
October 19, 2015, previously published on October 5, 2015
A hearing on Thursday, October 8, 2015, at 9:30 a.m. at the Cherokee County District Court will establish whether an Iowa court has an immediate right to hear arguments about whether Dakota Access will have the power of eminent domain. The hearing will also determine if three Iowa landowners’...


HTMLPlanning Important for Community Associations in Natural Disasters
Frank P. Izzo; Iseman, Cunningham, Riester & Hyde, LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
October 19, 2015
When a natural disaster strikes and a region is declared a disaster area, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) comes in to provide assistance, often including cleanup and financial aid to eligible individuals and communities.


Adobe PDFBoundary Issues and Easement Law
Jason M. Bruno, Max Burbach, Patrick Nelson, Tobias Templemeyer; Sherrets Bruno & Vogt, LLC;
October 16, 2015, previously published by National Business Institute on Fall 2015
Article designed to educate lawyers on how to educate and effectively represent clients with boundary disputes and easement matters.


HTMLFFIEC Posts HMDA Data For 2014 Mortgage Activity
George A. LeMaistre; Jones Walker LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
October 15, 2015, previously published on October 1, 2015
The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) last week posted on its website detailed residential mortgage-lending data for 2014, as reported by lenders subject to the federal Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA).


Adobe PDFS.C. Court of Appeals Affirms Disclaimer of Liability by Original Developers following Property Sale and Condominium Conversion
C. Robin Graham; Carlock, Copeland & Stair, LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
October 14, 2015, previously published on September 28, 2015
On June 26, 2015, a three judge panel of the South Carolina Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in the case Long Grove at Seaside Farms, LLC, et al. v. Long Grove Property Owners’ Association, et al. (C/A No. 2009-CP-10-6746).


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