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HTMLComments on the 98-Su-1715 Decision of the Taipei High Administrative Court
Sean Liu; Lee, Tsai & Partners;
Legal Alert/Article
March 7, 2011
The Taipei High Administrative Court rendered the 98-Su-1715 Decision of June 24, 2010 (hereinafter, the ¿Decision¿) with respect to the disputes arising from business plan amendment application and licensing matters between CTI Television (hereinafter, ¿CTI¿ or the ¿Plaintiff¿) and the National...


Adobe PDFChina Issues National Security Review Rules for Foreign Investment
Covington Burling LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
February 25, 2011, previously published on February 18, 2011
China has established a new process for reviewing the national security implications of foreign investments in Chinese companies. On February 12, 2011, China’s State Council published the “Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Establishment of a Security Review System for...


HTMLExport Compliance - Is YOUR Company Ready?
Israel Garcia, Brian J. Kelly, Nelli Nikova; Bracewell & Giuliani LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
February 23, 2011, previously published on February 21, 2011
U.S. export control laws protect the national security of the United States by, among other things, requiring U.S. persons to obtain approval prior to export or release of certain U.S. origin technology to foreign nationals. In this regard, new export control regulations have recently been enacted...


HTMLCommission Establishes Procedures for National Emergency Alert System Tests
Lerman Senter PLLC;
Legal Alert/Article
February 21, 2011, previously published on February 15, 2011
The FCC has recently revised its rules to authorize national testing of the Emergency Alert System (“EAS”), which enables emergency information to be made available by broadcast stations on a national, state, or regional level. Every broadcast station that is part of the EAS network...


Adobe PDFCongress Expands Department of Defense Contacts Authority to Exclude Companies that Pose a Risk to Supply Chain Security
Ronald D. Lee, Stephen Marsh, Ronald A. Schechter, Lauren J. Schlanger; Arnold & Porter LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
January 13, 2011, previously published on January 2011
On January 7, 2011, the President signed the Ike Skelton National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011 (Act) into law. The Act contains new provisions enhancing the authority of the Secretary of Defense (Secretary) to address the risk that a company in the supply chain for a national...


HTMLNew Governors Act on E-Verify
Christine Alber, David Grunblatt, Valarie H. McPherson, Avram E. Morell, Praveena N. Swanson, Jennifer B. Wexler; Proskauer Rose LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
January 11, 2011, previously published on January 10, 2011
Within hours of being sworn into office, two newly-elected governors put E-Verify at the top their agendas. On January 4, 2011 Florida’s Governor Rick Scott (R) issued an executive order requiring state agencies and contractors to use E-Verify. A day later Governor Lincoln Chafee (I) of Rhode...


HTMLThe Legality of Compensatory Leave System Implemented by Employers in place of Overtime Pay
Teresa Huang; Lee Tsai Partners;
Legal Alert/Article
December 14, 2010
With the rising awareness of labor rights protection in recent years, enterprise employers are required not only to comply with existing labor laws and regulations, but also to enhance their communication and coordination with labor unions when formulating the internal personnel management system...


HTMLObligation to Withhold
Patrick Rietbroek, Eugene Weultjes; Greenberg Traurig, LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
November 15, 2010, previously published on October 29, 2010
Wage tax and social security premiums on the wages of the employee must be withheld by a withholding agent. Therefore it is important to determine who is considered the withholding agent and who is the employee.


HTMLSupervision on private placement will be enhanced through amendments to private placement laws and regulations
Lisa Lee; Lee Tsai Partners;
Legal Alert/Article
October 28, 2010
Article 43-6 to Article 43-8 were added to the Securities and Exchange Law during its amendment in 2002 when a private placement system was introduced. However, there have been instances where the system is abused and has been degenerated into an arbitrage tool for major shareholders for many...


HTMLPlaintiff Failed to State Claims against Creditor Because Creditor was Not a Debt Collector under the FDCPA and his Defamation Claim was preempted by the FCRA
Martin Thornthwaite; Strasburger & Price, LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
September 21, 2010, previously published on September 20, 2010
McLaughlin v. Citifinancial Auto Credit, Inc., 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 57898 (D. Conn. 2010)


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