Utah State Bar

645 South 200 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84111-3834
Telephone: (801) 531-9077
Fax: (801) 531-0660
Web: http://www.utahbar.org

Bar Profile:

The Utah State Bar is an organization of Utah’s 10,000 lawyers and judges. The history of the Utah State Bar began in the early 1900’s with the association of several Utah lawyers hoping to improve communication within the legal community and to find ways of serving the general public. In 1931 the Utah Legislature recognized the need to foster those goals and designated the Utah State Bar by statute to manage and regulate the legal profession by licensing all persons who engage in the practice of law. In 1985, the Utah State Constitution was amended to clarify that regulation of the legal profession should be performed under the Judicial Branch of government through the Utah Supreme Court, and the Bar was “perpetuated, created and continued” to perform regulatory and public interest services under the direction and control of the Supreme Court.