• IRS Announces e-Postcard Filing Requirements for Small Tax-Exempt Organizations
  • March 18, 2008
  • Law Firm: Blank Rome LLP - Philadelphia Office
  • The Internal Revenue Service has announced that the electronic filing system for small tax-exempt organizations is now available. For tax years beginning in 2007, small tax-exempt organizations—defined as those with annual gross receipts of $25,000 or less—must file Form 990-N, “Electronic Notice (e-Postcard) for Tax-exempt Organizations Not Required to File Form 990 or 990-EZ.”

    This is a new requirement for such organizations; so the IRS is asking volunteers, employees of larger organizations, and tax professionals to spread the word. In the past, organizations with annual gross receipts of $25,000 were exempt from filing an annual information return.

    Form 990-N must be filed electronically. It is available at www.epostcard.form990.org. Currently, the Web site states that AOL users may have difficulties using the system, but the IRS is working on the problem.

    At the site, the filer must follow these three steps:

    Step 1: Register as a New User

    This step allows you to obtain a login ID.

    Step 2: Create your Form 990-N (e-Postcard)

    With a login ID, you can create the e-Postcard. You will need the following information:

    • Organization’s employer identification number (EIN)
    • Tax year
    • Legal name
    • Mailing address
    • Other names used by the organization
    • Internet address (if one exists)
    • Name and address of the principal officer
    • Statement confirming that the organization’s annual gross receipts are normally $25,000 or less

    Step 3: Submit your Form 990-N (e-Postcard)

    Click on the “Submit Filing to IRS” button once the information is completed.

    It is free to file the e-Postcard. The deadline for filing is the 15th day of the fifth month after the close of the tax year. For example, an organization whose most recent tax year ended on December 31, 2007, must file Form 990-N by May 15, 2008. If an organization does not file Form 990-N for three consecutive years, it will lose its tax-exempt status.