• Mexican Administrative Litigation: New Specialized Chambers to Attend All Cases
  • March 22, 2012
  • Law Firm: Jones Day - Cleveland Office
  • As part of a continuous effort by the Mexican judiciary system to improve the administration of justice and the quality of rulings, the Federal Tax and Administrative Court has recently created two specialized chambers: (1) the Online Trials Chamber, which shall attend trials filed through the internet; and (2) the State Activity Chamber, in charge of ruling on cases related to decisions issued by administrative authorities.

    The topics covered by the State Activity Chamber will include, among others, antitrust; telecommunications; health protection; banking and finance; international air transportation; oil; energy, including nuclear power; insurance and bonds; and pensions.

    With the creation of the specialized chambers, administrative litigation in Mexico will be enhanced, with rulings reflecting increased technical knowledge and exhibiting greater congruence.