• Contract Considerations in Dealing with Foreign Entities
  • January 5, 2017 | Authors: David J. Garrett; Christine L. Myatt; Peter A. Santos
  • Law Firms: Nexsen Pruet, LLC - Raleigh Office ; Nexsen Pruet, LLC - Greensboro Office ; Nexsen Pruet, LLC - Charlotte Office
  • On December 14, Nexsen Pruet attorneys Peter Santos, Christy Myatt, and David Garrett led a presentation to members of the Association of Corporate Counsel Research Triangle Area.

    The team explored how more than 10,000 North Carolina businesses export more than $31 Billion worth of merchandise every year and support more than 164,000 jobs.

    That's not to mention hundreds of foreign-owned businesses employ tens of thousands of North Carolina workers. As a result, now more than ever, North Carolina is woven into the global economy.

    The presentation helped attendees navigate contractual processes across borders and draft agreements that protect their interests. Topics included:

    - Leveling the playing field for dispute resolution
    - Enhancing boilerplate provisions
    - Writing general contract provisions
    - Conflicting applicability of global business legal regimes

    Through stories from the trenches, the team offered examples of proven legal strategies and tips on:

    - Negotiating
    - Recovery
    - Anti-bribery
    - Export controls