• FTC Applauds Telemarketers' Compliance with the Do-Not-Call Registry
  • February 27, 2004
  • Law Firm: Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP - Los Angeles Office
  • The Federal Trade Commission announced "exceptional" compliance by telemarketers with the do-not-call program. FTC statistics for 2003 show that over 55 million people have registered their telephone numbers with the national do-not-call registry and only 150,000 violations have been reported. A mere 45 companies received more than 100 complaints.

    The FTC also announced that the results of a recently released Harris Poll confirmed the success of the do-not-call registry. The poll found that over 57% of American adults have placed their names on the registry and that 92% of these registrants have reported receiving fewer telemarketing solicitations. Of those registrants who received fewer calls, a striking 25% reported that they have received no telemarketing calls after registering. Humphrey Taylor, the Chairman of The Harris Poll, commented that "In my experience, these results are remarkable. It is rare to find so many people benefit so quickly from a relatively inexpensive government program."

    As we reported in this week's issue of [email protected], the Tenth Circuit has rejected recent legal challenges made by telemarketers that the do-not-call registry violates the First Amendment protection of free speech.

    Significance: The do-not-call registry has had a devastating impact on the telemarketing industry. The registration of over 50% of Americans has effectively undermined the telemarketing industry's customer base, a trend that will likely continue in light of the Tenth's Circuit constitutional seal of approval.