• What to Do After You Have Been Rear-Ended
  • July 28, 2010 | Author: Jeffrey H. Rasansky
  • Law Firm: Rasansky Law Firm - Dallas Office
  • Rear-end accidents are possibly the most typical type of car wreck that happens on our roads and freeways .  Most of state car regulations provide for drivers to follow automobiles in front of them at a safe distance, or what can be thought adequate distance to stop for the automobile in front of you.  Consequentially , the driver of the rear-ending vehicle is usually thought to be at fault from following too closey or slamming on the brakes .

    There are exceptions to this automatic fault however .  Examples include :

    •       If another vehicle cuts you off by making an unsafe lane change and braking simultaneously
    •       If the rear-ended vehicle is in the reverse gear during the accident
    •       If your automobile is stopped in traffic and hit from behind by a fellow auto , which leads you to collide into the car in front of you
    •       If the vehicle in front of you has failing brake or signal lights


    A Dallas car wreck attorney can be beneficial to help you in claiming for any consequential outcomes from this type of collision , whether it is from the driver of the car at fault or their insurance agency .

    Impact from Rear-End Accidents

    The feeling of rear-ending a car is thought to be equivalent to crashing into a wall at half the speed you were driving , a force felt by the operator of both automobiles .  Translated this means   if you are a party in an accident with a car traveling at 20 mph, it will be similar to the effects of slamming into a solid barrier at 10 mph. 

    A typical result of this collision is a medical term known as whiplash.  The consequences of this can range from mild and bearable neck pain to persistent pain and severe disability.   

    What to do After a Rear-End Accident

    Unless your collision is extremely minor and no visible damage or injuries are caused , it is always beneficial to inform the police .  Even though this can be a time consuming matter , their testimony can then be used by the insurance agency to file and settle any claim for compensation without debate over who is liable .  

    If you are find yourself unable to report the accident to the authorities , make sure to collect the following from the other person involved: name, address, phone number, license number, license plate number, and finally the name and policy number of their insurance agency .

    Lastly , you should contact an experienced Dallas car accident lawyer.  The question of whether you are due damages can be a difficult one, and the Rasansky Law Firm can provide you a free consultation to see if you have a worthwhile claim.  So don’t take the risk!