• Cape Cod Motorcycle Accident Lawyer And A New Cape Cod Motorcycle Training School
  • May 21, 2013
  • Law Firm: The Law Office of Kevin P. Landry P.C. - Falmouth Office
  • As a Cape Cod motorcycle accident lawyer, I am really excited about this one...

    The Training Wheels Motorcycle Training School - which has several motorcycle training schools in Massachusetts recently extended their schools to right here on Cape Cod.

    On May 5, the training school held their grand opening, featuring a ribbon-cutting ceremony and demonstrations of proper riding techniques.

    Owner of Training Wheels Riding School Rich Sigel is excited to be opening his first school on Cape Cod.

    Sigel said, “The West Dennis campus represents our first school on the Cape and we’re delighted to be able to bring our personalized brand of instruction to motorcycle enthusiasts in the area."

    Here at the Law Offices of Kevin P. Landry, we couldn't be happier that they are here on Cape Cod.

    About Training Wheels and Motorcycle Training Course Offerings

    As a Cape Cod motorcycle accident lawyer, I can appreciate the true benefits of the rider safety courses they offer at Training Wheels. These guys certainly know what they’re doing.

    According to the people at Training Wheels, if you are 16 years of age or older you are welcome to a range of riding lessons. Whether you are a skilled rider or just a beginner, they have a course for you.

    Their Basic Rider Course is a 15 hour lesson and the most popular course available. This course is specifically designed for a rider who has very little knowledge of riding, would like to learn basic skills, and also receive their Massachusetts Motorcycle License after completing the course.

    This course covers topics such as motorcycle controls, street strategies, advanced breaking techniques, special riding situations, as well as other important aspects of motorcycle riding.

    The Cape Cod School also offers an Introduction to Motorcycling class - a private lesson at a slow pace. This course is great for someone who has no experience with motorcycles and would like to figure out if it is for them. The course covers the basics and lets the rider try out riding without a large money investment.

    As a Cape Cod motorcycle accident lawyer, the Introduction to Motorcycling course would be a great option to anyone who's not as familiar with riding but wants to get into it.

    I mean, after all, not all of us are sure if riding is the activity for us, and what better way than to test it out with an instructor?

    Training Wheels Ain't Just For Beginners

    Other than the Basic Riding Course and Introduction to Motorcycling for new riders, there are also more advanced courses for experienced riders.

    For this group, you can enter a Refresher Session at Training Wheels. A rider that has completed the BRC and maybe just wants to refresh or improve their skills can complete this course with ease.

    Like we said before, it's a good idea to refresh your riding skills after the long winter - and what better way to do it than with a refresher course at Training Wheels.

    Lastly, Training Wheels also offers a Private Basic Rider Course. This lesson is created to learn how to ride a motorcycle over a 2 day, 15 hour period.

    Stress Free Motorcycle Training

    With the opening of training wheels I can truthfully say that Cape Cod riders will be able to obtain their licenses or refresh their skills in a conducive and stress free environment.

    With schools in Brockton, Easton, Framingham, Kingston, Orleans and beyond, Training Wheels has the experience under their belt to teach students proper riding skills and prepare them for the roads.

    Not to mention their expert staff has years of experience and are not some pencil-neck geeks trying to teach riders safety...these guys and gals are cool! Check out their profiles here.

    All of the Training Wheels instructors are MSF certified (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) and the school even provides their students with loaner helmets and gear.

    What could be better?

    Cape Cod Motorcycle Accident Lawyer’s Advice For You

    When dealing with many of my motorcycle accident cases, I've met a great number of motorcycle riders - as well as many of their family members who regret not taking the time to review their skills before getting on their bikes after the Winter.

    With the warmer weather - riders are certainly eager to rev their engines and get on the roads!

    But before doing so, as a Cape Cod motorcycle accident attorney, I HIGHLY encourage you to take the proper precautions.

    Strongly consider taking a refresher course at the new Training Wheels School in West Dennis!

    Or at the very least, just go check it out.

    Motorcycle Training...Seriously?

    I know what you're saying: "A motorcycle training class? Seriously? That's for those rookies who don't know what they're doing - I KNOW what I'm doing!"

    OK, fair enough.You probably do know what you're doing.

    But as a Cape cod motorcycle accident lawyer, I've seen far too many motorcycle accident victims...and more often, their next of kin come to me too late...wishing their son, daughter, husband, wife, best friend had actually taken the time to take more precautions on the road.

    But by the time they come to me, it's too late...

    That's why taking a Training Wheels class is a small price to pay to keep yourself safe this summer...while reducing the risk to your family at the same time.

    If You Ever Need a Cape Cod Motorcycle Accident Lawyer...

    Unfortunately, even with all the proper precautions, many motorcycle accidents are due to a car drivers’ negligence. A Cape Cod motorcycle lawyer will help you get the compensation - should you be seriously injured - that you are entitled to.

    Experienced Cape Cod motorcycle accident lawyers know that injuries occur even during what are termed “minor” motorcycle crashes.

    Please, seek medical attention if you’ve been in a motorcycle accident or crash (even if you think you are not seriously injured). Many injuries are not readily apparent and can only be diagnosed under a doctor’s care.

    After you are safe and have been medically treated, call an experienced Cape Cod motorcycle accident lawyer right away.

    An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to deal with hospitals, insurance companies and the other party’s lawyers on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on recovery.

    Your Cape Cod motorcycle accident lawyer can help determine whether you’re entitled to financial compensation due to someone else’s negligence, carelessness or wrongdoing - and can get you the settlement you deserve in a RI or MA court of law.

    Finding the Right Cape Cod Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    Our Cape Cod motorcycle accident attorneys know exactly how to deal with these circumstances.

    If you’ve been a victim of a driver’s negligence or carelessness on Cape Cod and the Isalnds... call one of our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at any of our Cape Cod offices in:


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    Or simply fill out a contact form today.

    You’ll be able to speak with someone who understands your case and knows how to navigate the Massachusetts court systems for your case. And as our courtesy to you, your initial consultation is completely free.

    But remember, contact the folks at Training Wheels FIRST - take a class now - so you NEVER have to call us.

    But if you do, remember who to come to if you find yourself in a motorcycle accident. We’re here for you at The Law Offices of Kevin Landry.

    Stay safe riding this Spring!