• Misrepresentation in Legal Contracts
  • November 25, 2013 | Authors: Donald F. Kochersberger; Timothy R. Mortimer
  • Law Firm: Business Law Southwest LLC - Albuquerque Office
  • Misrepresentation in a legal contract occurs when one party involved in the agreement knowingly or willingly entered into the contract asserting a fact that is not true.

    For example, the ladder that was sold to your business was asserted to be safe to use for roof access. Later on, no matter if there was an incident that proved otherwise for your business, you find out that the company who sold the product to you knowingly lied about its safety for roof access. In this case, the business that sold you the product is guilty of misrepresentation.

    How a Business Lawyer at Business Law Southwest, LLC can Help

    When you suspect or know that the entity or person that you have dealt with has knowingly lied about the product or service they have provided to you, they may have misrepresented themselves. At Business Law Southwest, LLC, we can help you fight back against misrepresentation by:
    • Reviewing your contract
    • Interviewing witness and collecting evidence in attempt to prove that the party knowingly was dealing dishonestly and unfairly with you
    • Seeking punitive damages for you and your business
    Our business lawyers can evaluate your case and fight for your rights from the start. We can gather evidence, documented or circumstantial, that helps to prove your case.