• CFB: The Idea Bank -- State No Longer Mails Annual-Report Form
  • March 16, 2004 | Author: Michael A. Okaty
  • Law Firm: Foley & Lardner LLP - Orlando Office
  • Question: What options are available for filing my Florida Uniform Business Report (annual report), and why wouldn't I have received it yet for 2004?

    Answer: The Florida Department of State has made a significant change to the method of obtaining and filing the annual report due by May 1 each year for Florida and foreign qualified business entities. Business entities include all corporations, limited partnerships (including limited liability partnerships -- LLPs; and limited liability limited partnerships -- LLLPs), and limited liability companies (LLCs).

    The state will no longer mail you the forms to complete and file. Beginning in January, the Florida Department of State began mailing postcards to each business entity registered with the state advising that the annual report, which is formally named the Uniform Business Report (UBR), needs to be filed.

    The instructions on the postcard will direct you to the state's Internet Web site, www.sunbiz.org, in order to electronically obtain and file your annual report. Page-by-page instructions are available and payments can be made by credit card or to a pre-established Sunbiz E-file account.

    If you do not have access to the Internet or your business entity does not have a credit card available for such use, call the Florida Department of State's UBR section at 850-245-6056 and request that they mail a form to you. If you do not receive a postcard from the Florida Department of State, you can go online to the Web site indicated above and complete and file an annual report for your business entity.

    Failure to file the annual report and pay the filing fee between Jan. 1 and May 1, as required by Florida statutes, will result in the business entity's administrative dissolution and loss of authorization to transact business in Florida.

    If a certificate of status is desired, be sure to check "yes" in the appropriate box on page one of the annual report form and pay an additional $8.75 for a certificate to be mailed to the business entity ($5 for a Limited Liability Company).

    If you have any questions regarding the filing of your business entity's annual report, you should contact your legal counsel or you may direct questions regarding electronic filings to the Florida Department of State, by calling 850-245-6939.