• Frustrated With Debt Collection? Consider Retaining a Lawyer
  • July 29, 2009 | Author: Peter T. Roach
  • Law Firm: Roach, Peter T., & Associates, P.C., Attorneys at Law - Syosset Office
  • Imagine a situation in which you are a small merchant selling large or luxurious items which you provide financing for when your customers need assistance in purchasing. You give the customer the item, and they in turn sign a contract promising to pay for the item at a future date or over a period of time.

    This consumer may make a few payments to you as promised, but then, they stop. You have their address and telephone number so you give them a call or write them a letter asking for payment (all on your own time while you're not selling). Even if you hear back from them promising payment, this renewed promise is only as good as the original, which obviously was not taken very seriously by this consumer to begin with. Maybe the phone number is disconnected or they have moved. What now? Why bother?

    Hiring a debt collection law firm will not only allow you to continue with your main business, but the firm also has professionals that specialize in obtaining payment. The firm can find "lost" customers, arrange for alternative payment plans or even file lawsuits on your behalf. Receiving a letter from a debt collection attorney threatening legal action can produce comparatively better results than a letter from a small merchant.

    Plus, all of this can be done without interruption to your regular business. Hiring a debt collection law firm to collect your bad debts is like hiring an accountant to do your taxes. Sure, you can sift through the entire tax code and figure out how to avoid being audited, but you may not realize all of the tax benefits you are entitled to. So, now you have read the entire tax code on your own time, away from you business, and the result is probably not in your best interest.

    The same is true of hiring a debt collection lawyer. Hire a debt collection attorney that has already "memorized the tax code" so-to-speak and is working for you around the clock while you continue to operate your business.

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