• 5 Tips to Selecting a Good Lawyer
  • September 21, 2012
  • Law Firm: Taylor Law Offices PLLC - Boise Office
  • The truth is, you have many options when it comes to selecting an attorney in Boise, Idaho. There are plenty of us!  So, to help you in your search for selecting the lawyer that will exceed your expectations, here are 5 quick tips:

    1. Accurate and Understandable Billing

    It is vital you have an understanding of how your Boise Attorney bills.  Most Boise lawyers bill every 10 minutes, rounding up.  Other lawyers will give you a flat fee for their services.  Regardless of how a lawyer bills- always ask for an estimate for the cost of their services.  If they are unable to give you an estimate- move on!

    2. Attorney Offers an “Engagement Letter”

    As a Boise lawyer I recommend to all of my business law clients, and every other client now that I think about it, to GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!!  (I won’t bill you for that priceless tip!)  Get your employment contracts in writing, get your supplier contracts in writing, get your lease agreement in writing.  If a lawyer will not provide you an Engagement Letter...DANGER! This document is critical as it outlines the scope and costs of your relationship.  Ask your Boise lawyer to provide one and keep it current as the representation continues.

    3. Attorney’s Practice Area

    A good Boise lawyer is an expensive investment in your business, divorce, criminal, family law or other legal matter.  Would you hire a barber to repair your car? How about a doctor to mow your yard?  Why would you hire someone who practices criminal law to assist you in starting your company?  A barber and a doctor could still do the tasks you hired them for, as could the criminal attorney, but you would have to pay them to learn how to do the job and then to actually do the job!  Hire a Boise lawyer who has a Business Management degree from undergraduate school and a Business Concentration from law school to assist you with your business needs.

    4. Up To Date

    Lawyers are funny creatures.  In today’s modern technological world many attorneys still use traditional mediums (dictation, hand notes, paper files, paper calenders, etc).  Most other professions now use file sharing, cloud storage, electronic files, SEO, websites, etc...  Shouldn’t you get advice from a business lawyer that understands (and uses) the current tools available to current business owners?

    5. Communicative and Available

    One of the largest, if not THE largest, complaint I hear from people about their experiences with other lawyers goes something like this, “I hired this lawyer and was paying him a small fortune to handle my &under;&under;&under;&under;&under;&under; matter.  After three weeks I hadn’t heard from him so I called him.  His secretary took a message...and another message...and another message!!  I was going to stop “bothering” him but to me it was the principle of the matter.  He works for me and was ignoring me like an ex-girlfriend!!  Finally, after I sent numerous e-mails and made frequent calls, he had HIS SECRETARY call me!....”  Calls take time.  Your time is important to you.  You are important to us.  Therefore, your calls are important to us.