• Women's Equality Agenda
  • March 21, 2014 | Author: Jennifer A. Shoemaker
  • Law Firm: Underberg & Kessler LLP - Rochester Office
  • New York lawmakers are at it again, as the Women's Equality Agenda passed in the Assembly January 27, reviving a fight over abortion laws that derailed the law last year.

    The proposed Women's Equality Agenda, among other things, mandates equal pay for women performing the same work as men; changes current law that allows businesses with less than four employees exemption from sexual harassment law; awards attorneys fees to winning parties in cases of housing, work, and discrimination based on sex; ends employment discrimination for women with children or those planning to have children; and ends pregnancy discrimination by requiring that employers provide reasonable accommodations for pregnancy-related conditions.

    Even though the proposed law is filled with advancements for women, it likely won’t pass in its current form because it includes provisions regarding abortion. The Democrats won’t propose legislation without the provision on abortion, and the Republicans won’t pass legislation that includes it. Hopefully, someday soon, New York can get its act together and find a way to finalize some, if not all, of these sections.